Blooming (5/2020)

Blooming (5/2020)

thirty three years a feather flew
winding with the wind and the lively
with the music
never to be noticed

thirty-odd years a mountain moved
siding with her sins and surviving
with the ocean
wondered if they noticed

day, time, tide, here and gone
feather falls and I wonder
exhale or let it head where it’s going
there’s no knowing ‘til a mind is made

so it’s spinning on a wheel
a foot on a pedal
centering, centering before blooming

well, after thirty-some years, the clown just cracked
grinding through his gifts, past the binding
with new patience
not much looking back now

after thirty framed years, the door fell down
lightning on her lips, mesmerizing
with new balance
back then, bring me back now

slow down spinning on a wheel
a foot off a pedal
before centering, centered, and blooming

O (5/2020)

O (5/2020)

Listen when you make mistakes
Tell you when to tap the brakes
Life’s playground, show you the ropes
I’ve felt the swings and all the nopes

Olivia, I can’t wait to really meet you
Live, it’s in your name
One of these days I’ll meet you

Hang with you when dad’s a punk
Make you laugh, forget your funk
Watch you learn the things you’ll know
Jump right in or take it slow


Hope the world gets better before you remember

Back to Breathing (5/2020)

Back to Breathing (5/2020)

Goodnight, goodnight.
I can see it in your eyes,
they’re saying things that you have never said.
You hide, you hide.
Know you know I love your smile.
It’s a highway sign singing almost home.

How’s everything?
Crazy to think how long it has been.
So much here has changed,
got to thinking I’d never see you again.
I’m so happy to see you, my friend.
I’ll be so happy.

Little chance for us to find out how to live.
It’s true, it’s true, depends on what gets picked to do.
Go on, get so happy.

Goodbye, goodbye.
Swore I saw it in your eyes,
thought the silence meant that you meant so long.
You ride. You ride.
Know you know that I don’t fight,
back to breathing breaths that we almost lost.

Sunset Sun (4/2020)

Sunset Sun (4/2020)

Searched new chapters, wiped the mist.
Flips my page, she gets my jist.

Pushing things we thought we’d lift.
Chain linked tubes, she caught my drift.

I’m so far away these days,
what about the trails we’ll blaze?
I gotta see this old dream through.
I gotta get to me in time for you.

When the world’s prepared, I’ll wait.
Recent years like decades fighting days.
I’m ready, let me go.
Sunset sun.

I was nothing but a blip.
Took her aim, right from the hip.

Tiny cabin in the sticks.
placed the piece, and licked her lips.

I never know what she means,
only what she means to me.
Sunset sun are you listening?
Sunset sun.

Shake Up Light (4/2020)

Shake Up Light (4/2020)

Pouring drinks for teenagers twice her age.
Popping popcorn, whispers they don’t eat it right.
Movie reels project lifetimes some will never see
in an empty room, seated, slanted floor
she wonders what she’ll be.

Big dreams of beaches and racing,
building, calm, nothing phasing.
Doing just what she needs.

Could be chance.
Could happen for a reason.
Come undone just after we dance,
move ahead, the world moves out from under us.
I believe these roads wind back together.

Pouring drinks for rich people who don’t age.
Frying old knives, mutters hope I made that right.
Plastic homes projecting lives that aren’t for him
on a rubber mat, greasy-grimy shoes
he looks up growing fins.

Wide dreams of writing and laughter,
music, joy, what we’re after.
Life, move faster.
Doesn’t matter.
There’s just one thing I need.

These roads wind back together.
Child, you’re fine.
Behind that darkness sleeps so much bright.
Shake it up, wake it up, winding together.
Carried so much weight, carry so much light.
I believe these wind back together.

Measured, More Than Nothing (4/2020)

Measured, More Than Nothing (4/2020)

Time measured by song,
distance is nothing but a sign.
I remember running under that mountain,
after that first one took off.

Such resilient lives.
I wonder what really happened.
No more thinking for now.
What if it comes around?
Lately it’s been on my mind, someway, somehow.

Heard whispers of prolific, he screams,
‘no screws, they were loose a long time ago.
Fell out last time I fell down. Truce.
What’s the use in doing this?
All this writing for nothing.
Piled up dead plastic pens for nothing, just wasteful.
Disgraceful. All of this comes from nothing,
and that’s not me.’

Lies measured by noise,
loving left nothing but a slide.
I remember crawling out in the desert
after the silence found this.

What a brilliant time.
I wonder what really happened.
No more moving for now.
When the time comes around.
Lately she’s been on my mind, someway, somehow.

Pray she sleeps late these days.
Sunlit morning shades.
Day peaks in to see her grace
dreaming in bed,
of calm kitchens on the water.