Finish Lines (11/2019)

Finish Lines (11/2019)

I love your reckless,
I dig your smile.
I like the way you follow yourself,
even if it takes a while.

I love your kitchen,
I dig your eyes.
I like the way you whisper to me,
even if sometimes it’s lies.

Chase your heart, it’s racing.
Their finish line is way behind.
Nothing’s right ‘cause nothing’s left.
You went silent, I went deaf.
Chasing my heart, it’s racing ahead.

Finish lines,
to me, seem to be the last of someone’s imagination.

I love your patience.
I dig your art.
I like the way you let me go,
even when I’ll fall apart.

I love your warrior.
I dig your mind.
I like the way you sauté through life,
even when years are not kind.

Drank wine and then danced.
Wasn’t afraid to take the chance.
Lived her life by her own rules
and fought through things they don’t teach in school.
Ocean corner warrior,
I wonder how you’re doing.

Punchbowl Thoughts (11/2019)

Punchbowl Thoughts (11/2019)

He is in a dead town waiting on a train,
like sitting in the desert waiting on the rain.
Little storm to stir it all up.

He is in a lobby waiting on some joe,
like sitting in the desert waiting on the snow.
Little blanket to cool us all down.

Build a fire, get together.
Move a cloud and make new weather.
We could always make this better,
so why don’t we take our time?

He doesn’t know how he knew that, no more worries.
He doesn’t run across timelines, never hurries
and they say he’s one of a kind.
Walks alone, goes wherever he may go.
General destination, be happy.

He is on a back road, questions when it turns,
like answers on a mountain question when they’ll learn.
Takes some time, but it all winds down.

He is on a rooftop, questions what he knows,
like answers on a mountain question what’s below.
Takes some time to make it all up.

Imagination gazes down.
Stares at paper and starts a fight.
No question what’s meant to happen.
Gets some out and gets a nap in,
before he sits outside in the rain.

Think I Was Dreaming (11/2019)

Think I Was Dreaming (11/2019)

I saw death and lost my shit.
Maybe it’s heaven and I’m afraid to commit.
I found love and it disappeared.
Maybe it’s out there, but it’s sure as hell not here.

I’ve had friends who lost their minds.
Finally snapped branches with the weight of their time.
I’ve been different people it seems.
Finely diced to pieces, but somehow I still gleam.

I didn’t think I was dreaming.

Drifting while the leaves start to blow.
I really thought that was real.
Lift me up and watch me grow.
Wring it out, spill just how you feel.
Floating, it’s all part of the show.

I watched lifetimes fall too hard.
What if we’d all get along if we dropped our guard?
I spied heart, it was crystal clear.
What if it’s beat could kick away our fear?

I went out, too far inside.
Winding, I set sight for down to nowhere to hide.
I left me in a mountain town.
Why did we never listen to the circus clowns?

I didn’t think I was dreaming.
Speak and it changes.
Time takes itself fixing up this puzzle.
Laughter dims, while some things seem to linger.
I’ve seen it for years, it’s crystal clear.
I didn’t think I was dreaming.

Lessons For This (11/2019)

Lessons For This (11/2019)

Why read a book?
Someone’s ideas. Somebody made up everything,
may as well make up my own.
I guess I’ve gotten used to this, I gotta get on the road.
Three more days and I’ll be moving mountains.

Taught myself, why it’s different.
Taught or given, gifts get thrifted.
I don’t believe there are lessons for this,
not until I’m through, and look back.

Maybe I’d write it down,
how to avoid the most bizarre stuff around.
Don’t think they’d believe it.
Nobody’d believe it.
How is it so different?

Half myself, what is that?
Am I the ball? Am I the bat?
In control from different directions.
I sail, I come and I go, bare with me.
Gets windy.

Why read a book?
Somebody made up everything.
Figure it out as I go,
what other way to know for certain that I know?

Candlelit Moonlight (11/2019)

Candlelit Moonlight (11/2019)

Stuck inside a dress that doesn’t fit,
little too big on the hips.
Out back broke a slipper.
Smashed it on a sidewalk.

On a stoop, in the evening, under a street light
thinking cigarettes and wigs are gonna kill me.
What am I doing?
Where am I going, and where did she go?
Who is mistaken and who really knows?
What am I doing?

Ball gown dreamer hides behind a mask,
answering the questions he asks himself.
Wonders if everybody else is always thinking,
says he’s got it figured out.

Walked outside, a dress that screamed so loud.
Little too big of a crowd
in front, broken records.
Silence on a stairwell.

Funny where this all can take us.
Crazy how time chooses sides.
Wild how nothing could break us,
get through it and feel more alive.

Why is it all simple? What’s the hardest part?
Changing to get happy, or living out our art?
Why do I still do this? Why can’t I let go?
How is it that they don’t see what I have tried to show?

Considers all the questions he asks,
drops a dress, takes off his mask.
Tucks himself in singing,
‘I’ll wake up in the morning.’

Monk’s Roast (11/2019)

Monk’s Roast (11/2019)

I was driving, headin’ east.
She sat shotgun, sleepin’ right next to me.
I was talkin’, whispering,
She dreamed as I breathed ‘I’m pretty sure I’m in love.’

New Mexico, dirt road, we were flying.
Left the pools,
monks on mountaintops poured some coffee
and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Give it all up to follow something they’ll never see.
Listen to a guy try to play a CD.
Start the video, oh technology.
Just building all day, believing whatever they say.
Get a haircut, ring a bell, best behavior,
when the strangers arrive.
This guy only wants more money.

Got him going and we left.
Grabbed a coffee cup and a bag and got out,
before we went to watch the stars, floating.

I was hummin’, driving north.
She was waking up, yawning ‘what am I leaving for?’
We were smilin’, just one more.
She leaned in, left me knowing our lives would collide.

Windshield wipers wouldn’t work on that ride home.
That storm spilled right on my sleeve.
Space isn’t leaving,
it’s us collecting us ‘til we leave this space behind.

Imitated Tricks (10/2019)

Imitated Tricks (10/2019)

Stumbling down Houdini’s hatch,
a poor man says, ‘That’s the last time I’ll do that.
I gotta start escaping.
new century’s dancing right there in the distance.

Put me in a straitjacket.
I gotta lose these cuffs.
I’d buy the Queen’s dress,
disappear and get me out of this mess.’

Imitated tricks get trashed,
a rich man says, ‘Well, it was only one crash.
I gotta fly Down Under.
Come on, friend of mine,
leave legacy, magic flickers in the distance.

Guess I’ll ditch this prison van.
I gotta hold my breath.
I’d watch my mom smile,
vanish, hide me in Harlem for a while.’

Water-filled milk can, give me a whale.
Little more than three minutes.
You don’t believe in magic do you?
Goodbye elephant,
we can escape from it all.

‘It rang me up in Detroit,
came from a few floors above me.’