Something About Santa Fe (2/2019)

Something About Santa Fe (2/2019)

Leon’s singing on shining.
Nina sprinkles soul while I’m gliding
by my oven, the way she’s been doing it for years.
Scratching through that stereo.

So I sing back, again.
Let you find your freedom.
Was it so bad? What you loved?
Was it worth it? What got left?
Rain washes all away.
On leaves, we’ll drift into brand new days.

What do they say to you?
What do they promise you?
Honestly, I don’t really care.
Calmly carving castles from found fresh air.
Hearts hang from clothes lines in this sunshine
and my head’s in another state.
Don’t be late.

Neon signs are so blinding.
Stevie shatters souls, I’m driving.
In here loving the way she’s been doing it for years.
Scratching through this stereo.

What do they say to you?
Does it help you sleep at night?
Guess I, I don’t really care.
Souls sing about things, like something’s in the air.
They’ve been feeling this way for years
and I’ve always liked how it sounds.

Rain Vent // Let’s Begin (2/2019)

Rain Vent // Let’s Begin (2/2019)

Just tired of all this on my own.
Just tired of gnawing the bone.
Just tired of missing some people,
and all of the love that I owe.

Just tired of the things that I say.
Just tired of all of today.
Just tired of distance and silence,
and how I get in my own way.

The mourning at night isn’t crazy these days.
Fixed that. Confusion now, delusion went away.
When’d it get like this, so much missing you
and I don’t know what I can do.
Just stay busy. Don’t tell stories.
Don’t do that, that gets boring.
Make your day your song again.
Make my life that song again.
Nothing ever stopped two best friends,
in time, time whispers, ‘rebegin.’

Just missing that big glass of wine.
Just missing my partner in crime.
Just missing the laughs by the pool
and the feeling when smiles collide.

Just missing the way that she wins.
Just missing the laugh and the grin.
Just missing the way that she works,
like she‘s wise, she knows not to sprint.

One of a kind in my mind.
Throw your bicycles on the table, boys,
she’ll take them.
Your problems are jacks to her, knows no fear.
All that time, foggy, is now crystal clear.
Breaking it down to build it back up.
Throw your bicycles on the table, life.
I bet she wins.
In time, time whispers,
‘Life, let’s begin.’

Raindrop Intrigue (2/2019)

Raindrop Intrigue (2/2019)

She’s like a firefly.
I swear she’d been soaked in lightning three times.
Her light so bright, she bothered night,
I swear she lit up the sky.

Let me into your darkness and light.
Mystery to me. Intriguing me.
Moving like you do.
Leave me crawling back like the moon
each evening.
She didn’t see what I saw in her.

She was a raindrop.
I swear when she fell, she made my heart stop.
Her fall was caught by the hands I brought.
I swear she fell deep in love.

We got so used to falling.
I know some things can’t stay.
Sir, take all of my sunshine,
but please not this, I pray.

Life in the air, always moving.
Flying or falling. Exhausting.
Shine not so bright for a while, let it glow.
Slowly, it all slows.
The dropping, it’s stopping.
Light leaves trails so darkness knows
that she’ll be back tomorrow.

Sang So Differently (2/2019)

Sang So Differently (2/2019)

Tom always did it so simply.
Bob always only spoke truth.
John wrote of corn flakes and warm guns.
Tomm, always there, yet aloof.

Paul was a lion.
I am a storm.
He found his courage and I’ll find my warm.

With soul, I’ll move.
Darling, if you’ll give me your blues,
I’ll stay out of your way in everything we do.
No pretending I don’t love you.
No pretending I’ll go running.

Ryan poured all of his heart out.
Simon wrapped words around youth.
Adam was dreaming of horses,
Robert, of stars and rare tunes.

Universal truths.
They’re not about me
and they’re not about you.
These songs sang so differently.

Lessons, Last Breakfast (2/2019)

Lessons, Last Breakfast (2/2019)

Slow drip, morning trip to color corner for Teacher.
Loved the ambiance, a bit more avocado maybe.
The place was on her level,
and she never went for the cookin’.
Just felt right at home.

Doctor baked it all, brought her smiles.
Fixed it all, worked for miles, it never showed.
She glows.
Teacher said there’s something about
the way she lives, she loved her style.
The way she moves, I love her style.
Haven’t seen anything like that in a while.
I see it in her eyes.

She’d speak lessons while I waited, dreaming
of the life and heartache by the burners in back.
Traffic doors always opened while I sat staring.
Doctor, teacher, me and three smiles cracked.

A mermaid, the Doctor, swimming in the kitchen.
Made of steel, flipping cakes, flipping houses,
always stains on her blouse and she’d smile.
Maybe why the teacher loved her style.

Bring me back there again.
Smiles and food, the blue, and the best company.
It all felt like home to me.
Tell me home hasn’t left yet.
Tell me that it’s still around.
Back there again.
Like home until the end.

Standing in Slow Motion (2/2019)

Standing in Slow Motion (2/2019)

Blasted off for at least two years.
My rocket, crafted sans landing gear.
Countdown, fuse and watch it go.
Slow motion fireworks show.
Crawling light cannot explode.
Learning to embrace embracing my crazy.
To be happy.
But, does today ever actually go away?
Or, is it one of those things that stays?
Like the question of whether this thing will work out
and their notion that I’m crazy.

Treading life with kindness and a smile,
watching worried, frozen hearts catch fire.
Sugar on my lips and hope in everything I do.

I’m just a little glimmer of sunshine on the surface.
Reflection on the water, waiting for your wave.
Break me into pieces, make me feel ok.
Feel I feel ok. Ok with what I choose.
Not getting what you wanted,
you’ve always loved the blues.
Never showing no worry,
plastered in blue batter blues. With soul, I’m here.
Just blasted off for a couple of years.

Slow motion standing.
Stood still to explore what’s up there.
Explore, and unwind what got crossed
before we get this going.
All our shades of blue and everything, more.
When everything slows, it won’t explode.

Telephones (2/2019)

Telephones (2/2019)

What do I live for?
Why do I breathe?
What am I seeking that will make me me?

What can I give up?
What do I need?
Who fills my heart, of the souls that I feed?

In the center of a hurricane,
is where I’m most at ease.
Something else to think about,
there’s no questioning.
And I’m becoming me.

Telephones left me nothing but lost.
They never sent any of my thoughts.
So I sit here, at the end of today,
without ever saying what I had to say.

Telephones never treated me right.
They only keep me awake at night.
Walked for ten years inside of my head,
without ever hearing what would have been said.

To wonder what I would have heard.

When do I feel it?
When am I free?
Am I surrounded with good company?

Why do I question?
What do I hear?
Live without changes, or live inside fear?

To wonder what I would have heard.
Gave me things to think about.