Wonder Out a Window (1/2020)

Wonder Out a Window (1/2020)

Grinning, spinning on a tube.
Smile and say ‘what is it with you?’
Gotta bring me with me when I move.

Slipping, tripping on the moon.
Lean in, laugh, and roll off the roof.
Something always happens when we lose.

And I can hear two songs right now.
And I’m sliding sideways while I write right now.
Scribbling on a road, headed home,
any road’ll go somewhere.
Why wouldn’t I wonder out the window?

Spray painted halo preaching to me.

Prying, flying on a dream.
Keeping happy, harder than it seems.
Gotta live some grit if we’re ever gonna gleam.

Sitting, knitting up a scene.
Still standing, changing what it means.
Gotta get together if this feeling’s gonna flee.

Preacher, spray paint halo, you don’t know
anything more than what I wonder out a window.

San Francisco Ceilings (1/2020)

San Francisco Ceilings (1/2020)

Maybe I’m just rollin’.
Maybe I’m just fine.
Maybe I’m just gettin’ older,
like this shamrock bottle of wine.

They said he was crazy.
They said he was done.
They said he was takin’ his time,
winning races he’d already won.

Tell him what time is.
Playin’ mind games.
Keep up, it’s similar to the time it was.
Whatever time it was.

San Francisco ceilings.
Please speak to me.

Couldn’t I just fly there?
Couldn’t I just be?
Couldn’t I just leave myself once
and finally run into me?

They thought he would tumble.
They thought he would burst.
They thought he was circling time,
skipping around all the worst.

Tell him what time is.
Ceilings speaking to me.
Please speak to me.
Walking around in circles,
skimming through the universe,
ceilings speaking to me.

Walking To Sleep (12/2019)

Walking To Sleep (12/2019)

In deep water, clam.
Bubbling liquid will be the beginning of us,
we thought we had what we’re after.

It seeps, calmer, slam.
Sizzling bubble bursts on the air it doesn’t trust,
we thought we knew what we were after.

Little snort, laughter to bring us back home.
Yeah, one day none of us will ever feel alone.

Barefoot, hallway, walking to sleep.
Dripping, key card, lost signal beeps.

Skipped across the surface,
tiny little mind.
Flying, drowning, slow down,
leaving time behind.

Funny Things Just Happen (12/2019)

Funny Things Just Happen (12/2019)

I got lost in fix me pills.
Pour your artwork over me.

I’ll find love in listening hills.
Pour your body over me.

Live inside. Speak to only you.
Loud outside. Hearing only truth.
Let them figure it out.

Too used to moving on.

You moved on to find outside.
Leave your frigid times behind.

You’ll spread words throughout the fire.
Leave your mark and run the wire.

Funny nothing happens.
Funny don’t do a thing.
Wild when people can’t see it.
Wonder what life will bring.
No more wasting their time,
no more doing nothing.
Funny, things just happen.

Know Telling (12/2019)

Know Telling (12/2019)

I’d like to speak my heart.
I’d like to make my art.
I’d like to find myself
so I could start to start.

Needed, arrived, and pushed to the side.
Really left my love behind.
Make up anything you’d like.

Ever since the day I lost my rock,
I’ve been struggling to find my way.
I don’t know what else to say.

Half of me slipping me,
the other side poking holes.
Scoring doesn’t do a thing
if you just sit on the mold.

I’ma kick this wheel and make it spin.
Watch the grain and focus in.
Spirals from a fingertip.
Centered, I’ll make this different.

So I don’t know where to go.
So I don’t know what to do.
It seems I can do anything, except talk to you.

I don’t know, they don’t listen.
I don’t know, they can’t feel.
I don’t know if it’s just me,
but it all seems really real.

Softened, circle rock rotates,
reeling in my eyes.
Leaning up to whisper to me,
don’t tell or live no lies.
You know telling isn’t living.

I’d say I’m happy.
I’d say I’m fine.
I’d say I’d smile a bit more
if we talked from time to time.

Wires splice, the wheel slows down.
Pull me off, it’s time to rest,
on which shelf is your best guess.

Wagging Tail (12/2019)

Wagging Tail (12/2019)

Lifted him when things weren’t right,
by his side, slept through the night.
She smiled at the break of day,
and woke him up to fade away.

Walked behind her windshield’s mist,
out to her car, carried a list.
She looked up at a window pane
and whispered, ‘you are not to blame.’

She scales her life with no harness,
brings the stars into my darkness,
we’ve got the same scars, and
I’m more than certain it’s true.

Few things he said talkin’ to a dog,
thinkin’ deliver this message.
Talking to a dog.

Tossed and turned around her bed,
By My Side rang through his head.
He sat next to a wagging tail,
regretting sending all the mail.

Gazed at him, a lasered glare.
Black and white, a crooked stare.
He got up and walked outside,
ocean eyes, continued to ride.

Whistle Humming (12/2019)

Whistle Humming (12/2019)

Sat on a suitcase, writing,
resembling different, winter weather biting.

Rode on a snowflake, painting,
assembling pigments, summer sunshine fainting.

The day, it leaves to find itself,
the night’s just looking for answers.
Owls spin watching mermaids win,
while people pretend to know what they’re doing.

We all catch up to us.
Just gotta let ourselves go.

Stood in a circus, stoking,
creating lifetimes, weekend wisdom joking.

Ran in a standstill, flying,
debating nice rhymes, season’s cycle crying.

Chased life to the tracks, hands nailed to the ground.
Train whistle humming, under her sound.
She always shows up right on time.
Owls spin looking for answers.
Sunshine left us looking somewhere else.