Splashing Underground (7/2019)

Splashing Underground (7/2019)

Purple lightning snapped above a desolate town.
She sang quiet’s all I needed like she knew me.
Tilt my head up as I’m tailing down.
Closing my eyes as I splash through the ground.

Little dark and dirty down here.
Scary. Single little light spinning in the distance.
Think this thing’s still floating.

Darkness breeds beauty, I suppose.
Balance, for me, the great unknown,
but I think I’m getting used to it.
Send a smile, a song,
a signal, what you’re thinking.
No sinking.

She flipped and fell
into a hole that only a star would stumble upon.
I wrote my thoughts out years before I had them.

Living life in the wake, watching over.
Saw a sailboat sitting in the stars the other evening.
What if everything matters?
Lighthouse, lonely, but saving some days.
Fragile, still standing to help them find our way.

Orchids grew right on the sky Thursday night.
Maybe she knew we were watching.
Spinning in the distance,
to help us find our way.

That That’s Mine (7/2019)

That That’s Mine (7/2019)

Truck, Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
All of these thanks, they’re written for you.

Truck, Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
All these mistakes, they weren’t aimed at you.

I could’ve found deep love.
I could’ve chased fame.
With all this time waiting
for them to call my name.

Instead, I’m left sitting in the corner.
My arms on these arms,
thinking while my cup gets warm
where I can see it.
She’s still my favorite scenery
and I’m smarter than myself.
Just not sure that that’s mine.

Truck, Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
I really sank, but not ‘cause of you.

Truck. Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
I really braked, stopped my traffic for you.

I could’ve found balance.
I could’ve faced change.
With all this time waiting
for them to call my name.

Single File (7/2019)

Single File (7/2019)

Figure eight, my mind.
Configuring my time
for myself and all my other crimes.
We walk in single file to hide our numbers.

Carve our own roads for a while
and hope that they collide.
In time, on our own. Happy.
Highway, side by side.

Time’s just… hard to explain,
it’s always there, somewhere,
but it usually doesn’t matter.
Everything could be gone right now
and still, people complain.
I’ve never really worried
about how long anything takes
and I’ve always felt we’d make it.

The things we want, or need, leave
and we’re left with what we make of us.
I belong in the circus
or an old shack by the sea.

Deviate for fun.
Re-create or run
inside to see what develops.
We walk in single file to hide our numbers.

Silence speaks and sometimes I understand it.

Newark Shuffle (7/2019)

Newark Shuffle (7/2019)

Shadows on the fog left me wondering.
Two feet outside my door,
just not ready to go in.

They’re leaving the center
of a shitty motel with plastic bags in their hands.
A carton of eggs, maybe.
Maybe I’m not ready to be.

Think I just waved to a stranger.
Think I just found my old smile.
Think I am living in circles.
Think I am losing my rhyme.

Silence when it rains leaves me wondering.
Two feet inside, I snore,
just not ready for leaving.

They fade on the inside.
If I get down, I can see two knees under a door.
A carton of blues, maybe.
Maybe they’re not ready for me.

Think I just waved to a stranger.
Think I just thought, ‘it’s my friend.’
Think I am walking a straight line.
Think I am what I intend.

Broken down near a city that I broke down in.
Couldn’t have lived through how it seemed.
Strung out lifetimes shuffle through a parking lot.
What I watch now was never a dream.

They’re so far gone.
They’re like an old song.
They shuffle ‘til dawn.
They shuffle and struggle, can’t leave.
Mental movie reels shot from the corner, by me.

Quiet (7/2019)

Quiet (7/2019)

Put on these ears, go out back to my own world.
Beautiful quiet here.

Bouncing down an old dirty road,
in my mind sang, ‘here we go.’
I was gone, it was on.
We were walking.

I swear I stopped to tie my shoe
and I jumped on my shoulders too.
So much weight, just wait
‘til you fall right off of you.

Leaning out a rear view window,
ears off just to hear, ‘let go.’
Couldn’t hide, couldn’t lie.
I was flying.

It was really dark.
Feeling just like an old song.
I was crawling
and they saw ‘nothing’s wrong.’

Put on these ears and hide out back.
Put on these ears and stay on track.
Put on these ears and take your time.
The wonderful quiet I hear.

Reconsider Walk (7/2019)

Reconsider Walk (7/2019)

Diving off stars, to float toward the night.
A walk to the corner to pick up a bite.
Writing in cans and passing the turn.
Finding a signal and losing my words.

Soaring past people, leaving no one behind.
Running on coffee and shaking with time.
Calling up friends and asking, ‘hello?’
Seeking out comfort in somewhere unknown.

The ceiling was sweating the other evening.
I saw people moving to my day.
Photographer didn’t capture a thing,
reeling me in, leading me to reconsider.
I still can’t shake that picture.

Shining with silence when its all too loud.
Feeling uncertain when part of the crowd.
Digging deep holes, but having some fun.
Hearing no nonsense while speaking in tongues.

Looking for distance in everything here.
Laughing at crazy while dancing in clear.
Thinking of laughter and missing a smile.
All of these people, they’re not quite my style.

I can’t shake that picture.
I can’t shake those words.
I can’t shake the things I said.
I hope nobody heard.
Reeling me in, leading me to reconsider.

Leaves Land Near (7/2019)

Leaves Land Near (7/2019)

She liked rock n roll,
he brought her broken vinyl.
He got spun, lumped in with two he despised.
Saw a shadow in a mirror and said monster
as he fell right out of himself.

He’s never really given it much mind.
If it makes you happy, do it.
He gets it. It’s fine.
Just needs his people happy.
How’s it goin’?
Just need my people happy.
If it doesn’t, don’t.

Searching for a new way to get it all out,
rather than falling. Discovers slow and steady.
He finds him once everyone else is up and ready.
He always found himself on a different timeline,
never knowing if he was ahead or behind.
Always hoping that she’s right behind him.

Peels the puffs and puts them aside for later.
Built so tough, like nothing could ever phase her.
Little orange fingers and popping on a plane.
Bring it down,
she’s falling asleep in the backseat
or she’s afraid to speak.

He liked rock n roll.
She thought, he’s broken records.
She got spun around the chaos he played her.
Saw a shell. Crawling man who used to run free.
Stormed right out of that world.
Insanity heard and seen.

Peels the puffs and puts them aside for later.
How much of that was a dream?
She brought the book
and then she cut the scene.