Weird Books (4/2019)

Weird Books (4/2019)

I’m blacking out, I’m buying weird books.
I’m floating on pools, I’m giving weird looks.

I’m stacking up pounds, I’m shrinking like dreams.
I’m tumbling inside, though balanced I seem.

Tried to book a room, I couldn’t even tie my shoe.
I lost my muzzle, spewing crazy blues.
In it.
Always out of it,
never getting out of it.

Shoulda thrown my head to the ground.
Nervous system shutdown.
A call really brought it back around.
I read, to me, the wrong thing for over a year.

In. Out. In. Out. Out. Out.
I read a different story.

I’m staring at me, I’m losing my head.
I’m dwelling on things I should have said.

I’m doing weird things, I’m getting weird looks.
I’m sending good gifts, I’m giving weird books.

Now that I think I’m out now,
I’ll never recall the last two years now.
There’s life in here I gotta get out now.
I was running red lights.

Blue when it’s bright, green with the night.
I see it in my eyes,
they’re changing again.
I was starting to think that that was the end.

Slowing Rockets for Nothing (4/2019)

Slowing Rockets for Nothing (4/2019)

Every morning, clumsy hands
spilling coffee on my pants.

Sound of music, cracking eggs.
Differ calls, I never beg.

Out the window, simmered light.
Watching day give up the fight.

Weekday evening, jump on bed.
All the worst songs in your head.

Blanket outside,
ankle on my knee,

Rocket shot life,
never stopped to breathe.

What if it’s all made up?
How would we know if we ever gave up?

A Little Bit (4/2019)

A Little Bit (4/2019)

I was drowning and I didn’t even know it.
I was dying and I couldn’t ever show it.
All I thought I needed, a little bit of the top shelf.
Closed my eyes at night. Closed my eyes so tight.
Rewind, fast forward, out of sight.
No sound until it’s rattled.
No words until eruptions
and, one day, nothing left.

Man, I saw so many lonely people.
Everyone stumbles through life.
Angels get taken too early.
Why would they take them so early?
Aren’t there already enough?
When do we learn how many’s too much?
Man, I was so many lonely people.

We were swimming and we didn’t even know it.
We were shaking and we couldn’t ever show it.
All I thought I needed, a little bit of anything else.
Closed our eyes at night. Closed our eyes so tight.
Untie our minds, put up a fight.
No words until we’re rattled.
No sound until eruptions
and, one day, nothing left.

Nothing left to get out.
Nothing, now we breathe.
When you fear you’ve lost your way,
you can follow me.

All we ever needed
was a little bit of losing ourselves.

Types of Stereos (4/2019)

Types of Stereos (4/2019)

Boy, where you been?
Our world’s been spinnin’ without you.
Boy, where you been?
You know, I’ve been worried about you.

Boy, where’s your head?
You know, I’ve been dreamin’ about you.
Boy, where’s your head?
You know, it’s just dreamin’ without you.

By now, we know time can be funny.
By now, we know time will take its time.
By now we know we need to change
if anything’s to rhyme.
We can only do it when we get there.

Never knowing where we’ll go,
not falling into stereos.

Like she never knew that you ever left.
Like she hit rewind instead of reset.
And your heartbeat was my friend.
And this heartbeat has no end.
So, the heartbeat kicks again.
Together, going where we go,
not falling into stereos.

If I’m Asleep (4/2019)

If I’m Asleep (4/2019)

Show me life, I’ve got all day.
Why is it that there is hate?
Show me how we got to this,
and all the things that we dismissed.

Show me, man, you can’t just say.
Eye me down ‘cause I don’t pray.
Show me proof he lies beneath,
I’ll say, ‘she sleeps in NYC.’

Show me what won’t go away,
somehow all this love has stayed.
Show me what you meant back then.
Tell me that we’ll still be friends.

Everything up in the air.
I slow down, let it fall, land somewhere.

I’d say, ‘I wish this wouldn’t leave.’
but, silence gets the best of me.
If I’m asleep, when I awake
I hope some of this stays the same.
We were singing by my side.
We were singing side by side.
We were just starting to take the ride.
If I’m asleep, when I awake,
I hope some of this will stay the same.
If I’m asleep.

Evening Weeks (3/2019)

Evening Weeks (3/2019)

Storyteller, find your voice,
turn these pages to a choice.
They’re stuck in hell without a sail,
so please return and spill your tale.

Life contestant, choose a door.
Your two options: change or more.
You can’t come back if you don’t leave.
Are you afraid of what you need?

Shaking frames, easel breathing.
Enough of everything, release me.

Whisper to night,
mind conversations walk up to the mic.
Colors leak into black and white,
and words are finally speaking.

Writer, writer, write it out.
Make sense of nothing with no doubt.
If you stay here you’ll never know
what will happen if you go.

Painter, painting, make it loud.
Wear your colors and be a clown.
Every brushstroke is a day,
can’t fathom why you’d still use gray.

Black and white suddenly speaking.
Black and white colored in, breathing.
Finally speaking with evening,
with words, somehow, bringing us life.

Time to Space (3/2019)

Time to Space (3/2019)

Friendly, frightened, rocket ship
gliding past the sand.
Little silhouette of me
sinking in my hand.

Righteous raindrops find themselves,
take off to the sky.
Spinning pirouettes and webs,
dripping as they climb.

Together at a party.

Slowly, smiles smother shouts and
reason starts to rhyme.
Lately, laughter laughs at doubt and
darkness loves to shine.

Time takes breaks. Yeah.
Time just needs some time and space.
Together at a party.

Lifetimes limbo on a plate,
cherish what’s not chewed.
Frenzied, frantic nights survived
throw life into you.

Tipping, tired, friend of mine,
take some time to breathe.
If you boil overboard,
you can float with me.

Together at a party.