Delirious Goddess Picture Show (1/2019)

Delirious Goddess Picture Show (1/2019)
‘Untie my mind and show me what I know.
Climb on my back, I will bring us all home.’

He stuck his time to shells of snails.
Took some time, went off the rails.
Called himself when all else failed,
explained he was feeling just fine.

‘How do I get back to you in the window?
Where are your eyes in this mirror?’

Delirious goddess picture show,
the only place he’s ever known.

‘Rewind my rhymes, I know more than I show.
Let’s all relax, we are never alone.’

He snuck himself through hell and back.
Fell off the shelf, rolled down the track.
Threw himself and cut some slack,
explained he wasn’t falling, he’s fine.

‘How do I get back to you in the window?
Where are your eyes in this mirror?’

Delirious goddess picture show.
Unwind the reels and watch it glow.
Emotion only leads to growth.
Slow-mo movie, all he knows.
Presses rewind and starts the show.

All I Heard Was After (1/2019)

All I Heard Was After (1/2019)
Hey there, perfect soul.
Evening, take it slow.
You don’t need to run anymore.

Hey there, morning girl.
Wake up, it’s your world.
Find you, free to fly like a bird.
To go get what you’re after.

Tired eyes, artwork, smile.
Dark haired grin wades in soulful sin.
Chaos amazes, she says, ‘I’m crazy’.
I thought, ‘I’ve always dug that’,
while I’m lost in her ocean.

She is sunrise, sunset at the same time.
Swims in the mourning that she tries to hide.
Space meets time, while her tide falls
in and out and
I float like a satellite.

Hey there, lovely dark.
Shine through, break my heart.
Take me down, create your art,
and go get what you’re after.

Hey there, midnight glow.
Find me when you go.
Feed my soul, pour me all you know.
All I heard was laughter.

Time’s all we’ve got, and it means nothing at all.
Wading in your sin. To go get what you’re after.
Waiting to begin. All I heard was laughter

Corncob Tourist (1/2019)

Corncob Tourist (1/2019)
Sparrow spills soul in the stardust.
Bliss band’s cookin’ on the water.
I made a mountain in the middle of the ocean
and none of this really matters.
They’re all howling up at the air.

Way out, drifting,
floating through life.
Smiling, while we
dance through tonight.

Little soul lioness isn’t here to hear this.
Sunday. Isn’t here to witness.
Building buildings on another mountain,
baking away, we’re baking in this sunshine.
One of those days, in the middle of the ocean.
King of this rock in the water.

Legends in the lobby, like chapel, it’s still Sunday.
Our band’s dancing on this water.
I’m climbing, they’re humming that bird’s song.
Security’s smiling like nothing matters,
so why can’t I stand on the stairs?

Cut through the center of the ocean
like corncobs, tourists, have a little fun.
Torn up, coral belts from the edge of the stage and
Everywhere has begun.

Old Weather (1/2019)

Old Weather (1/2019)
The poor boy stands there, it’s six o’clock
as he looks up at the ceiling.
‘Oh, mother, where are you?
I feel you out there somewhere…
I’ve got an idea, I’ll build a rocket.
Yeah. I’ll make this work, believe me.
Like I ripped a mountain like an old newspaper.
Don’t know why they didn’t buy it.’

Countdown. Primed. ‘It’s more than it seems.’
Green light shined, he started to leave.
‘Why would they ever believe me?’

‘What do they say about evolution?
See me then and feel me now.
Now, I know nothing. How profound.
Out with the stars and watching revolutions.’

He halted a storm with a fleck of light,
but why would they believe him?
‘Oh, weather, weather, will you sing?
I hear you down there, somewhere.
I’ve got an idea, come view the future.
Someone please believe me.
Like I left a prison like a playground ball,
don’t know how they didn’t find me.’’

‘Built a beach here with two specks of sand,
but why would they believe me?’
I saw the ocean in his hand
and I never stopped to believe him.

Shelter in the Sand (1/2019)

Shelter in the Sand (1/2019)
She knows all ‘bout tragic.
She knows he’s her man.
She spins in her whirlpool life,
reaching for his hand.

She don’t see his magic.
She don’t know ‘bout calm.
She laughs at the thought of joy,
while he traces her palm.

Three of them fell flat
on their faces in the desert for some reason.
Seeking more than music, maybe.
Bottom, down, found out what it’s all about.
It’s doing what you like with who you love.

If your levee breaks,
you know, the desert’s where it drains,
and Arizona would love to know ya.
It would love to taste your rain.

We built some shade here in the sand.

She remembers laughter.
She remembers smiles.
She takes aim at endless days,
wrecks them for a while.

She rewinds to memories.
She rewinds and goes.
She skips to the beginning,
with everything she knows.

Sand slides through the hands of time
and we get what we’re after.
Built some shelter in the sand.

Going to Wrigley (1/2019)

Going to Wrigley (1/2019)
See, splash, soar.
Back off the boat today, I’m flying.
I’ll be captain for a while.
Feeling’s so familiar, it’s been such a long time.
I left me. Don’t know when,
come down just to do it again.

So, maybe, I do know when I took off.
The moment I found out she might.
I remember that night.
Hotel room.
I was goin’ to Wrigley.
Rained out. Reached out to one friend.
I remember
the weather, dinner and corner I called from.
I don’t remember what he said.

I knew anything wouldn’t happen.
‘I know me. I got you.’

But I didn’t.
Now you’ve got me. Caught me.

You left and I lost it.
Fell in love, every dream came true
and I couldn’t tell you.
Heart bursting, head spinning, soul? Blue.
Ready to leave everything.
Man, I was so far gone.
Convinced me,
five different truths at the same time.
It was my fault.
‘Doctor give me some medicine.
Tell me how I feel, cause I can’t figure it out.
My words don’t work these days,
I know I’m going crazy,
so your guess is as good as mine.’ Terrified.
‘I’m making me and people insane.’
To not know how I feel. For over a year.
Talks with myself. Stories to myself.
Story-time with me. What should I go be?
Run away, build a raft, let it all be. Be fine.
‘No one ever cared anyway.’
Man, some of the darkest days.
A year and a half of the darkest days.
I wonder if anyone noticed.

I know one did.

I spill these thoughts from a cloud.
I can’t see the ground and I’m grounded.
I got all the time in the world.
We all got all the time in the world.

I wonder if anyone noticed

One Dollar Cuban? (1/2019)

One Dollar Cuban? (1/2019)
Second story.
First story from this second story balcony.
I don’t speak this language.
Middle seat, balanced anguish,
before I landed.

Right by the beach.
Wrong turns down memory lane on this balcony.
I can’t understand you.
Crazy how these things follow me
even when I’m grounded.

I feel finally I’ve landed inside myself.
Not easy to live not inside yourself.
Strung a week. It’s a month, day, minute, second chance.
Always chances. We just keep dancing.
Wade through unknown to comfort.
Behind those clouds is bright.
Be yourself and come home,
I’ll tuck you in, goodnight.

I’ll set fire to this ocean.
I’ll sail all these seas.
I’ll break and bend to find myself
napping inside of me.