Past The Mountain (6/2018)

Past The Mountain (6/2018)

Torn up plans, loading your whole life.
Move it over the mountain
And always take your time.

Tattooed ants carry so much life.
Moving over the mountain,
Where they won’t have to hide.

So many valleys.
Carry so much weight,
We always bend, we never break.
Why would we stay here?
Carry so much weight,
We work for nothing with no breaks.

Know, still go with no brakes.

Find the ocean, find the sea.
Find a leaf and follow me.
Weave commotion, we’ll be free.
We will leave and live a dream.

Artwork, ants moving their whole life.
Disappear, past the mountain,
With everything tonight.

Art. Work. Ants search for their old life.
Somewhere past the mountain,
Know oceans never lie.

Warrior (7/2018)

Warrior (7/2018)

His thoughts walked while he took in the lake.
Delayed, walked deep, deep, his dark ocean.
Beneath sleeping, steeping emotion.

Up to now, a roller coaster.
Never been afraid of roller coasters.
Never knew why he never liked roller coasters.
Until last week when he remembered.
She took his fun.
His joy in excitement.
He was young.
Old soul molded on a roller coaster.
He had no rails and he made it.
Had no rails and he just arrived.

Today, right now, by the lake.
Not worried by that night by the lake,
When she took all his time.
Nearly 30 years of his only time.
She bet her whole life that he’d never remember.

Hid all your tracks, erased any traces
And you tried to cover both of your faces.
He needs no tracks. He needs no traces.
We will find you, send your mind to the races.
No more pacing.
The race is already over.
He won. Have fun.

Side by side we’ll smile.
Slowly drive away.
Driving you insane.

He went in, he found you.
You got caught.
Look out.
Three more times than we first thought.
He now knows how to speak and people believe.

Maybe she’ll lose some sleep now.
He’s been up for 30 years now.
Maybe she’ll run from me now.
Like he ran for 30 years.
Into the ground.
How’s that sound?

Stolen ski mountains of youth.
Questioned things he knew he knew.
Childhood fields never lined up.
White lines, lies, goals, gifts never felt lined up.
Everyone knew, now knows, his name.
Lakes and water aren’t the same.
He will always eat you up,
How could you?

Shut your shades and hide your door.
You’ll see him once and never more.
Unless you sleep. Or think.
Look at you, how could you?
Hurricane. Your brain more than gusting.
Trust me.
He is free.

He takes in more than a lake.
Listens to June’s words in July.
He is found and cleared to fly.
Stepping off this roller coaster.

Take him on a bunny hill.
Take him down the rails.
He is free,
Trust me.

Emerald City Blues (7/2018)

Emerald City Blues (7/2018)

I am a lion. Courage, my desire.
Afraid of heights, my life out on a wire.
Dogs show men who preach they’re not liars.
A curtain brought a tin man a home.

I am no tin man, I have only heart.
I am no scarecrow, they think that I’m smart.
I’ll bring you a broom. I’m ready to start.
Live in tornadoes, searching for home.

Somebody tell to me how to click.
I’d like to leave this city, quick.
Find me some bricks, I’ll paint me a road.
I’ve been here too long and I’d like to go.

I have no map.

Up in your balloon. Down here, alone.
A smile can bring a lost boy home.
‘I didn’t realize I thought that out loud.’
Technicolor writer throws one out to the crowd.

Few taps.
Five words.

Made-Up Rain (6/2018)

Made-Up Rain (6/2018)

Half past rain in the park,
The drops were all on cue.
They swirled in circles with us,
It was like they knew.

Made-up rain in the dark.
The drops were right on time.
And from the ground, they got us.
Snuck up. Water spies.

Instinct shows.
We’ve learned what to do when a cloud rolls in.
We’d go, but we’d rather save ourselves.
Sleep through dreams without a net.
No what ifs, only remembers.

Made-up clouds in our mind.
Today, we didn’t have the time.

Well planned raindrops landing.
Dropping where they want.
Pick their place, parachute now,
Further than they thought.

Slowed down rain with our ears.
Saw drops with such short lives
Hit a sound above a crowd
So nothing always rhymed.

Clouds in our mind.
This one’s yours. That one’s mine.
We won’t make the time.
Made-up rain, behind.
We stormed through the rain.
Instinct shows that we never have to know.

Story in Black and White (6/2018)

Story in Black and White (6/2018)

Deep pocket penguins take on the night.
Two little stars, always liked a good fight.
How did this ever happen?

Sunday shadows, stand out on the street.
Tiptoes walking right between four feet.
Like none of it ever happened.

‘Wind will wind down and blow us away
To where we wind up at the end of the day.’
‘What is about to happen?’

Two torn out pages feast on a floor.
Thoughts finally move when they open the door.
Everything starts to happen.

Outside, they sit, they think on the box.
Finding the moments they found and then lost.
Black and white blurs barrel down the road
To pick fights with demons
They think that they know.

Leaving Left Field (6/2018)

Leaving Left Field (6/2018)

Towels, walking sand.
The sun rolled down.
Mountains will tell you it melted the ground.

She walked out from left field.
She sang by my side.
And she suddenly realized
That we can make our own time.
Tied it all up, that’s a wrap.
Into the heart of a new scene.

Every great falls before greatness.
No laughs without aching,
That’s when she left left field.

It was dark, it was evening.
Sunshine smashed on down.
It was parked illegally,
Well beyond this worn out town.

We all left with the evening.
Rainbows rode on clowns.
Carousel parachutes fell
Into reflections on the sound.

We were with the evening.
Left field, we were leaving.

By The Sky (6/2018)

By The Sky (6/2018)

Do I live in the past or am I from the future?
I don’t forget things that I’ve never seen.
Real reels tangled, cut scenes.
Why do I know the things I do?
I can’t start. I only start.
I don’t think I give up.
Only always think, I give up.
I give up and then get it together.
Got issues, they’re amazing.

Thoughts travel.

I am so smart. I know nothing at all.
I don’t know how I made it.
I always leave me waiting.
Smart. Heart. Art. Start.
Smart does nothing.
Heart has never lied.
Art is hearts that have something to say.
Start me now, I’ll lead the way.

Too much is never enough.
Not enough is way too much.
I am focused and I don’t know what I’m doing.
Never known where this road goes
Or how much your God owes,
Wiped me out and watched me grow.
At least in my imagination.

I don’t sleep so I drink coffee,
Hoping one day I’ll catch up to me.
Someday, somewhere, everywhere.

I am so far ahead.
Broken promises, dreams aren’t broken,
Haven’t happened yet.
Oh, I can’t wait
And I will wait.
I’ll stay out of my way.
Out of my mind.
I am so far behind.
I’m still so amazed by the sky.

Run, walk and crawl,
I will take my time.
At least in my imagination.