What Fall? (9/2019)

What Fall? (9/2019)

Step back, watch your head.
Step up, fresh paint man.
I can’t even say how I got here.

Connected me and
knocked myself out.
I believe I can feel now.
Little less thinking, it’s real now.
I wonder what happens next.

Let lost live behind me.
Make missed, maybe, find me.
I’m taking time to climb me,
but I don’t know how I’m doing this.

Yeah, fresh paint. Connected.
Uncertain how this happened.

Relax, rest your head.
Real life. Mailbox, man.
How am I still twirling in this dance?

If nothing’s wrong, I’m losing it.

Step back.
Watch your head.

A Head and Behind (9/2019)

A Head and Behind (9/2019)

Finding pain-free isn’t easy.
Jogging out of me, isn’t easy.
Maybe I’m ahead of myself.
Can’t let me get ahead of myself,
I’d leave so much behind.

Hit me, give me all you got.
I already know a million things it’s not.
So, hit me.

Fix me quickly,
I gotta go.
I can’t carry on like this
and I can see the road.

Fix me swiftly,
tell me you know.
If I spend my days like this,
I’ll never strut my road.

Two hundred percent to hit half speed.
I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just saying you’re wrong.
A whole day spent getting to the table.
Seems five months is way too long.

When I get ahead of myself, I leave so much behind.

Sunsets (8/2019)

Sunsets (8/2019)

A sea foam background from his dreams.
Softened smile whispers just before it gleams.
I’ll wreck this from the start.
Little piece of why this whole thing’s art.
One thing that won’t be true, even if you mean it.

Say they, say they, they don’t know.
Wish for, wish for tomorrow.
Storms and sunshine come and go,
while some things seem to stay.

Wide-eyed, I don’t know.
Why’d I? I don’t know.

Maybe, lost in love.
Or, lost between too much and nothing’s ever enough.
Funny how we let these things erupt
into laughing about it later,
while we watch the rain.

A free form background, where he’s been.
Tired teeth whisper, a matter of when.
Can’t wreck a humble heart.
Little piece of why this whole thing’s art.
One thing that’s always true, even if you meant it.

What if, what if, they don’t know.
I will, I will tomorrow.
Watching sunsets start to glow,
while distance seems to fade.

Wide-eyed, I don’t know.
Why’d I? I don’t know.

Align (9/2019)

Align (9/2019)

‘Don’t need a briefcase
or a fancy suit to spew some truth’,
an old soul said, ‘don’t let you get the best of you.’
I don’t know where I went,
but I’m pretty sure I’ve been here.
Yeah, I believe I’ve been here.
I fear yesterday’s moved on.
Yeah, I can see yesterday’s moved on.
I’d like to scream, but I’d rather not say it.

See it on the rooftop.
Pass me like a train stop.
It’s all fast forward in slow motion.
Man, I know that feeling,
I swam through that emotion.

Rooftops, walking past me.
Am I far behind?
All this time as everything,
a mystery painted line.

Knew it like a good night.
Through me like a stoplight.
It’s all fast forward in slow motion.
Man, I know that thinking.
I sank in that same ocean.

Good night, come on back to me.
Are you far behind?
On those pages, everything.
In time, this will align.

Hear me on a highway.
Spread me on a roll.
When does life ever slow down?
That woman gets my soul.

Find me in an ocean.
Leave me on a wave.
What if nothing ever went wrong
and everything just stayed?

All that crashing. Finally settled our toes in the sand.
Need it all like water, I suppose.
If anything’s to grow.

Polishing Stars (8/2019)

Polishing Stars (8/2019)

Been hearing ‘some day’ my whole life now,
and watching stars from afar for a while now.
Been thinking about some day,
a year, and maybe never.

Walkin’, thinkin’ about what I thought at the time.
Strollin’ past strangers.
Wasn’t really listening,
someone said it’s just after Saturday.
Someone said the beginning, someone said the end.
Something about a cord’s day,
but I wasn’t really listening.
Was thinking about some day.
What if it’s always been some day?

Without sleep, we make no memories.
Forget time, we’ve always got all day.
A star called me, in the most nervous way, in the winter.
Don’t know what else to say.
I guess we’ve got all day.

Little star crawlin’, lookin’ to find itself.
Little star, fall in. Put you on the top shelf.
I’ll aim to not misplace me again.
Find us in outer space again.

We can’t be late for the future.
I’m sure I’m wrong, but you know I’m right.
Tail back to the brightness you were,
with all these lessons you’ve learned,
cause I’m not gone and I’ve got all night.
And, I’m sure I’m wrong, but you know I’m right.
Why ever wait for some day?
Why ever let it get to never?
It’ll shine and stay.

Not Forgetting (8/2019)

Not Forgetting (8/2019)

Flippity, drippity, skipping me, stop.
Thinking then blinking then shrinking that thought.

Freaking out, speaking out, leaking what’s clear.
Churning then learning then burning all fear.

Staring down at the line between reason and rhyme.
Giving another person another piece of our time.
Walking a whole life, never reading a book,
penning your own, though constantly shook.

I lay me out to dry and wonder what I’m sweating.
I prayed once and must’ve been misunderstood.
Could’ve sworn that’s not what I asked for.
Come to think of it, I never asked for anything.
I say I’d pray again one day,
she’d stay, we’d stroll on all the beaches.
I lay me out and hope I’m not forgetting.

Sqwuakity, talkity, watch us grow old.
Writing this, fighting this blight-singing soul.

Sanctity, pranks on me, thanks to my luck.
Worry me, hurry me, don’t give a fuck.

Pray to myself and misunderstand what I say.
My anchor’s out there leaving, feel it’s floating away.
It was all coming together and bursting apart.
Skipping, circles inside my mind
and all they saw was art.

Later on, when the suns show their faces,
I’ll go walk outside to stop inside pacing.
Probably wish it was still around –
a smile not seen in a while, back on the ground,
I’ll lay me out tonight and hope I don’t forget it.

Boy Listen (8/2019)

Boy Listen (8/2019)

Boy, don’t you know where I’ve been?
Where I come from? What I’ve done and seen?
Why do you stick around?
Boy, are you make believe?

I’ll be the heart and the brain.
Be the body.
Do the speaking.

I’ll be the wind and the rain,
and the leaves.
I will take the beating.

Honestly not sure if I measure up.
Eyes cinched so tight, and breathe.
I hum a song inside my mind
and I attempt to leave.

Hibernate in caves
in the summer
in the center
of the city.
Pace around in waves.
It’s the summer.
there’s no sinning,
it’s all just part of living.

I’ll be the heart and the brain, I’ll take the beating.
Be the body. Please, please do the speaking.
Pace around in caves, hibernate in waves.
Seal my eyes and knead my nerves.
I see her shadow, hear it’s curves
whispering, when will you learn?
When will you ever listen?