Sense of Revolution (2/2019)

Sense of Revolution (2/2019)

I left on the right side of the wrong road, I suppose.
Who can make any sense of my seven senses?
I’d give my two cents about all of this, everything,
but this mind’s a piggy bank.
Boy’s been good and saving up for years.
Fragile, magical, piggy bank.

Reach, watch, fall.
Spilled your thoughts.
Watch the sprawl, things you bought.
Watch what you don’t know you left,
right before your eyes.
Do you regret at all?

Songs cast spells on you
and you continue to listen.
With the best intentions,
they were never meant to haunt you.
Nothing ever daunted you,
nothing that you ever showed.

This train stopped me twice today, both ways.
There’s always fighting somewhere around here,
can’t figure out why.
I hear it from here
and I wonder if they hear this pickin’.
I’d toss in my two cents, but I really can’t afford it.
I’d bet my two cents on everything,
but I really can’t afford it.
My two cents.
Not today.
Not quite yet.

Faywood Dreams (2/2019)

Faywood Dreams (2/2019)

To see the brightest eyes of your very best friend.
To wait for them at the airport again.
Faywood Springs, the happiest you’ve ever been.

Always dug those pants.
Always dug the way you dance.
Always dug how you move through life,
and the things that you can’t stand.

To be head beyond heels, when there’s no end.
To smile with all of the sounds that get sent.
Time lapse roads, the happiest you’ve ever been.

Always dug your ways.
Always dug the things you say.
Always dug how you scrap through life,
and the things that went away.

Back to smiling at the sounds.
Back to both feet on the ground.
No more desperate for some more.
No more trying to keep track
of who’s keeping score.
Nobody’s keeping time,
so it’ll all come back around
and we’ll get what we need.

Please Don’t Pave This (2/2019)

Please Don’t Pave This (2/2019)

Thought I’d take some time today
to catch some sunshine.
Take it off,
really feel it.
Feels good to really feel it.

Time leaves answers to questions
that nobody’s ever thought to ask.
Time, bring it all back around again would you?
So much since then, and you.

Time, you know me and I know you too,
and you know I’ll be standing
as your last ticking minute crawls through.
The sun’s still shining.
This sunshine’s all mine,
and if you bring it back around,
I’ll bring her some too.

Feels good to really feel it.
Really feel it.
Take it off
to catch some sunshine.
Thought I’d take some time today.

Maybe I’m Crazy (2/2019)

Maybe I’m Crazy (2/2019)

Honestly, didn’t hear it coming.
Honestly, out of the blue.
Maybe I’m just crazy
and I don’t know what I do.

Wonder if it will ever come back.
Wonder if I will let go.
Maybe I’m just crazy
and now it’s starting to show.

I spun, swirled in sugar for over a year,
saw everyday hearts beat the finest of fears.
Home is where a heart is near,
and today I felt that wasn’t here. Wanted to move.
I spun the dial. I thought I’d smile and, silence.
I wait so long,
then things are gone
by the time I figure things out.

Such a strange day to wake up early.
Such a strange way to get out.
Maybe I’m just crazy
and my thoughts were way too loud.

So I deal with all of my wreckage.
So I deal with what I said.
Maybe I’m just crazy
and this is all in my head.

What a strange day to wake up early.
Why not trust where this wind will take us?
Some things tend to try to break us,
and I’ve always wondered why.
Sat back and wondered why.

Winter’s Glow (2/2019)

Winter’s Glow (2/2019)
Dozing off in TV clothes.
Summer falls into winter’s glow.
I made my way backwards through the snow
so no one could ever track me down.

Play for me, like cool jazz cats.
Worry free and so calmly, fast.
We’re moving forward toward our past,
only few could ever follow me.

Thinking what the neighbors think.
Tunes from all over time always blast.
Skip my soundtrack back, let me sing.
Humming never made any sense to me.
What would it be without this soul?
This sound, heart, makes me go, get it all out.

Songs stir thoughts back to you.
Smile, strut, elegant art.
Black, in back, masterful smarts.
Do you see how well you rock it?
That’s what I thought in your office.
That was the first time I sang it.

Time has passed, what still lasts?
Not afraid of doing alone, what I do,
just always loved the heart and soul of you.
Winters pass, calmly fast.
Not afraid of seeing if dreams come true,
just always hoped it would be with you.

Cool jazz cats, my soundtrack, winter’s glow,
it all slows down.
Wonder if the neighbor’s hear
this song the same way.

Anything at All (2/2019)

Anything at All (2/2019)
Like leaves leave,
Thursday evening, left wondering.

The next me.
Almost evening, day is wondering.

Why does anything exist?
Why does anything happen?
Songs sing silently, inside of me.

Space falls from the sky all the time.
Why is it that some words rhyme?
Why is it I can’t find my line?
These feelings real?
They’re melted steel
and ‘why’ won’t make any sense,
so there are never any answers.

Please just be.
Burn the evening. Hear wondering.

Speak to me,
mountain evening. No wondering.

My knees, worn from all the crawls
and I know nothing at all.
Tell me what anything means.
Please tell me anything at all.
All I know is I know nothing at all.

Looking Back at Wild (1/2019)

Looking Back at Wild (1/2019)
She was standing there,
eyeing me down, smiling in the corner.
Looking back, I should’ve warned her that
I leave myself at times.
Looking back, I think I did.

I always saw all this coming.
I always saw it back then.
We always whispered of madness.
We always did it for them.

We never listened to no one.
We never listen, just leave.
We only hear what we want to.
We only do what we please.

Steel starts spinning on the rails,
but the train’s not goin’ nowhere.
Wright’s on the stereo.
Life’s on, it’s staring us all in the face.
You could make it easy but you can’t stop the race.
Won’t stop the race.
Steel starts spinning.
My wheels start moving.
They’d roll back up the mountain,
but they can’t stop the race.

Trains were waiting there,
puddles from pain stood still on the corner.
Stumbling back, she tried to warn him that
she must do what she needs.
Looking back, I think she did.

We didn’t think it could happen.
We didn’t know we’d be fine.
We should’ve lived for the moment.
We should’ve let us trust time.

He brings his bag full of brilliance.
She brings her bag full of wild.
They make a home out of simple.
They make a home out of smiles.

Looking back, I think they did.