Story in Black and White (6/2018)

Story in Black and White (6/2018)

Deep pocket penguins take on the night.
Two little stars, always liked a good fight.
How did this ever happen?

Sunday shadows, stand out on the street.
Tiptoes walking right between four feet.
Like none of it ever happened.

‘Wind will wind down and blow us away
To where we wind up at the end of the day.’
‘What is about to happen?’

Two torn out pages feast on a floor.
Thoughts finally move when they open the door.
Everything starts to happen.

Outside, they sit, they think on the box.
Finding the moments they found and then lost.
Black and white blurs barrel down the road
To pick fights with demons
They think that they know.

Leaving Left Field (6/2018)

Leaving Left Field (6/2018)

Towels, walking sand.
The sun rolled down.
Mountains will tell you it melted the ground.

She walked out from left field.
She sang by my side.
And she suddenly realized
That we can make our own time.
Tied it all up, that’s a wrap.
Into the heart of a new scene.

Every great falls before greatness.
No laughs without aching,
That’s when she left left field.

It was dark, it was evening.
Sunshine smashed on down.
It was parked illegally,
Well beyond this worn out town.

We all left with the evening.
Rainbows rode on clowns.
Carousel parachutes fell
Into reflections on the sound.

We were with the evening.
Left field, we were leaving.

By The Sky (6/2018)

By The Sky (6/2018)

Do I live in the past or am I from the future?
I don’t forget things that I’ve never seen.
Real reels tangled, cut scenes.
Why do I know the things I do?
I can’t start. I only start.
I don’t think I give up.
Only always think, I give up.
I give up and then get it together.
Got issues, they’re amazing.

Thoughts travel.

I am so smart. I know nothing at all.
I don’t know how I made it.
I always leave me waiting.
Smart. Heart. Art. Start.
Smart does nothing.
Heart has never lied.
Art is hearts that have something to say.
Start me now, I’ll lead the way.

Too much is never enough.
Not enough is way too much.
I am focused and I don’t know what I’m doing.
Never known where this road goes
Or how much your God owes,
Wiped me out and watched me grow.
At least in my imagination.

I don’t sleep so I drink coffee,
Hoping one day I’ll catch up to me.
Someday, somewhere, everywhere.

I am so far ahead.
Broken promises, dreams aren’t broken,
Haven’t happened yet.
Oh, I can’t wait
And I will wait.
I’ll stay out of my way.
Out of my mind.
I am so far behind.
I’m still so amazed by the sky.

Run, walk and crawl,
I will take my time.
At least in my imagination.

Handle Sunshine (6/2018)

Handle Sunshine (6/2018)

Maybe today’s my lucky day.
I found a wishbone on the way home,
But nothing ever came true,
It all just hit me. Out of the blue.

Three feet bouncing across the street.
The sound of going, on the way home.
Wonder why things happen.
Why do these things happen?

Oh, little spout, tap my brain.
Too much sunshine or too much rain.
Twist the handle, pull the chain.
The plug. A glug.
Watch out, child.
Watch it drain.

Today. Today’s a sunny day.
Thought I found a break on the way home,
But it was still broken.
Always something broken.

These days don’t go my way.
I’m going west, they’re on their way home.
These days won’t find me.
These days will be behind me.

Oh, little man, mop my brain.
Too much sunshine or too much rain.
Old hands, handle all the pain.
At night it lies
Like a child.
I am drained.

Show me how to open my eyes.
Show me how to do all the things
I’ve always known how to do.

The Paper (6/2018)

The Paper (6/2018)

Practiced. Patience. I was waiting on the paper.
See what it said.
Not said, but read.
Black and white, little tiny lines.

Old mug of crunch, I was opening the paper.
Pages of dead.
Not dead, but left.
Rainbow, white, silver, soggy shrine.

Who ever made sense of time?
Come down. Hello. Hi.
All the things I thought I’d find
Where the ocean touches the sky.

And the paper wasn’t coming.
Waiting, like worry.
And the paper didn’t slow down.

He writes so hard, like he’s fighting with the paper.
‘Forget’. They said.
Not said, but meant.
One big bite. Colors float on white.

Waiting on a clown, like waiting on the paper.
Circus time spent,
Ring leader trends.
Makeup fights, colors smothered white.

Comedown. Hello. Hi.
All the things he thought he’d find
Where the ocean touches the sky.
Where window’s always open
And the water’s always nice.

Morning Armor (6/2018)

Morning Armor (6/2018)

She is a warrior.
Her eyes are heaven.
She is not fearless,
Her dream’s never broken.
She’s a worn out angel,
One day dancing.
Outside, a song in my head.
By My Side but she’s not right here.

I slowed down.
Tried to take it all in,
Walked so far past the past to now.
And I smiled,
It all works out.  

She’s a knight in coral armor.
Coral, worn-in armor in the morning.
She’s a night that saves me.
Don’t know how or why, she saves me.
Her smile hasn’t lied and
She’s the night that I dreamed of.
The knight that drove me
To dancing outside,
My song in their heads
Take a ride, but she’s not right here.

Sunshine, baking on a rooftop.
On a different rooftop.
Not the nighttime rooftop.
Broken, hood, baking on a rooftop.
Her eyes smile.
It all works out.

Forget That Feeling (5/2018)

Forget That Feeling (5/2018)

Living. Legends. Maybe one day.
We wandered tunnels.
Hallways called my name.

In it together, that won’t change.

He sang songs about snakes here.
I hope you made it safely.
Everything up to right now,
Could have sworn it was a dream.

Hillsides snapped and
I won’t forget that feeling
When the wind kicked in.

Little cake, a few mistakes.
History. Tunnels.
Go on write your name.

In it together, that won’t change.