Follow Me (8/2018)

Follow Me (8/2018)

I slipped off my plate.
I could see right through it and couldn’t get to me.
I was leaving and I was late.

Swallow one white dot and you’ll be right.
It’ll bring a storm, you’ll never even know it.
Hope you have a raincoat, heart and friends.
Lightning’s sliding in.

Put down a little dot and you’ll forget.
Take a slice of your life and kiss it goodbye.
Hope you have a sailboat, heart and wind.
Stormy seas ascend.

Floating. You’re a shell walking.
I’ll ring your bell and stalk you.
Oh, young man, I’m taking you to hell.

I’ll confuse your people and
Make them think it was you and
Make you think it’s you,
While you think you’re not you.
I’ll make you so small, I’ll break you into a ball.

I wanted to get lost and leave it all.
I didn’t realize I’d already left.

I know that I’m back.
I can speak, feel and laugh.
I can’t lose it, her, dreams or them.
I’ll be a legend. Ladies, gents, place your bets.
Walk in my tracks. Follow me. We’re not there yet.

I didn’t think it could happen.
I got trapped. Thoughts spilled, out of whack.
I dropped myself and I bounced back.

Just Ticking (8/2018)

Just Ticking (8/2018)

These days I got no worries,
I’m in no hurry to get what I want.
I’m jumping on a road.

I don’t care where this bus goes.
That guy does though, I think he’s driving.
I’m jumping on the road.

No more mourning anymore, every night.
I’ve got all I need, but one who’s out of sight.
I was ticking away then I came around,
Hoping one day to hold my favorite sound.

These days I’ll teach the kid.
Tell him how I hid and never disappeared.
I’m jumping on the road.

I don’t know what I’m doing,
So I keep moving, taking still photos.
I’m jumping on a road.

Who ever knew that storms blow away?
Hearts have too much to say and
I was just ticking.

Fixing Buttons (7/2018)

Fixing Buttons (7/2018)

I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t go.
Time is nothing but more, or less, time.
And what if it ends tomorrow?

We never know what we’re gonna be,
But, we can be more than what we can see.

What’s obvious to others, I don’t heed.
‘Til I topple down to find me in me,

If I drop this, what else will I not need?
How’s it been so long that I couldn’t see?
Up and down, then crawl and climb.
Elevators drop a step sometimes.

Things are bound to happen, no reason or rhyme.
My roof caved in and I thought I was fine.
Trapped in the air and I couldn’t just be.
No parachute, down. Yet, somehow, you caught me.

I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t go.
It was right there and I didn’t know.
Fixing buttons day and night,
One step down before I rise.

For Days (7/2018)

For Days (7/2018)

Lately, I don’t stay up late.
Been sleeping.
It’s been four nights,
But that’s four nights for the first time.

Lately, I don’t always break.
Been breathing.
It’s been four days,
But that’s four days for the first time
In what I’m sure was a lifetime.

How’s it been so long?
Was I really out that long?
Gotta land now or I’m certainly gone.
Working on the inside, lately.
I should hand my heart a raise.
Filling up my cup lately, hoping I’m not late.
It’s on.
Gotta land now or I’m certainly gone.

Lately, I don’t feel erased.
Been dreaming.
It’s been four nights,
But that’s four nights for the first time.

Lately, I don’t only pace.
Been beaming.
It’s been four days,
But that’s four days for the first time
In what I’m sure has been a lifetime.

Smiles lasting for days for the first time.
Man, that was a lifetime.
It’s on.
Gotta live now or I’m certainly gone.

Boy that Boy (7/2018)

Boy that Boy (7/2018)

The boy who couldn’t let himself in.
Every time he’s ending is when it all begins.

Woke up in a hurricane, afraid to sleep at night.
That boy smiled through so much pain
until he couldn’t fight.

He fell down to the desert.
Boy that boy fell hard.
He found gifts in the desert.
Boy that boy fell hard.

Lost his head in yellow shine, afraid of being known.
That boy painted his own rhymes until he came unsewn.

Winter there, nerves, the call.
Outside in his summer sprawl.
They knew they knew it all along.
He fell so hard, he’s felt it all.

That boy moved ahead of time.
That boy painted his own lines.
That boy thought there’s more to life.
Boy that boy, he fell so hard,
That boy’s heart has never lied.

That boy stops himself with him.
That boy doesn’t realize wins.
He thinks he’s done, so he begins.
Boy that boy, he fell so hard.
So now that boy’s about to start.

Sat on a Saturday (7/2018)

Sat on a Saturday (7/2018)

I sat alone on a beach on a Saturday.
Thought about a note I wrote a while ago.
A note about fighting parts of myself, wanting free.
I know I called it, ‘Song To Me’.

I’ve been flying for two years now,
But this flying isn’t free.
This flying makes me paranoid
And never spreads my wings.

Took off.
Left land right when I was getting going,
Without knowing where I was going.

Head feels back, like it knows me.
Heart stayed true, back to glowing.
Words coming out as one now.
I’m afraid of flying so
Help me keep my feet on the ground.

The hardest part about being on the ground now
Is handling what happened in the air.
No glow although I knew it was there somewhere.
It was scared, now it’s sunrise.
Back to being different than the other guys.

I shot myself in the foot so many times,
I don’t know how I’m still standing.
But, I’m on the ground now.
Even if I fall,
There’s no more coming down now.
I’m not afraid of the ground now.

I couldn’t hear in the sky.
So much noise in the sky.
My heart was there to help and couldn’t shine.
Anchored, it couldn’t guide me past my mind.
In the sky, I never realized what I’d found,
To this day, she’s still my favorite sound.

I’m staying out of the sky, I’m banged up.
Always crash landings when we hang up.
My light doesn’t shine when I’m flying.
I’m not afraid of the ground.

The sun set down on a beach on a Saturday,
While I thought about a note I wrote.
I wrote a poem, Song To Me,
About fighting and being and feeling free
And still, somehow, I came back to me.

We didn’t go our separate ways,
So, I left me on a beach.
I sat alone on a beach on a Saturday.

Silence City (7/2018)

Silence City (7/2018)

Gotta leave this city, man.
This city’s killin’ me.
Gotta find some balance, man,
I can’t stop spillin’ me.

Gotta find cool sunshine, man.
This sunshine’s killin’ me.
Gonna take a walk out there,
Get lost and then get free.

I can’t touch the ground here,
Though I thought that I’d been found here.
Let’s get lost, let’s fly.
We’ll hit the sand running, you and I.
No more coming down
When we’re finally always on the ground.

Gotta leave this silence, man.
This silence is not peace.
Gotta put myself out there
When I can hardly breathe.

Gotta find some patience, man.
This time is killing me.
Follow dreams while you and I
Unravel into we.