Leaves Land Near (7/2019)

Leaves Land Near (7/2019)

She liked rock n roll,
he brought her broken vinyl.
He got spun, lumped in with two he despised.
Saw a shadow in a mirror and said monster
as he fell right out of himself.

He’s never really given it much mind.
If it makes you happy, do it.
He gets it. It’s fine.
Just needs his people happy.
How’s it goin’?
Just need my people happy.
If it doesn’t, don’t.

Searching for a new way to get it all out,
rather than falling. Discovers slow and steady.
He finds him once everyone else is up and ready.
He always found himself on a different timeline,
never knowing if he was ahead or behind.
Always hoping that she’s right behind him.

Peels the puffs and puts them aside for later.
Built so tough, like nothing could ever phase her.
Little orange fingers and popping on a plane.
Bring it down,
she’s falling asleep in the backseat
or she’s afraid to speak.

He liked rock n roll.
She thought, he’s broken records.
She got spun around the chaos he played her.
Saw a shell. Crawling man who used to run free.
Stormed right out of that world.
Insanity heard and seen.

Peels the puffs and puts them aside for later.
How much of that was a dream?
She brought the book
and then she cut the scene.

Crackhead in a Pantry (7/2019)

Crackhead in a Pantry (7/2019)

Pull two barrels when I call you out.
Maybe too open. I said honestly, you’re a clown.
Did I get in your head? Whaddya say?
Ha ha ha, who went away?
Look at you, your eyes gone astray.
You put those barrels three inches from my face.
What are you insane? I woulda lost my brain.

You’re fucking crazy, I am love
and I’m the only thing I’ve ever been afraid of.

My pockets were full of danger,
they saw stop sign eyes and they thought, anger.
Pigs then put them down,
they let me go,
sidekicks kicked in, said it’s all inside.
As they cut across the lawn,
we got in the getaway car
straight up to the basement to hide.

Thinking back, we didn’t know anything yet.
Smoke and sun may make my eyes seem upset.
We’re so young. So much fun. Really? A gun?
Don’t mess with me, you’ll wind up feeling bad.
Probably running away.
Outsmart you,
and I’ve got happy even when I lose it.

In The Wake (7/2019)

In The Wake (7/2019)

I discovered how I work.
I’ve always known how you operate.
Uncovered how I work.
Waste no time when you take aim.

I fall and I rise
and I’m done looking for problems.
Uncovering how I work.

My head leaves me, it heads to space.
Leaves me left with my body
left to pick up the pace.

I’d never been me until recently.
Suddenly, here I am.
My thoughts were dripping from a stereo.
Mind sharpened, lacking no material.
Recently, here I am.
I don’t know that I’ve never been scared,
I just know that I’ve already been there.

Monster. Dead, but breathing.
Now I’ve been every single thing
that I never wanna be.
I hope nobody listened to me.

My head left me,
humming pick up the pace.
Suddenly, here I am.
I don’t remember at all.

Wastes no time when she takes aim.
Sense common sense becoming uncommon.
She set me ablaze with her winter call.
In the wake of a tidal wave
that I don’t remember at all.

Apollo’s Song (6/2019)

Apollo’s Song (6/2019)

That evening, silent noise. Too much thinking.
Built a surfboard and headed out to sea.
It was gone the following morning.
If I hadn’t lost my mind, I think it’d be by my side.

Disconnected. In the sky.

Heard it in the songs that had been sent.
As Apollo said, whatever I do.
You’ve already done it all and I’m still here.
The sun’s always up there, somewhere.

That morning, leaving feeling crazy.
Brought a surfboard and walked right out to see
what else was breathing that evening.
If I hadn’t learned to fly, I think it’d be my side.

Disconnected. Up so high.
Remember that goodbye?

It was in the songs that had been sent.
It was in the time that had been spent.
As Apollo said, whatever I do.
Like I always said, I listen to you.
You’ve been gone, done it all and I’m still here.
Just walked back from it all and you’re not near.
The sun always hides, somewhere.
It’ll come. Time, it’s always cared.

Whatever I do,
take my wings and soar on back to you.
Control the sky.
Songs you sang, no written goodbyes.
One day do what hasn’t been done yet.
No more thinking like 9th and Lafayette.
I was so low and I was so high.
And we fell so hard, but we touched the sky.

Feathers burn, fall down, be a friend.
Hope that you’re flying again.
Saved a life and disappeared.
I’m not there, but always here.

Ink Into Oceans (6/2019)

Ink Into Oceans (6/2019)

Concept falls like flowers.
In our own world now.
What if we showed love before it’s too late?
Old deep love worn down, let fray to waste.
Stumble out with grace.
Leak it, speak it.
Spill it all somewhere and fill yourself up again
with whatever you’d like.

Love, you only knew how to send it out.
Love, you couldn’t ever feel it.
Spill it, fill it up with whatever you’re feeling.

Sat outside a small town hotel to write
about idols, in neutral, leaving too early again.
When is this all gonna end?
Stigma, best not to talk about it.
I’ll still always listen.

Ink into oceans,
it’s this same pen and book.
It’s tears and rain ruining pages
my tapping toes making strangers look.
Outside a cheap hotel in a decent midwest town.

Snow on the pines, like your music on my mind.
Speaking, souling, soaring, so high,
scatting your thoughts like they are mine.
Out of the blue, out of control, always on time,
saw you all over the place and
saw it from so far away.

Little ball of fire bouncing
higher, on the later stages of life.
Not even the later, only the stages.
The leaving left us all feeling.
One soul’s the soundtrack to so many lives.

You could’ve spilled it all,
don’t you see us all now?
Nothing’s ever broken.
People, stop leaving so early.
Demons, leave people alone.

Ten Feet (6/2019)

Ten Feet (6/2019)

Do we take enough time to breathe?
Do you ever wonder if I still believe?
The weather died for an hour and five
and that’s when I knew you were there.
Last year you threw air over peaks.
This year, plugged the leaks just long enough
for us to get a little out.

Not around this year, it was weird.
Crawled across my mind throughout the night.
The storm was outside this time
all the real faces, none of the fake,
but, what’s a celebration without a little cake?
Guitar’s back got cracked by art
and they both started laughing.
Guitar got back to laughing.

Last summer leaking chaos.
Still can’t believe you’ll never see us here.
Always said you’d see us here,
and now she brings a smile as well as a tear.

Permission’s been given to be ourselves
to kick off the night.
Old thoughts get thrown out
to thousands of people for the first time.
Wonder if they’ve ever thought about that.

Breakdowns take us places.
Ten feet not looking back.
Above will bawl when we’re done,
but what’s meant to be
seems come back around.
So we’ll come back around,
because I’ve been feeling the wind.

Crossed Wires (6/2019)

Crossed Wires (6/2019)

I’ve got two eyes staring at me,
draped in plastic perfume.
She’s just talking and talking
and my mind walks to you.
I crossed wires that way.

There are people speaking at me,
convinced that I am confused.
Silent talking, they’re mocking
my different point of view.
I’m not lost. Why that way?

I hid behind a smile I had painted on my face.
At best I’m a workhorse, at my worst I’m insane.
Words melt darkness and
the sun just feels better after a lot of rain.
Cooled down,
and it washed that smile from my face.

No known ego. Shown proud.
So many mistakes to get here.
Speak your heart out loud
and you’ll never walk alone.

Brilliance shines brighter than darkness
and silence only makes you a memory.
You help me across the wire.
When they won’t listen.
When they can’t understand, there’s different.
Come find me when no one will listen.

Things happen that we’d never think to imagine.
How it’s seemed recently.
Cooled down. Sunshine and rain,
came down.
Washed a decades old smile from a face.
The thought of you
can balance me,
get me across the wire.