In A While (7/2020)

In A While (7/2020)

Crooked, laughing, summer’s sunburnt smile.
I’d like to melt with you again
every once in a while.

Monastery on a mountain,
where someone is selling the beans,
ringing bells and playing videos for you and me.
A trip out somewhere new and free.

Blizzard knuckles, belt is buckled,
come here cool me down.

Stoking, music, sunburnt summer smiles.
Happy-glazed eyes and you my friend,
more than once in a while.

Trusting things we’ll never see,
like people we will never meet
who drive beside us on the street.
Sometimes I just get a feeling.

Something’s saying it all works out.
Time, more time again.

That’s Fine (7/2020)

That’s Fine (7/2020)

‘Always have and always will’
she wrote, then she rolled down the hill.

They never ever say goodbye,
just trust the glimmer in their eyes.

She got up to get herself.
Moved out there to see what else.

He answers before it rings.
She sings ‘silence is my thing.
Quiet in faraway places.
Hope you’re enjoying your ride.’

Stumble-wakes up to find a slant
staring at him in the evening.
Ceilings don’t speak and he can’t shake their dream.

Time’s a test not passed alone,
and people aren’t the same as phones.

When do timelines realign?
Flips through him, explains that’s fine.

He went out to get outside.
Hoped she hopes these rides collide.

Walking Around (6/2020)

Walking Around (6/2020)

Feet walk miles til miles are feet.
I don’t understand anybody I meet.

Flat tires roll when land’s not flat.
Backs can break and make comebacks.

A statue tripped today but I bet it deserved it.
Tragedy, comical history tried to preserve it.
I’m just walking around.

None of life ever made any sense,
and I sometimes wonder where that went.
Just trying not to think.

Three were you, the rest were me.
What would life be if we always agreed?

Tracks run courses, then retract.
Where’s everyone? Not sure how to act.

What happened to the dreaming?
The old laughs, tears streaming
down familiar faces, I wish I could see it.
I’m just walking around.

Spotless Happy (6/2020)

Spotless Happy (6/2020)

The reason I write.
Why I don’t sleep at night.
Tiptoes slowly in my head
while I’m getting ready for bed.

Empathy, what a devil right now.
Keeps me up at night, til I scramble through the day.
People pushing and pushing and they won’t go away.

The things once said now whisper silence instead.
Inside happy hides, afraid to let it out.
Too much, too good. Not used to it.
My mind really gets to running.
Either too far ahead, or too big a burden.
I’m afraid of everything.
Don’t let me get the best of me.

The mistakes I fight.
Why I can’t say what’s right.
Tango alone with a thought,
while I’m giving living a lot.

Happiness humming in the distance.
Empathy cooks up a fire,
wishing wells readied for overflowing.

Tracing Clouds (6/2020)

Tracing Clouds (6/2020)

Building books, or building blocks.
Running shoes and walking socks.
I am me, I disagree.
Stuck inside, and outside’s free.

Written word, there’s no return.
Moment’s thought, not meant to burn.
Smarter? She. Would you agree?
Way out there, and not near me.

Post office bound,
mail out things I never really cared about.
Dashboard flashes, shakin’, don’t break on me.
Make it home at the very, very least.
Post office postponed, somebody else will do it.

Woke today to the heat of Arizona.
Asked myself if I still really know ya,
and again I got to the night.

Old songs hum before they scream.
A touch of rust, a bit more gleam.
You’re not you, different hue.
Tracing clouds on walls life drew.

Wheels won’t roll, but speakers sing.
Wonder what tomorrow brings.
After? Her. Some years are blurs.
Reaching out for distant words.

Still Green (6/2020)

Still Green (6/2020)

Maybe time was make believe,
I’ve heard things I’ll never see.
Can’t say where the wind will blow,
don’t think I will ever know.

What if now is like back then?
I’ve done things, but don’t know when.
Can’t tell if the light’s still green.
Find out what the answers mean.

It was never now or never.
Are you way ahead? Are you close behind?
Will it still be there if I open my eyes?

Quiet lead to thinking.

I know how and wonder why.
Silence falls out of my eyes.
Seeds can fly before they’ve grown.
Leave before the party’s thrown.

Does the speaking do a thing?
Marching down the street, they sing.
Gasp this place that we once knew.
Dinner watching last night’s stew.

What am I supposed to do?
Quiet lead to thinking.

Where Did The Rest Go? (5/2020)

Where Did The Rest Go? (5/2020)

All I want is peace of mind
find relaxed and leave the day behind for a while.
The sun smiles lately, and I can’t stand it.

The writing walked out with creative,
lately I’ve had so much in my brain
guess it’s always been that way.

Less somewhere if there is more.
Forever ends when she walks through the door.
Dancing leaves sing to me
while I listen through her fingers’ dance on ivory.

What a day it was,
how did we ever get here?

All I want’s a good night’s sleep.
keep dreaming and leave this all out there and breathe
The voice smiles lately, and I am standing.

The words, they went out and then ate it
lately things haven’t been the same
guess it’s always been that way.

Blooming (5/2020)

Blooming (5/2020)

thirty three years a feather flew
winding with the wind and the lively
with the music
never to be noticed

thirty-odd years a mountain moved
siding with her sins and surviving
with the ocean
wondered if they noticed

day, time, tide, here and gone
feather falls and I wonder
exhale or let it head where it’s going
there’s no knowing ‘til a mind is made

so it’s spinning on a wheel
a foot on a pedal
centering, centering before blooming

well, after thirty-some years, the clown just cracked
grinding through his gifts, past the binding
with new patience
not much looking back now

after thirty framed years, the door fell down
lightning on her lips, mesmerizing
with new balance
back then, bring me back now

slow down spinning on a wheel
a foot off a pedal
before centering, centered, and blooming

O (5/2020)

O (5/2020)

Listen when you make mistakes
Tell you when to tap the brakes
Life’s playground, show you the ropes
I’ve felt the swings and all the nopes

Olivia, I can’t wait to really meet you
Live, it’s in your name
One of these days I’ll meet you

Hang with you when dad’s a punk
Make you laugh, forget your funk
Watch you learn the things you’ll know
Jump right in or take it slow


Hope the world gets better before you remember

Back to Breathing (5/2020)

Back to Breathing (5/2020)

Goodnight, goodnight.
I can see it in your eyes,
they’re saying things that you have never said.
You hide, you hide.
Know you know I love your smile.
It’s a highway sign singing almost home.

How’s everything?
Crazy to think how long it has been.
So much here has changed,
got to thinking I’d never see you again.
I’m so happy to see you, my friend.
I’ll be so happy.

Little chance for us to find out how to live.
It’s true, it’s true, depends on what gets picked to do.
Go on, get so happy.

Goodbye, goodbye.
Swore I saw it in your eyes,
thought the silence meant that you meant so long.
You ride. You ride.
Know you know that I don’t fight,
back to breathing breaths that we almost lost.

Sunset Sun (4/2020)

Sunset Sun (4/2020)

Searched new chapters, wiped the mist.
Flips my page, she gets my jist.

Pushing things we thought we’d lift.
Chain linked tubes, she caught my drift.

I’m so far away these days,
what about the trails we’ll blaze?
I gotta see this old dream through.
I gotta get to me in time for you.

When the world’s prepared, I’ll wait.
Recent years like decades fighting days.
I’m ready, let me go.
Sunset sun.

I was nothing but a blip.
Took her aim, right from the hip.

Tiny cabin in the sticks.
placed the piece, and licked her lips.

I never know what she means,
only what she means to me.
Sunset sun are you listening?
Sunset sun.

Shake Up Light (4/2020)

Shake Up Light (4/2020)

Pouring drinks for teenagers twice her age.
Popping popcorn, whispers they don’t eat it right.
Movie reels project lifetimes some will never see
in an empty room, seated, slanted floor
she wonders what she’ll be.

Big dreams of beaches and racing,
building, calm, nothing phasing.
Doing just what she needs.

Could be chance.
Could happen for a reason.
Come undone just after we dance,
move ahead, the world moves out from under us.
I believe these roads wind back together.

Pouring drinks for rich people who don’t age.
Frying old knives, mutters hope I made that right.
Plastic homes projecting lives that aren’t for him
on a rubber mat, greasy-grimy shoes
he looks up growing fins.

Wide dreams of writing and laughter,
music, joy, what we’re after.
Life, move faster.
Doesn’t matter.
There’s just one thing I need.

These roads wind back together.
Child, you’re fine.
Behind that darkness sleeps so much bright.
Shake it up, wake it up, winding together.
Carried so much weight, carry so much light.
I believe these wind back together.

Measured, More Than Nothing (4/2020)

Measured, More Than Nothing (4/2020)

Time measured by song,
distance is nothing but a sign.
I remember running under that mountain,
after that first one took off.

Such resilient lives.
I wonder what really happened.
No more thinking for now.
What if it comes around?
Lately it’s been on my mind, someway, somehow.

Heard whispers of prolific, he screams,
‘no screws, they were loose a long time ago.
Fell out last time I fell down. Truce.
What’s the use in doing this?
All this writing for nothing.
Piled up dead plastic pens for nothing, just wasteful.
Disgraceful. All of this comes from nothing,
and that’s not me.’

Lies measured by noise,
loving left nothing but a slide.
I remember crawling out in the desert
after the silence found this.

What a brilliant time.
I wonder what really happened.
No more moving for now.
When the time comes around.
Lately she’s been on my mind, someway, somehow.

Pray she sleeps late these days.
Sunlit morning shades.
Day peaks in to see her grace
dreaming in bed,
of calm kitchens on the water.

Podium Rabble (4/2020)

Podium Rabble (4/2020)

Tragic that it takes a tragedy
to teach us the lessons that we need.
The state of the planet lately overwhelms me.
Bad actors in an essential ring, on top of everything.
Nothing trickles down from empty.
I’ve no room for judgement.
Nobody’s messed up like me.
I have only met 10 people halfway like me.
You’ll never move on if you don’t own your things.
Feet find fresh, and forget what shoulders will bring.
You’ll wish you never lied at the end of the day.
You’d have to be insane to think that that’s ok.
I throw things and wonder where they went.
I can’t whistle and my rock disappeared.
If I could whistle maybe it’d find its way this way.
Rock roll my way someday.
Swallow my light to find my darkness.
Placed it behind what shone brightest.
Their likeness.
Likened to the relationship between rainbows and rain.
Lightness and happy flood holes once filled with pain,
reflecting all the colors.

Center of a Story (4/2020)

Center of a Story (4/2020)

Slowly release this thing,
feel what tension brings.

Moving, I wind with shade
past lakes someone made.

The sun went down and my laughs came up.
It’d been a while since I smiled.
I’d forgotten what that felt like.
It’s nice.

I am inherently happy.
It’s always there, buried down here somewhere.
The morning starts a story.
Noon’s digging, scribbling.
It’s action, grind, pain, heartbreak, black, and crying.
Smiling through the afternoon,
don’t like to talk about four o’clock.
That was dying,
like the handwriting changed for a while.
Night wades in, she’s singing her song, sounds lovely.
It’s beauty, kind, joy, unwinding, trust, no lying,
that feeling, finding glory.
Night’s writing morning’s story,
until we are all home.

Humming, the bees don’t chime,
no reason for rhymes.

Living, I’m walking home.
For now, the unknown.

Until night starts writing.
Something wonderful is about to happen.
I’ve always felt it coming.

Lifelike Records (4/2020)

Lifelike Records (4/2020)

I cannot see the world the same way they do,
On and on
I have tried and it’s true.

A weekend to do whatever we want to.
Side by side
under and over the moon.

Lately, the quiet crushes me.
Silence so long I don’t know where I stand
and it’s the only thing bringing me down.
Along with how the world is.
I don’t know where to stand.

When’s the silence over?
This normal isn’t right.
Seems nothing’s how it should be.

I do not flip forward through life like records.
Spin and spin,
centered and I wreck her.

A moment to make whenever coming soon,
Hand in hand
under and over the moon.

Lately, the quiet crushes me.
All the disappearing.
Slowing all the spinning.

Mustache Sunday (4/2020)

Mustache Sunday (4/2020)

Walk outside with a mustache,
Sacred stands on water on my back.
The feeling it’s been a while.

Zip around as the sun lags.
Spinning head, a body in my bag.
The notion I’m alone here.

Shouldn’t have brought you up that mountain.
Didn’t know that would happen.
What’s that about life’s fountain?
My friend, you can trust me.
I’m just out here to wander.
Hey man, get your feet off my water.

Stand up here on an old bed,
meaning there depends on how it’s read.
They say it was an ocean.

Glide on top of a shell farm,
distant eyes watching the world get harmed.
Who is believing your story?

Walked outside with a mustache.
I didn’t know that would happen.

Well. (4/2020)

Well. (4/2020)

Who bought all the Claussens?
Who destroyed this shelf?
Walking out with frozen shrimp
cause there is nothing else.

Where’s the macaroni?
Where’s the goddamn cheese?
Left that place with lemonade,
and forgot to get me.

Clyde’s outside, he’s wiping down the world.
Divided is the airwaves,
the speaking that stumbles from tubes
across the country’s confusing.

Tell me which one’s the truth?
Why’s the news so different?

Why is there no hummus?
Why’s the milk all gone?
Carts roll at a rapid pace,
the masks say something’s wrong.

What if there’s no broccoli?
What the hell is that?
Microwave some stuff tonight,
tomorrow I’ll come back.

Thoughts 76 (4/2020)

Thoughts 76 (4/2020)

Nothing in the mind tonight.
I’m tired.
This would be art, but it’s me.
Feel alone a lot, not free.
Back to it.
I’m the one who falls off track. Now you do it?
I can take it. These people are unproven.
You’re the world man. You blew it.
Whenever I’m makin’ changes.
That wasn’t right, and you know, and you knew it.
You got everyone this time
and somehow some don’t know it.
Huddled up on beaches. Where’s a tidal wave?
People in charge, and people on beaches,
please go back to your caves.
We got it this.
This is so simple, this is so hard.
I’ve never wished more that I had a yard.
Dirt or sand or water or grass.
Lay outside, get some sun on my ass.
Yesterday felt like a year, and one that didn’t walk fast.
‘Reopen all the beaches.’
swear reality’s out of reach for them.
They know that’s not gonna slow it?
Their money begged for the ball and got it.
And they dropped it.
It’s real, they dropped it everywhere.
Make some more, do not care.
Just like, jump off a building.
Or atleast stop speaking.
Lose your phones and computers.
It’s not fake news, you’re a loser.
Nothing near a leader.
Liberty, grace, freedom. You don’t feed her.
Split sides? It’s a virus, why divided?
We gotta get together.

It’s not on you, but you’re not helping
anybody’s well being.
For the life of me,
can’t imagine four more years of you.
Your lying has people crying.
I love kids, but your kids suck.

Stop talking.
Get upset thinking about you,
and you’re always on the news.

It Could Be Any Day Right Now (4/2020)

It Could Be Any Day Right Now (4/2020)

Dreams come true, and people die.
Fall in love and lose my mind.
Town to school, happy birthday, gone.
It walked away, and I wrote a song.

Pull myself together, trip and break my body.
I say I am nice, police tell Santa naughty.
Jump on the road as the world disappears.
Beads from above while I’m stomping my fears.

I’ve got a map, and on it is hell.
I’ve got a map, oh I know it so well.
I’ve got a map that I’ve memorized.
I’ve got a map that I sketched myself.

And I didn’t mean to do any of that,
just needed a little help.
It’s nice to not go back there.

Things are life, and then they’re not.
She stole me and was not caught.
Waited ten years and dove in too early.
Sun faded ink where I wrote this word thing.

Found some free and snapped a leg.
Talk to myself and forget what was said.
Like to know what will happen, so I’m afraid to sleep.
And, I don’t know why I write these things.

It’s nice to not go back there.
Fix the world, get me out of here.

Out of Touch (3/2020)

Out of Touch (3/2020)

Snowflake, mermaid, stranded in the sand.
Corncob, cactus, seeking steady land.

Board game, phone call, bringing brighter smiles.
Outside, rooftop, man I miss that wild.

There’s gotta be hope out there somewhere
in this world that’s bursting apart.

She’s just singing, ‘Slow it down.
Storm’s not out to get you,
destroying things that we don’t need.
Exposing those disguising greed.
Right to the root of things,
clearing a path for you and me.’

Out of touch.

Railroad, cross town, trucking to a dream.
Red wine, two wheels, stitching up a seam.

Old pond, laughing, just like way back then.
Brown tail, wagging, happy, two best friends.

Looking back, they were out on the lake.
Hands on their hips, just standing on the water.
Four legs runnin’ around sampling pies on the ground.
Right to the root of things,
clearing a path for you and me.

Inside Child (3/2020)

Inside Child (3/2020)

Why brush my teeth before coffee?
Why did I gleek on that guy?
They’ll never know it was crying,
I’ll just tell them that I’m high.

Why stay in here when there’s outside?
Why did I need to call then?
They’ll never know what I’m thinking,
I cannot show where I’ve been.

He went struttin, singing down the street,
How long til my people are allowed to be near me?
It’s been such a long time,
swear it’s been over a year,
and the last time,
wouldn’t doubt if they didn’t remember.
Sings, I remember it all.

Why walk around when my foot hurts?
Why did I not buy the cheese?
They’ll never know what is in there,
I’ll tell them I lost the keys.

Why stop a tune before playing?
Why did I feel like a child?
They’ll never know that they’re crazy,
I’ll write it’s me that is wild.

Been two weeks since he talked to anybody.
He’s been livin’ inside.
Sorting through old thoughts he’d left behind.

Back at the Day (3/2020)

Back at the Day (3/2020)

Bashful bubbles bound to pop,
show the world just what they’ve got.

Dripping droplets dust the ground,
soak the earth with light they found.

I took a look at the day.

Shiny sunsets shed some skin,
leave the day a lasting grin.

Wishful weather walks alone,
crushes storms and steals the throne.

I took a look at the day.
Storms leave, it seems.
Sunsets will always enthrall me.
People swarm, buzzing inside,
stuck with themselves when they can’t find the hive.
Personally? I’m doin’ alright, finding my way.
Just looking back at the day.

Getting Bored (3/2020)

Getting Bored (3/2020)

If I let my mind go
for more than a few moments
How will I know
what I will think of, and if it will return?
It could honestly go anywhere.

Through a TV to old scenes.
Cables, static, sitcoms, screens.
Fish tank, get me out, what of it’s what it seems?

Dwell in speakers like a bear.
Sleeping, hungry, way downstairs?
Spring time, simmered eyes, crawling out to fresh air.

It’s me, it’s mine.
It’s me, it’s my mind.
Come see, it’s fine.
I’m me, not my mind.
Fear too many times it was told it was crazy,
It listened, I miss it, It left me behind.

Shout in silence like new books.
Flipping, fuming, pictures look.
Top shelf, soft served dust, leaning on how to cook.

Hop an old train by the moon.
Hot spring, the smiling, ends so soon.
Steel sends, bringing back the notion that it all flew.

Sometimes it goes for walks
for more than a few moments.
I’ve never known
when it’s going to rebuild things so I can return.
It could honestly start anywhere.

Pull the lid off the stew for a moment or two.
I wish it would start anywhere.

To The Nest (3/2020)

To The Nest (3/2020)

To the beach, to the party,
to the nest after starting.

With our feet, with our feathers,
with our storms, to calmer weather.

Two birds stroll against sand,
pecking through trash and scanning the land.
Convinced with time they’ll soar like lemons,
in time, they’ll float to old hands.

Flip the sky, flip the sunset.
Flip the deck, have we won yet?

Dive to sea, dive to borders.
Dive through time, try to warn her.

Out walking again, these wings, we won’t need them.
We’ll be running.
With nothing again, these things, we don’t need them.
We’ll be breathing.

So This Is What That Was (3/2020)

So This Is What That Was (3/2020)

What a wild time.
Wrong to go outside.
Had to stretch my leg.
Get out of my head.

What a crazy day.
Sunshine hid it’s face.
Forced to walk around
barefoot carpet ground.

Coffee beans and drawing things.
Puzzle piece and 4-blend cheese.
Scattered words meet nothing heard.
One-man herd, a distant bird.
Brings me to thinking,
What of this really matters?
Who out there’s on my team?

What a funny night.
Sleep just wouldn’t fight.
Had some real life dreams.
Outside under beams.

What a different scene.
Everything’s so green.
Folks, please stay at home.
Nicer out, alone.

Cocoon Blues (3/2020)

Cocoon Blues (3/2020)

Blue caterpillar called me one calm winter night.
Tapped its toes and threw a song through the line.

Blue caterpillar lives, sings, it gives everything.
Found palms, ground and fingers, flew from a fling.

Seems we are done hanging.
One of those days we just started walking.
One of these days, to be flying.
Flying up there with the leaves.

Blue caterpillar lands, stretches out, brand new life.
Climbed out windows to rooftops to see who was right.

Blue caterpillar walked out to talk that cold night.
Flapped it’s wings before it set all of me on fire.

Saying right now is not the right time.
We’ll sing our song together somewhere down the line.
Any of the songs we’ll write.
Cocoon, start moving.
Over all the hanging.
Any of the songs we’ll write,
whisper soft good nights,
til morning puts up its fight
and we hang through the day.

Six Feet (3/2020)

Six Feet (3/2020)

The streets are empty.
It’s gorgeous outside right now.
Days inside fixing puzzles,
watering plants for sun to plow.

The beats are empty,
silently slide the ride right now.
Sit alone by a fireplace,
left waiting like tears on a clown.

All these beans and pieces and pages,
I can’t find boring.

I walk around my room.
Ceiling fan’s my only fan,
but one of these days I’ll bloom.

I jump around my bed.
Ceiling fan’s my only fan,
and still things get to my head.

Their hearts flew, distance.
Suddenly inside somehow.
Pace in there, in the desert,
writing out happy and the frowns.

Their art skewed distance.
Speaking up through screens somehow.
Nights around the rectangle,
‘til six feet takes its final bow.

They say some things differently.
Not asking, just laughing, there’s no one around.
Another corner piece.
Talking to myself.

Thoughts flew distant.
It looked so nice out there today,
and I stand up because I can’t just stay.
Walk over there just to see it, turn around, and say,
‘the last corner piece!’ from six feet away.

State of the Fair (3/2020)

State of the Fair (3/2020)

No one in the streets,
they’re singing from their balcony.
We’re taking more than we need,
leaving no chicken for me.
Back to this state too late.

Panic, off the beat,
we’re reading headlines on a screen.
They’re singing from their balcony,
leaving me yearning to be
somewhere where time stands still.

Lost our jobs and scrambled.
Figure it out I’m sure.
Look back at what we’ve been through,
before it’s all a blur.

They’re do-nothin’ liars.
Whispers while their nose grows.
Where’d they go?
Silence, left us when it got tough,
disappeared like they faked it.
How ‘bout a, ‘hey, did you make it?’
Were they ever around at all?
Doubts, so stressed out that I called her,
I’m done pulling all their strings.

‘Genius’ on TV.
They’re singing from their balcony.
We’re hearing things we don’t need,
leaving us left questioning
where we really belong.

‘Stable’ cuts off Queens.
We’re led by stupid, makes me scream.
They’re singing from their balcony,
leaving me wishing to be
somewhere where she’s still here.

Figure it out, I’m sure.
Required are all the blurs.
Listen down a street,
they’re singing from their balcony.

In Search of Dull (3/2020)

In Search of Dull (3/2020)

It’s cold as hell outside
and you’re not near.
Walk without my jacket.

It’s quiet, stuck inside
and you’re not here.
Singing to myself again.

Give me a dull moment.
Slow the world for a while.
Have we forgotten how to laugh?
Have we forgotten how to smile?

It’s dark as hell at night,
and you’ve been gone.
Surprised my eyes aren’t used to it.

It’s morning, different, bright,
and you’re not wrong.
Putting on my sunglasses.

Gonna get up and feel the sun.
Walk out and find me a dull moment.
Way out, forget the calls and letters.
Get up and slow it all down.

Bridge Around the Bend (3/2020)

Bridge Around the Bend (3/2020)

Some weeks I can’t carry myself.
So weak, I don’t know how I’ve made it.
I don’t believe I’ve burned these bridges.
You know that I don’t like heights?

I’m not afraid to go back.
Not afraid to walk on.
Afraid of wandering aimlessly
with no one to share my song.

Something chase me somewhere I should go.
Someone chase me into the unknown.
I’m supposed to be going home.

Some days I’m so proud of myself.
So dazed, no wonder I walked through it.
I don’t believe I burned those bridges,
they must be around the bend.

Time, distance, silence –
where do you end?
Chase me, race me, face me.
I don’t bend.

Incline Soup (3/2020)

Incline Soup (3/2020)

Get me a beach.
Get me a fire.
Nice goodbyes to empty souls and liars.

Give me a pen.
Give me your heart.
Bloodshot eyes hear money made art.

Is this really for me?
I am just performing.
Undercover, talk to folks all night long
while my head’s way over there.
Like other places over there.
What I do.
What was your name again?

This thing picked me.
Am I what I’m supposed to be?
Unknowingly already knowing things.
Gets boring, what’s next? Write a new book?
A look back at all the soups life cooked up?
Parking lot calls, too many times.
Don’t worry about me.

Get me a tent.
Get me some water.
Sometimes I’m good, and sometimes I call her.

Get me some wheels.
Get me some wake.
You speak so loud, will you pump the brakes?

This thing picked me.
There is no supposed to be.
Amazingly just knowing things.
Impact lives unknowingly,
because nothing ever really gets through.

Sunshine and Silence (3/2020)

Sunshine and Silence (3/2020)

I’ve been collecting
all of my tears
from the last few years,
gonna grow something beautiful.

Sitting in a storm,
the sound of flakes falling
crushes the sound of smiles not calling,
swear it’s been over a year.

Sitting in a parking lot.
5am, I can’t say what day it is.
I wonder if snowflakes worry.
Seem so much like me.
Falling? Or floating? They’ll just melt in the sand.
Do they have a favorite song?
Can they admit when they were wrong?
Do they see pushing forward as moving on?
Do they feel the need to hurry?
Do they remember everything?
The things they said, but didn’t mean?
Do they worry?
Always coming down. Hanging. Coming down.
Flying or falling or floating.

Sleeping, keeping warm.
The shade from the sunshine caving
crunches white likeness while footprints pave things,
missed it for over a year.

I’ve been collecting
all of my tears
from the last few years,
gonna grow something beautiful.

Digging Moats (3/2020)

Digging Moats (3/2020)

Every sea I meet.
Don’t believe in apologies.
Crashing every time she speaks.

A wave.
Comes to leave again, just checking in
to dig the beaches in my head.

Seagulls prey on leftovers
while we walk on the beach.
We once drew lines in the sand,
never found a chance to finish them.

Old man white boy reggae man.
Lost little soul inside a van.
Saw you share your reggae song,
the water couldn’t help, but pass it along.
Felt I was done.

The sound of distance hitting sand.
Sand that’s slipped between two hands.
Crushing every time I land.

A bridge.
This way or that way, suspending the day.
Plays with my balance.

Lighthouse, pay attention.
Guide me toward the beach
where we wrote dreams in the sand,
for I’ve found time for living them.

Young man, old boy, artist man,
makes the day’s song as he had planned.
Water waits, ripples heard that man speak his word
and they were shook
and they were stirred and
she sailed off her beat.

She don’t believe.
She don’t believe in apologies,
and I guess that’s all I need.

Building towers, digging moats for bridges.
But she don’t believe in apologies.

Take The Time (3/2020)

Take The Time (3/2020)

Did a little doodle,
drew a purple you.
Didn’t stop to fill me in,
before I was pulled through.

Scratched a tiny scribble,
wrote an aqua me.
Scratching left a heartfelt word
that they will never read.

Now I’m up on a mountain.
I can’t see a thing.
Glass mind with a longing heart
and that look in my eye,
like the lights back came on.

What can you do but live?

Tipped over a table
looked for the last piece,
tipping everything in sight
to find that sweet release.

Slugged some mugs of diesel,
stayed up all year long.
Slugs said, ‘when you live too fast
things are bound to go wrong.’

So I went out walking, taking time.
Ignored all the talking, taking time.
So I slimed around for a while.
Walked for years before the lights came on.
What can you do but live?

Let’s Talk About the Cubicle (2/2020)

Let’s Talk About the Cubicle (2/2020)

Lying if he said he wouldn’t do anything
to keep it back around right now.

Plays board games by himself,
skips right past all the candy.
Finds boredom in bunches of people.
Turns up tunes and stays in.
Why talk about work?
How about, how was today in the cubicle?
You should do this in the cubicle.

Happy, but that heart’s not nearby.
Like an old song brings ten tears to each eye.
Throwing some rock on a wheel.
Spinning stops, slice, sponge, shelf, don’t steal.
Some time before they light up their fire.

Sings songs he’ll never write,
jumps right through the melodies.
Like lackluster lunches, those people.
Turns up tunes and stays in.
Why talk about work?
How about, how’d you do that in the cubicle?
Something’s too loud in the cubicle.

Flying when he said he couldn’t do it again.
Left ground, living down and way out.
Sings, some songs come back around.

Can’t hear that in the cubicle.
Need new things in the cubicle.
Where’d he go? Other cubicle?
Stay a little longer in your cubicle.
Please do this in the cubicle today.

Imagine Forever (2/2020)

Imagine Forever (2/2020)

Happy got stronger than sad.
Worry’s just praying for bad.
We got back to being glad,
while it began to spark fires.

Honest is leaving no doubt.
Lying sees peaceful and shouts,
We stood under an age-old spout,
softly drifted into sunrise.

Imagining morning wake,
old mug, coffee, freshly baked.
She stretches all four, smiles, I sing glory.
The story went, it all got bent but realigned
the other side of the coastline.

I could imagine forever.

Sometimes a second’s a day.
Minutes, for instance, decades.
We don’t let time set our pace,
so it’s come to mean nothing.

Wonder is wild with dreams.
Visions bring lions and queens.
Nothing’s ever as it seems,
until it gets said out loud.

I could imagine forever.
Rippled wake, freshly ground mistakes,
puzzled, wine, ‘til we sail
for the other side of the coast line.
I could imagine forever.

Thursday by Jesus (2/2020)

Thursday by Jesus (2/2020)

Jesus stands in a pot on a shelf above
my right shoulder.
Backwards head in a robe, couple scrapes
but he’s not getting older.

He once rode in a van on a road next to
a maniac.
Big wide grin on a face facing north,
the idiot brainiac.

Jesus, man, don’t lose it.
Just gave you a dime.
You walk way out there and lose your shit,
I’m swimming all the time.

Walk back from the ocean.
Grab yourself some sleep.
We’ll go to town and talk about birds,
or we can get real deep.

Jesus looks at an H on a plate and recalls
an old birthday.
Winters spent in a globe, a thousand shakes,
years, before love had its way.

He’ll get glued, on a bench, when his next time comes.
How’s three sunsets?
Body by a frame, head on a spring.
Jesus, are you done yet?

Let’s let this show start rollin’.
Let’s let us find our way.
Let’s let us relax and take our time
remembering how to play.

Chaptered Book (2/2020)

Chaptered Book (2/2020)

Third letter of the alphabet,
first letter of a name.
Never thought too much of school,
became the target grade.

You see him in the distance yet?
You hear him in your calm?
You fall right through his fingertips,
then he lands in your palm.

He said, ‘you really wrecked me,
from life to birds,
thoughts to words.
From what’s arranged
to time, to change.
I’m up, come and get me.’

First person there when it all blew up,
third person, bird’s-eye view.
Always took his time with life,
the patience to tie shoes.

You hear him in the memories?
You see him in your tears?
You fall into his chaptered book,
and he says. ‘glad you’re here.’

Said he’d take over a small town, bring his friends.
He sang, life, come and get me.
Said he’d take over a small town, knew no end.
He sang, love, come and get me.

I’m up. Come and wreck me.

Come On, Bird (2/2020)

Come On, Bird (2/2020)

Little roadrunner walkin’ down the street.
Little roadrunner stopped and talked to me.

He said, ‘my friend, I’ve had a long day.’
He said, ‘the end? I’m headed that way.’

Bird where you walkin’?
Bird do you not fly?
You keep crossing white lines like that
and you are gonna die.

Little roadrunner ridin’ next to me.
Little roadrunner drooled and caught some Zzzz’s.

I thought, ‘uh, friend? Just let that shit go.’
I thought, ‘the end? I don’t want to know.’

Bird, when you wakin’?
Bird, why do you lie?
You don’t get out of your cloud soon,
you’ll never touch the sky.

I’ll turn the dial down for a while.
I don’t know why you aren’t flying.
I knew I shouldn’t have stopped.

Diamonds and Tails (2/2020)

Diamonds and Tails (2/2020)

Windshield wiper wagging tail
leaves him laughing without fail.

Cheeseball chugging childish girl,
pilot’s pausing his whole world.

Paints with diamonds before bed.
Newspaper tail twitches by crooked eyes.
A step out the window
for a picture
worth a lifetime of words,
in black and white,
like a tail that wags at night.

Diamonds before bed.

Wheel-spun winter wishful mind
swirls back things they’d left behind.

Two-tire traveling trusted soul,
singing something she was told.

Coloring with diamonds before bed
to stir up the silence asleep in her head.

Question Spectrum (2/2020)

Question Spectrum (2/2020)

What if it’s a movie? What if that’s a fact?
What if I walk out to the set,
and don’t know how to act?

What if it’s a ballad? What if it’s a tune?
What if they came for a good time,
and aren’t into the blues?

Sensed an earthquake. Maybe I fell awake?
Lost and found throughout the ages.
Counted two sheep. Maybe I fell asleep?
Tossed and turned and dropped some pages.

An old man told me, eventually,
‘I don’t know what to do, man I can’t help you.’
So, I think I figured it out.
So, I guess I’m just wondering.

What if it’s a picture? What if that’s the claim?
What if I’m a fly on the wall,
and can’t get in the frame?

What if it’s unwritten? What if it’s not done?
What if we’re already there,
and we don’t know we’ve won?

April Fools (2/2020)

April Fools (2/2020)

Sunshine, laughs, and all they’d ever wanted.
Bare bones mansion,
could’ve sworn it was haunted.
It’s living.

Wrote a radio, dreamt of distance disappearing.
Bare bones mansion,
mirrored marvelous demons near me.
Our living.

Stars flicker down to a fire
outside under a deep, deep moon,
light up two worn faces,
squinting, joyful’s coming soon.

Big waves, flames, and all life’d ever longed for.
Bare bones mansion,
locked out, baker he’d hum songs for.
It’s dreaming.

Hearing highways call, chasing chances until knowing.
Bare bones mansion,
listening to silence growing.
Not dreaming.

These stars shine,
and these stars, they take their time.
Take some time to flicker.
Flicker with the fire, and head back up to the sky.
Talking to the night,
two walk into the night.

Sleep Well, Shuffle (2/2020)

Sleep Well, Shuffle (2/2020)

I’m blowin’ up God’s cell for help with sleeping well.
Writing angels, asking if they’ll cook me dinner tonight.
Laughing while devils try to fuck with my friends.

I’m shovin’ loads up my nose just to see where it goes.
Writing loved ones as three different mes.
Swimming, as distance pours a tidal wave of quiet.

I’m standin’. Not reading what’s been written.
Lemon drop water, I’m drinkin’ it. Coffee too.
Taking deep breaths, making waves.
Alive lately, think I’m out of my way.
Showed her cards but I only know how to shuffle.
Maybe war, go fish, crazy 8s, it’s too late but I’m alive.
Speaking. Feeling. Giving. Living. Grasping.
Future versus failure.
Versus. Verses. I can’t write cursive.

Voicemails get old, I bet all the people are calling.
I’m writing angels, thanking them for living that way.
Smiling while demons sing and dance out there.

I’m drivin’ pedestrian roads over rivers with a full load.
Writing things out, wondering why I do this.
Laying next to music, I find me trying to get through
to a good night’s sleep.

Elizabeth Sword (2/2020)

Elizabeth Sword (2/2020)

When will we listen?
What would you do?
Do you think of me when I think of you?

Where is this going?
Will it work out?
A whisper hits me like light through a cloud.

Sunshine feels different these days.
Where everything makes sense
must be that side of some other fence.
Icy lemon water,
laughter rhymes with daughter,
and it seems we’re going the same way.

Put her ears on tonight for the first time in a while.
With that note, thought of a smile.

Why do we stay here?
When will we know?
The silence hits me like quakes from a bow.

What if I vanished?
What’s make believe?
What do you feel, and what is perceived?

Questions asked while listening.
Questions asked while listening go unheard.
You know, they go unheard.

Sun’s Palm (2/2020)

Sun’s Palm (2/2020)

Dripping up the well wall, climbing toward the light,
the littlest bug you ever did see, putting up a fight.

Staring at the surface, smiling at the ground,
the deepest gaze it ever did do, processing the sound.

Spinning to the sun, goes living in the feeling of home.
Wings flutter off to the clouds, focused like a fire,
they don’t look away, couldn’t look away.
Take time to get what they’re seeking.

Keeps moving. Fly’s walking.
Keeps talking. Fly’s grooving.
Keeps always just lookin’ around.
Sun’s just lookin’ around.

Climbing to the pinhole, finding fresh, fresh air,
the littlest bug you ever did see, getting itself there.

Eyeballing the highway, taking in the land,
the brightest sun that ever did fly, reaches out its hand.

Cacti shadows slide into nothing after sunset.
Who’s ever out there to see it?
Who’s ever looking around?

Building A Story (1/2020)

Building A Story (1/2020)

If you’re always awake, you’re never gonna wake up.
Go to sleep. Get some dreams.
Wake up, don’t chase aimlessly.

Coffee on the bedside.
I can’t seem to sleep right.
I’m so calm, I never fight.
I can’t relax, I’m so uptight.
I’m wired.
Wired a little differently.

I’m still building my house.
Little more work on the roof.
Little more work on the kitchen and yard,
and I’ll get back to you.

Read my mind a book.
Give my mind that look.
Warm my mind a cup of tea,
tell me it’s not make believe.

Best of luck feeling the breeze if you don’t stop moving.
Slow toes down. Slug the wind.
Happy with the life you live.

I’m still building my bike.
Little more work on the brakes.
Little more work on the comfiest seats,
and then we will awake.

Read my mind a story.

Check The Mirrors (1/2020)

Check The Mirrors (1/2020)

Lily pads listen to the wind’s drowning whisper,
wondering why not slow to a stop?
Only observing, won’t say a thing.

Miles away, I’m walking down the side streets,
past half pipes and tongue tossed corner beats.
Thoughts unlawfully cross to a sidewalk
to run to the past.

Feet print streets near piled up streetlights.
Slip in a circle to wind up where they were
before they fell in, got lost.
The other side of the frost.

Scrape the handle, dig for keys.
Drive to things I tried to leave.
Roughed up windshield, have a sip.
Check the mirrors, take the trip.

Other side of the frost.
No matter what the cost.

Turning leaves trickle up a stream’s marbled surface,
wondering when the fall ever stops.
Only blowing by, won’t do a thing.

Hours away, I’m skating over blue lines.
Flip, icing life ‘til days drink warmer time.
Eyes surprisingly slide on unfinished rhymes,
reaching out for reason.

Grado Dreams (1/2020)

Grado Dreams (1/2020)

Morning walk around man made water.
Reflecting on words she’d spoken.
Glimmering light of a smile.

Gotta be ten feet quacking, flapping, floating in time.
Feathers weather the weather,
hanging, catch dreams together.
They ride on into the sky.

Grado, listening. Wires crossed, missing it.

Morning talks about a day she’ll find.
Echoing past words he’d spoken.
Whispering after a while.

Gotta be four heels clicking, ticking, tapping in time.
Gold goals, old souls with worn soles
dancing through dreams, so they’re told.
They never trace any lines.

Best not to stop the dreamers.
Best to go on with your life.
Best to worry about your own precious world,
dreamers are gonna be fine.

Sing The Moving (1/2020)

Sing The Moving (1/2020)

Days dreaming of places you’ll go
get you nowhere, you know.
We can do anything.

Somebody rent this movie reel,
pull it from the shelf.
Swear sometimes it just starts playing
when I am by myself.

I push pause and watch it.
There’s nothin’ wrong with that.
Sometimes you gotta stop the moving.

Nights gnawing on pieces of past
will slow you down so fast.
You can’t do anything.

Spin this vinyl scent,
drop the needle there.
Swear sometimes it just starts playing
and I don’t seem to care.

Leaning left, I listen
til no one’s song comes out.
That’s when you gotta sing the moving.

Couches changing colors, last week’s news on TV,
I sing when no one is listening.
Push pause and watch it over and over again.
Spinning black listening to my thoughts singing along,
next to love, til the end.

Two-Putt Hole In One (1/2020)

Two-Putt Hole In One (1/2020)

Purple stops just before it rolls into a house,
summer days in winter.

She caught fire just that side of the gate then fluttered,
more people than last year.

‘These trees, they don’t belong here,’
she sang, knocking red into a windmill.
‘They don’t know what’s going on.’

It’s just a couple of bucks,
you’d revamp the whole thing.
Just gotta fix the holes.
The guy’s look in the arcade,
blonde hair, reflecting shades, from another decade.
When was that guy from?
This place is full of characters.

Red rolled up just before it got caught in a tube.
Multipurpose putters.

He launched shots just this side of anticipation,
the first time since last year.

Seasons Swing (1/2020)

Seasons Swing (1/2020)

under me.
Live and see,
go listening.

Out of reach
on the beach.
if waves are free.

Mountains left craters,
didn’t know where to turn.
Oceans ran to rivers,
only to watch them burn.

Flying feathers fled
before the day went back to bed.
In the sand,
I just feel different.

Distance leaves
before me.
Lost at sea,
then glistening.

Silent feet
on a beach
watching these
seasons swing.

Conductor in the Caboose (1/2020)

Conductor in the Caboose (1/2020)

Two leaves danced off a tree
to get down, see what’s out there.
Tangoing, different speeds,
to build crowns, get some fresh air.

Two drops left on a train
to move on, felt all they’d seen.
Conductor, in front of rain,
sings his song, humming, ‘I know what you mean.’

Throwing more love to the fire,
melt steel and leave storms behind us.
A tired man in a cap tracks back to the caboose
and sits down for the first time in a while.
Two drops behind him.
Raindrops on railroads.
Conductor stuck under a life he’s left,
and the rain just rolls up his windshield.

Two hands twirl on a clock
to call up perspiring rays.
Dialing time ‘til it talks,
singing songs, humming, ‘to sunnier days.’

Two rails run to the west
to slow down, breathe, and feel free.
Gamboling through bad and best,
like two leaves dancing off of a tree.

Lining up, suddenly.
Dancing the same direction.

Prairie Tale (1/2020)

Prairie Tale (1/2020)

The morning in the attic,
where life pours it’s porridge into static,
sparking a flame.

The shadows in the lightning,
where warmth wins in winter when its biting,
firing up home.

Give a sign, hidden hint.
Tell no lies, force the flint.
Anyone, anywhere, could be doing anything right now,
so why don’t we climb back up to our cloud?

We were up there, before it rained.
Watched the ground somehow evaporate.
Now my nose says it’s been sunny for days,
so why don’t we climb back up to our cloud?

The music in the silence,
where sound makes it’s makers question guidance,
whispers a note.

The calm found in the stampede,
where kind gives the givers just what they need,
centered through storms.

No electricity.
Working toward the old ways.
Life cookin’ on the back left burner.
Hum, buzz, happy’s derived from darkness,
surrounded by silence, a whisper, then a smile.

Crooked Attic (1/2020)

Crooked Attic (1/2020)

Tuesday’s filled organizing the pantry in my mind.
Walked to things I’d left behind.
Sorted, sort of, thoughts bubbling
like soda in a pale paper bag.
All of the things that I once had.

I’ve never known what I’m doing
so it all feels like nothing.
Can’t put it into words, naturally?
I don’t know a thing.
Only believe what I say I know,
so I am left believing.

Life’s weird to me.
Everything I get close to seems to disappear everyday,
so I push, throw, say stay away.
I’m weird to me.

Top shelf fell to the floor of the attic in my head.
Reached for thoughts that I had said.
Bending bent things, words folded
like worn wings trying to make good time.
All of the things that I once rhymed.

I never know what I’m doing so it feels like nothing.
Believe I’ve written that before,
would have to see to know.
Suppose that’s why I’m in the pantry
trying to figure out how I do what I’m doing.
Don’t think too much about it.
I think too much about it.
It’s life, it’s weird to me.

Tiptoe Dreams (1/2020)

Tiptoe Dreams (1/2020)

Gently float around a little ball in space,
trying to have an impact.
Inspire a little taste.

Up there, watching the planets.
Down here, right about where I am.
I’ve never done some things that I can.

How could it be
that the littlest part is the most important piece?

She’s somewhere, drinking her warm wine,
never cared about the color of the sky.
I swear she used to send me poetry.
Like her life was poetry,
or it was all a dream.

Why then, not slow down a bit and win the race?
Steady hearts will move mountains,
knowing all anger is waste.

Beneath, feeling the footprints
above tiptoeing on me.
I’ve always wondered if they walked free.

She’d send me poetry,
and if it winds up that this all a dream,
then I don’t wanna wake up. I don’t wanna leave.

Coffee Stained Sunset (1/2020)

Coffee Stained Sunset (1/2020)

She’s the blinds which I turn
day and night, altering it all.

She’s the kite that I fly
wind will bite, but never break this line.

I understand it all, I really do.
Time’s a doorway I lean on,
just holding it open for you.

This warm desert winter,
sunshine shows up and leaves
to come back around again.
I’m looking up to the sky.

She’s the coffee I drink,
nice and cold, I think, I want it all.

She’s the leaves on the trees,
they will fall, but they’ll land right on me.

Always land right on me.
Understand, I really do.
Pushes and pulls, the wind it bends,
I hold on tight to my best friends.

Shoes Off, Please (1/2020)

Shoes Off, Please (1/2020)

Just a waste of space.
This thing has no use.
That thing could be anyone,
just a couple of shoes.

Such a lazy thing.
Cannot find it’s groove.
Anyone could tie that lace.
What happens when they move?

Fill ‘em, they’ve carried all this weight.
Grown older, feet feel it on the shoulders.
Walking, it’s too heavy, the wait.
Guess these were born to be movin’.

Walk on something else.
Heart ho-hums, and mind’s a little louder without her.
Suppose shoes were made for movin’.

Circles throw out time.
Never seem to leave.
Same problem, back around,
simply makes a mind grieve.

Brilliant little brain.
Come out of the dark.
No one’s out to get you.
This thing needs your smarts.

Shoes getting older.
Head to toe, the weight, plus what’s on shoulders.
Sometimes waiting gets too heavy for a head.
Shoes, worn soles, they keep on walking
through the nice and the cold days.

Wonder Out a Window (1/2020)

Wonder Out a Window (1/2020)

Grinning, spinning on a tube.
Smile and say ‘what is it with you?’
Gotta bring me with me when I move.

Slipping, tripping on the moon.
Lean in, laugh, and roll off the roof.
Something always happens when we lose.

And I can hear two songs right now.
And I’m sliding sideways while I write right now.
Scribbling on a road, headed home,
any road’ll go somewhere.
Why wouldn’t I wonder out the window?

Spray painted halo preaching to me.

Prying, flying on a dream.
Keeping happy, harder than it seems.
Gotta live some grit if we’re ever gonna gleam.

Sitting, knitting up a scene.
Still standing, changing what it means.
Gotta get together if this feeling’s gonna flee.

Preacher, spray paint halo, you don’t know
anything more than what I wonder out a window.

San Francisco Ceilings (1/2020)

San Francisco Ceilings (1/2020)

Maybe I’m just rollin’.
Maybe I’m just fine.
Maybe I’m just gettin’ older,
like this shamrock bottle of wine.

They said he was crazy.
They said he was done.
They said he was takin’ his time,
winning races he’d already won.

Tell him what time is.
Playin’ mind games.
Keep up, it’s similar to the time it was.
Whatever time it was.

San Francisco ceilings.
Please speak to me.

Couldn’t I just fly there?
Couldn’t I just be?
Couldn’t I just leave myself once
and finally run into me?

They thought he would tumble.
They thought he would burst.
They thought he was circling time,
skipping around all the worst.

Tell him what time is.
Ceilings speaking to me.
Please speak to me.
Walking around in circles,
skimming through the universe,
ceilings speaking to me.

Walking To Sleep (12/2019)

Walking To Sleep (12/2019)

In deep water, clam.
Bubbling liquid will be the beginning of us,
we thought we had what we’re after.

It seeps, calmer, slam.
Sizzling bubble bursts on the air it doesn’t trust,
we thought we knew what we were after.

Little snort, laughter to bring us back home.
Yeah, one day none of us will ever feel alone.

Barefoot, hallway, walking to sleep.
Dripping, key card, lost signal beeps.

Skipped across the surface,
tiny little mind.
Flying, drowning, slow down,
leaving time behind.

Funny Things Just Happen (12/2019)

Funny Things Just Happen (12/2019)

I got lost in fix me pills.
Pour your artwork over me.

I’ll find love in listening hills.
Pour your body over me.

Live inside. Speak to only you.
Loud outside. Hearing only truth.
Let them figure it out.

Too used to moving on.

You moved on to find outside.
Leave your frigid times behind.

You’ll spread words throughout the fire.
Leave your mark and run the wire.

Funny nothing happens.
Funny don’t do a thing.
Wild when people can’t see it.
Wonder what life will bring.
No more wasting their time,
no more doing nothing.
Funny, things just happen.

Know Telling (12/2019)

Know Telling (12/2019)

I’d like to speak my heart.
I’d like to make my art.
I’d like to find myself
so I could start to start.

Needed, arrived, and pushed to the side.
Really left my love behind.
Make up anything you’d like.

Ever since the day I lost my rock,
I’ve been struggling to find my way.
I don’t know what else to say.

Half of me slipping me,
the other side poking holes.
Scoring doesn’t do a thing
if you just sit on the mold.

I’ma kick this wheel and make it spin.
Watch the grain and focus in.
Spirals from a fingertip.
Centered, I’ll make this different.

So I don’t know where to go.
So I don’t know what to do.
It seems I can do anything, except talk to you.

I don’t know, they don’t listen.
I don’t know, they can’t feel.
I don’t know if it’s just me,
but it all seems really real.

Softened, circle rock rotates,
reeling in my eyes.
Leaning up to whisper to me,
don’t tell or live no lies.
You know telling isn’t living.

I’d say I’m happy.
I’d say I’m fine.
I’d say I’d smile a bit more
if we talked from time to time.

Wires splice, the wheel slows down.
Pull me off, it’s time to rest,
on which shelf is your best guess.

Wagging Tail (12/2019)

Wagging Tail (12/2019)

Lifted him when things weren’t right,
by his side, slept through the night.
She smiled at the break of day,
and woke him up to fade away.

Walked behind her windshield’s mist,
out to her car, carried a list.
She looked up at a window pane
and whispered, ‘you are not to blame.’

She scales her life with no harness,
brings the stars into my darkness,
we’ve got the same scars, and
I’m more than certain it’s true.

Few things he said talkin’ to a dog,
thinkin’ deliver this message.
Talking to a dog.

Tossed and turned around her bed,
By My Side rang through his head.
He sat next to a wagging tail,
regretting sending all the mail.

Gazed at him, a lasered glare.
Black and white, a crooked stare.
He got up and walked outside,
ocean eyes, continued to ride.

Whistle Humming (12/2019)

Whistle Humming (12/2019)

Sat on a suitcase, writing,
resembling different, winter weather biting.

Rode on a snowflake, painting,
assembling pigments, summer sunshine fainting.

The day, it leaves to find itself,
the night’s just looking for answers.
Owls spin watching mermaids win,
while people pretend to know what they’re doing.

We all catch up to us.
Just gotta let ourselves go.

Stood in a circus, stoking,
creating lifetimes, weekend wisdom joking.

Ran in a standstill, flying,
debating nice rhymes, season’s cycle crying.

Chased life to the tracks, hands nailed to the ground.
Train whistle humming, under her sound.
She always shows up right on time.
Owls spin looking for answers.
Sunshine left us looking somewhere else.

Raindrop Thoughts (12/2019)

Raindrop Thoughts (12/2019)

We’re just a bunch of flies.
Flies caught in a vessel flyin’ down a highway.
Maybe they’ll roll the windows down.

Space floods in and we’ll zoom out
to wonder where we are, how we got there,
whether or not we enjoyed the ride,
and if we really remember.

We’re just a bunch of insects
living in a rain drop, dropping in the sky.
Maybe they’ll save us in a bucket.

Insects, flys, flyin’ down highways to intersections.
Windows up singin’, thinkin’
we’ll be free when our worlds collide.

101, a one on one with ourselves.
Silent, thinkin’, flyin’ down the highway.
Silent, singin’, flyin’ down the sky.

Lived Lives (12/2019)

Lived Lives (12/2019)

This morning I got up and I lost my head,
I drove to the doctor to check on my leg.
Discussed if I could leave them all blind,
then felt an old feeling that I’d left behind.

This evening I’ll go out and whisper to clouds,
and hope that they listened and tell me out loud.
When I come down and open my eyes
I’ll see fifteen close calls that I have survived.

Something, nothing, it’s all everything.
What else could it be?
Think it’s make believe?

Explain to me how it seems I know I can do anything,
but never get past think without shrinking.
Maybe I’m in a dream.

Tomorrow I’ll get up and out of my bed,
and walk to the mirror to see if I’m dead.
As I realize that I am alive
I’ll feel an old feeling that I’d learned to hide.

This morning is back again, I’m still awake.
I stare at a still sky as it starts to shake.
When I scale up my whole flight of mind,
I see sixteen pasts and all my lived lives.

Storms Stumblin’ (12/2019)

Storms Stumblin’ (12/2019)

The sky cries when it needs to.
Wonder how long they’ve been falling.
Making their way way back up there,
just to fall again
when it all gets too heavy.

Storms stumble out to self reflection.
The distance finds its way to the dancing.
a little wonder, throwing beads down at the ground.

Wind wanders in to warm welcomes,
the feeling of never really leaving.
a little growing before the breeze rolls back around.

The wind blows when it’s ready.
Wonder how long ‘til we feel it.
Reeling it in, let it all go.
It comes back again
after it runs for a while.

Wind, don’t think about the weather.
Storm, come stumblin’ in.

Wandering Dreams (12/2019)

Wandering Dreams (12/2019)

The stars in her eyes hit me like constellations
falling from the sky.
Sat and wondered how it’s already December.

That same dream, she showed up to a show.
She smiled and I awoke.
Smiled when I woke up, so I’m not sure she saw it.
Funny how it all feels real.
Are dreams not part of life?
I feel like really feeling it’s real,
but maybe that’s just how I think.

So what makes anything real?
We all sleep, speak, think, and eat differently.
Act differently. Among other things.
How it seems to me at least,
but they say I am dreaming.

The stars in the sky catching a single teardrop
falling from her eye.
Sat and wondered if he would ever remember.

She’s a wandering soul’s shoes,
a ray of light in a sea of blues,
the answer to things I thought I knew,
when she walks in from the distance.

But they say I am dreaming.

Hadta Runta (12/2019)

Hadta Runta (12/2019)

Wonder how you’re doing. wonder how you are.
Apologies for the time I got pulled over in your car.

Wonder where it’s headed, wonder what’s in store.
Apologies for the time I flew into the wrong airport.

It was the strangest thing,
I could read people and I couldn’t speak.
I never knew where I was.
I’d walk all the way down my escalator
and I’d wind up above.
We knew each other well enough
to know that we weren’t us.

Wonder if you’re happy, wonder if you pout.
Apologies for the time by Kansas when I sold you out.

Wonder where we’re going, wonder how I knew.
Apologies for the living that I’ve put you through.

Too much started moving, a little too much life.
Words got stacked over in the corner of our own minds.
Hadta runta something new,
I never knew where I was going.
Wound up where I was when we met.
Figured I’d see you up ahead.
We didn’t know where we went.

Walkin’ these little lines, timelines, little lines.
Thinkin’, hopin’ these lines will wind together.
Knowin’ nobody knows me better.
Why I keep on walkin’.

Finish Lines (11/2019)

Finish Lines (11/2019)

I love your reckless,
I dig your smile.
I like the way you follow yourself,
even if it takes a while.

I love your kitchen,
I dig your eyes.
I like the way you whisper to me,
even if sometimes it’s lies.

Chase your heart, it’s racing.
Their finish line is way behind.
Nothing’s right ‘cause nothing’s left.
You went silent, I went deaf.
Chasing my heart, it’s racing ahead.

Finish lines,
to me, seem to be the last of someone’s imagination.

I love your patience.
I dig your art.
I like the way you let me go,
even when I’ll fall apart.

I love your warrior.
I dig your mind.
I like the way you sauté through life,
even when years are not kind.

Drank wine and then danced.
Wasn’t afraid to take the chance.
Lived her life by her own rules
and fought through things they don’t teach in school.
Ocean corner warrior,
I wonder how you’re doing.

Punchbowl Thoughts (11/2019)

Punchbowl Thoughts (11/2019)

He is in a dead town waiting on a train,
like sitting in the desert waiting on the rain.
Little storm to stir it all up.

He is in a lobby waiting on some joe,
like sitting in the desert waiting on the snow.
Little blanket to cool us all down.

Build a fire, get together.
Move a cloud and make new weather.
We could always make this better,
so why don’t we take our time?

He doesn’t know how he knew that, no more worries.
He doesn’t run across timelines, never hurries
and they say he’s one of a kind.
Walks alone, goes wherever he may go.
General destination, be happy.

He is on a back road, questions when it turns,
like answers on a mountain question when they’ll learn.
Takes some time, but it all winds down.

He is on a rooftop, questions what he knows,
like answers on a mountain question what’s below.
Takes some time to make it all up.

Imagination gazes down.
Stares at paper and starts a fight.
No question what’s meant to happen.
Gets some out and gets a nap in,
before he sits outside in the rain.

Think I Was Dreaming (11/2019)

Think I Was Dreaming (11/2019)

I saw death and lost my shit.
Maybe it’s heaven and I’m afraid to commit.
I found love and it disappeared.
Maybe it’s out there, but it’s sure as hell not here.

I’ve had friends who lost their minds.
Finally snapped branches with the weight of their time.
I’ve been different people it seems.
Finely diced to pieces, but somehow I still gleam.

I didn’t think I was dreaming.

Drifting while the leaves start to blow.
I really thought that was real.
Lift me up and watch me grow.
Wring it out, spill just how you feel.
Floating, it’s all part of the show.

I watched lifetimes fall too hard.
What if we’d all get along if we dropped our guard?
I spied heart, it was crystal clear.
What if it’s beat could kick away our fear?

I went out, too far inside.
Winding, I set sight for down to nowhere to hide.
I left me in a mountain town.
Why did we never listen to the circus clowns?

I didn’t think I was dreaming.
Speak and it changes.
Time takes itself fixing up this puzzle.
Laughter dims, while some things seem to linger.
I’ve seen it for years, it’s crystal clear.
I didn’t think I was dreaming.

Lessons For This (11/2019)

Lessons For This (11/2019)

Why read a book?
Someone’s ideas. Somebody made up everything,
may as well make up my own.
I guess I’ve gotten used to this, I gotta get on the road.
Three more days and I’ll be moving mountains.

Taught myself, why it’s different.
Taught or given, gifts get thrifted.
I don’t believe there are lessons for this,
not until I’m through, and look back.

Maybe I’d write it down,
how to avoid the most bizarre stuff around.
Don’t think they’d believe it.
Nobody’d believe it.
How is it so different?

Half myself, what is that?
Am I the ball? Am I the bat?
In control from different directions.
I sail, I come and I go, bare with me.
Gets windy.

Why read a book?
Somebody made up everything.
Figure it out as I go,
what other way to know for certain that I know?

Candlelit Moonlight (11/2019)

Candlelit Moonlight (11/2019)

Stuck inside a dress that doesn’t fit,
little too big on the hips.
Out back broke a slipper.
Smashed it on a sidewalk.

On a stoop, in the evening, under a street light
thinking cigarettes and wigs are gonna kill me.
What am I doing?
Where am I going, and where did she go?
Who is mistaken and who really knows?
What am I doing?

Ball gown dreamer hides behind a mask,
answering the questions he asks himself.
Wonders if everybody else is always thinking,
says he’s got it figured out.

Walked outside, a dress that screamed so loud.
Little too big of a crowd
in front, broken records.
Silence on a stairwell.

Funny where this all can take us.
Crazy how time chooses sides.
Wild how nothing could break us,
get through it and feel more alive.

Why is it all simple? What’s the hardest part?
Changing to get happy, or living out our art?
Why do I still do this? Why can’t I let go?
How is it that they don’t see what I have tried to show?

Considers all the questions he asks,
drops a dress, takes off his mask.
Tucks himself in singing,
‘I’ll wake up in the morning.’

Monk’s Roast (11/2019)

Monk’s Roast (11/2019)

I was driving, headin’ east.
She sat shotgun, sleepin’ right next to me.
I was talkin’, whispering,
She dreamed as I breathed ‘I’m pretty sure I’m in love.’

New Mexico, dirt road, we were flying.
Left the pools,
monks on mountaintops poured some coffee
and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Give it all up to follow something they’ll never see.
Listen to a guy try to play a CD.
Start the video, oh technology.
Just building all day, believing whatever they say.
Get a haircut, ring a bell, best behavior,
when the strangers arrive.
This guy only wants more money.

Got him going and we left.
Grabbed a coffee cup and a bag and got out,
before we went to watch the stars, floating.

I was hummin’, driving north.
She was waking up, yawning ‘what am I leaving for?’
We were smilin’, just one more.
She leaned in, left me knowing our lives would collide.

Windshield wipers wouldn’t work on that ride home.
That storm spilled right on my sleeve.
Space isn’t leaving,
it’s us collecting us ‘til we leave this space behind.

Imitated Tricks (10/2019)

Imitated Tricks (10/2019)

Stumbling down Houdini’s hatch,
a poor man says, ‘That’s the last time I’ll do that.
I gotta start escaping.
new century’s dancing right there in the distance.

Put me in a straitjacket.
I gotta lose these cuffs.
I’d buy the Queen’s dress,
disappear and get me out of this mess.’

Imitated tricks get trashed,
a rich man says, ‘Well, it was only one crash.
I gotta fly Down Under.
Come on, friend of mine,
leave legacy, magic flickers in the distance.

Guess I’ll ditch this prison van.
I gotta hold my breath.
I’d watch my mom smile,
vanish, hide me in Harlem for a while.’

Water-filled milk can, give me a whale.
Little more than three minutes.
You don’t believe in magic do you?
Goodbye elephant,
we can escape from it all.

‘It rang me up in Detroit,
came from a few floors above me.’

Hear It In The Writing (10/2019)

Hear It In The Writing (10/2019)

Wherever you are tonight,
I hope you’re happy.
Hope you’re filled.
If you’re not, just come my way.
I’ve got so much, I spill.

Overflowing with love.
Overflowing with things I never could get enough of.
Like it was there all along,
I just heard the same songs differently.
Suppose I listen differently.
Learn a little differently.

Shine, please.
You know I know what’s in you.
Shine, please.
When you do, it’s all I see,
and there’s too much left here to leave.

Whatever you’re doing tonight,
I hope you’re smiling.
That wherever you are, you’re good.
If you’re not, just come my way,
we’ll figure out what could.

Live wild, and so patiently.
Learned I learn things differently,
I let me get the best of me,
when I hide inside the rest of me.
Whatever you’re doing tonight.

Rooftop Manifesto (10/2019)

Rooftop Manifesto (10/2019)

Car shows in bed, she paints with diamonds, her blue.
He looks to a rooftop he once knew,
‘I’ve already proved I’ll change the manifest for you.’

Said I didn’t get those. Made him all crazy.
Said he’s a lot of things, his normal’s out a ways, see?
Ups and downs always breathe, they’re part of this.
Waves, we ride them. However you wanna say it.

Lying in bed, she sings, ‘I complain to you.’
Remembering rooftops, before blues.
‘I’ve said this already, it’s like it doesn’t get through.’

Said I didn’t get that. Made her all crazy.
Said she’s a lot of things, but she is not a phase to me.
Leaves know roots breathe, so they drop to them.
Trees, we climb them. However you wanna say it.

Twisting ‘til changed weather.
They ran until they flew together.
They flipped the scene when it unreeled.
They found the things they couldn’t steal.

Dancing like doorstops, kicked skipping hopscotch.
Winding down the straight and narrow,
she hit his heart with her love’s arrow.

Rooftops echoed with smiles that they missed.
Sunrise simmering for years,
the day’s yearning to begin.

How You’re Doing (10/2019)

How You’re Doing (10/2019)

Battery’s dead, but they’re dreaming.
Talking about pumps and drugs with a best friend,
It had been too long since I talked to him.

Warranty’s good and I’m gleaming.
Lobbies and passing by people, on the phone.
It’d been too long since we talked like that.

Look at you not lookin’ at the grapes.
Look at her not lookin’ this way.
A call and a come back,
when you’re rested and ready.
Never in too deep, this seat is always waiting.

Just calling to see how you’re doing.

Somewhere Midwest, but a signal.
Wrote about albums and love with a best friend.
Think it’s been too long since I talked to her.

Somewhere between gold and purple.
I hope you’re smiling at the phone.
Wonder how long ‘til we talk like that.

Look at you not lookin’ at the grapes.
Look at her not lookin’ this way.
A call and a come back,
when you’re rested and ready.
Never in too deep, this seat is always waiting.

Just calling to see how you’re doing.
I think who you are is amazing.
What if one of these days
we just went back a few years?
What if,
one of these days.

Bring The Ocean (10/2019)

Bring The Ocean (10/2019)

Rippling, crashing like clouds to the ground.
Doesn’t recall if he really said that out loud.
Patience, like praying for a tide’s return.
Doesn’t recall if he really said that to her.
Come on, bring the ocean.

The wind blows blues out of order.
Tell him he’s crazy, he adores her.
She’s a tidal wave, changing it all out at sea.
Building up love, to demolish me.

Tumbling, softly like thoughts against wind.
Doesn’t recall if she really said that to him.
Loyal, like evening at the end of the day.
Doesn’t recall if she really said it that way.
Come on, bring the ocean.

The wave moves moods, a blue sky swims.
Tell her she’s lost it, no one’s like him.
He’s a cycling storm, drafting out soul in the breeze.
Stirring up love, to overwhelm me.

Soulful little bird singing on a shoulder
sings come back, sings come back, sings come back.
Sings won’t you listen to me?
Young man, tired, out standing on a beach.
Wind and waves like ocean and sand.
He doesn’t say a thing.
come on, demolish me.

Drip Castle (10/2019)

Drip Castle (10/2019)

He’d run until he ran out of land,
thinking, ‘maybe find me a mermaid.’
What he’d let slip away,
dripping through his hand
above the beach, down into a castle.

Sitting on the sand, eight feet east of the coastline.
Why do I stare at the crashing?
Why do I wander at night?
Why do I believe that these waves are listening?

Glimmer on the ocean, moon deflecting light.
Twinkle in the distance, the sparkle in her eyes.

As bright as the stars, and as out there as ever.

She’d go until she’d gone twice around,
singing, ‘come on, find me a calm shore.’
What she’d once hoped, for more,
swashing through her hands
beneath the beach, up into a castle.

Staring at the sand, little ways west of the coastline.
Why do I live in the crashing?
Why do I call out at night?
Why do I believe that those flames are listening?

Flicker on the foam’s edge, crackling little coal.
A fire where the tide ends, the warmth inside his soul.

As bright as the stars, and as out there as ever.

Others say it’s burned-out.
Others say she’s out there.

One Foot Tango (10/2019)

One Foot Tango (10/2019)

They’re on the road, he’s off his feet.
He spends his day preparing feasts that he’ll survive off
for a little bit less than a week.

Choppin’, he’s cookin’, bastin’, wastin’ no time,
hearing Hallelujah.
Got all day to go nowhere.
Hoppin’, he’s hurtin’, bakin’, makin’ good time,
humming Aphrodite.
Too many days to do nothin’.

Sips on coffee pots and thinks, he should stop.
Got to, gotta sit still, wanna rock.
Haul it all over this hill one last time,
come on, join the circus.

When are you coming back?
Come on. Join our circus.

Flippin’, he’s laughin’, grillin’, filled it with love,
singing Apollo’s song.
Got all day to get there now.
Drippin’, he’s waitin’, willin’, spilled it with love.
Humming Lioness Wright.
Too many days to remember.

It’s still out there, he’s off his feet.
He spends his day preparing things so he can lie down
for a little bit more than a week.

Just Enough (10/2019)

Just Enough (10/2019)

He was watching from the corner,
thinkin’, ‘I don’t have enough.’
She was dancing like she used to.
Singin’, ‘boy, you’re way too much.’

She was dancing by the bad door.
Singin’, ‘I’ve got way too much.’
He was watching like he used to.
Thinkin’, ‘love, you’re just enough.’

Belting movie tunes just before Halloween.
They wonder if they remember,
knowing they’ll always understand.

Roaring, making moves.
Please act as though you never knew.
Quiet, napalm news he’d previously received,
so he understood what was happening.

He was floating in her freedom,
thinkin’, ‘I don’t have a clue.’
She was jumping on an old bed
singin’, ‘boy, you know it’s you.’

She was living like a rebel
singin’, ‘what happened to you?’
He was writing on an old bed
thinkin’, ‘love, I left the clues.’

Worn, but built with patience to barrel past anything.
Desert, midwest, mazes, phases, following, falling,
or chasing every dream, or everything it seems.
They’ll always understand.

Eyes Were Gleamin’ (10/2019)

Eyes Were Gleamin’ (10/2019)

Her old song’s thoughts falling from his speaker,
sounding a lot like his.
He stood out
on a balcony,
speaking with the stars again,
feeling like last night they listened.

Wondering, scribbling
when it shook like back in the day,
tune-box dropped keep your head up,
like they listened.
A little congratulations meant the world.
So out of the blue and always on time.

And he smiled.

Speaks to the sky at night,
thinks things only get dark so that we can know light.
Take care of a kind soul, the world’s bravest knight,
and help me to get where we’re going.

Accent man’s life fell out of a speaker,
feeling a lot like his,
he stood up
on a balcony.
Speaking with the stars again,
feeling like last night they listened.

Patiently living. Always forgiving.
They don’t lose it, they leave it up ahead.
Standing outside to speak to some stars before bed,
feeling like last night they listened.
She’s always right on time,
so he still holds belief.
They’ll get what they need.

Life to Dead (10/2019)

Life to Dead (10/2019)

It flowed, you must’ve known that.
That sort of wisdom, those stories
will send ripples ‘til the end of time,
down a southwest road, into souls,
up into a still standing palace.

We arrived on the same day, forty-four years apart.
Hope to be half as wise, hope to be half as smart.
Soundtrack to a tribe of generations of lives,
free folks seeking out a little bit more.

Few fingers and a soulful sound singing,
scaling your words,
bringing the dead to life.
Up and fly away.

High time’s singing about me right now.
Stellar, blue and he’s gone.
Cup of cold coffee, honest man, the way she shines.
Getting us home where we belong.

Summer homes, stations, Cherise.
Eyes, inspiration, artwork mandolins.
Brought the dead to life,
brought soul some context
and I still have so much time to hear your story.

To me, at the very least, it flowed.
I got up and wandered.

Fox and Kids (9/2019)

Fox and Kids (9/2019)

When speaking of the world,
children are ill. Must be. Brains be sick, they’re crazy.
Oh, but it comes to the bodies, they gotta know
right and wrong. The adults are sick, they’re crazy.
They land on both sides,
too little to know and old enough to decide
at the same time.
Which is it?
She’s brilliant.
No mistakes, it’s yours now.
Watch out.

Trying to save this place,
grown-up plastic face.
TV talkers. Contradictors.
Knock her down when you should lift her.

Funny, little soul crushing demon’s dreams, a walk out.
Look at all these people
standing on the street.
Everything has an impact
and everyone thinks they know.
How could they know that it’s ‘nothing’?

This thing’s melting.
Burn both ends of the candle for right now.
Seems to you, your time’s the only time.
Have you ever stopped for a second
to sit and consider tomorrow?

You read what’s written on a screen, do you think?
Trees breathe, like life leaves.

Use Your Smile (9/2019)

Use Your Smile (9/2019)

Hide the flood, flip the feeling.
Sail a thought, it’s so appealing.
Fingers-crossed our roads collide,
cause I could use your smile on this lifelike ride.

Snap the snail, wind on windows.
Hark, a dream, drag innuendoes.
We’ll just rest our souls for a while,
I could use your smile if you ever get the time.

Bring it all back, down the line.
Tell me with time these roads collide.
You get gold. Do you get free?
Green glass fantasies and bourgeoisie.

Old man, mustard bottle, got me every time.
Dinger, dinner, hockey talks, before I lost my mind.
Wishing right now, I never took that trip.
Now time, like sand, it slowly drips.

I sat outside, because I could tonight.
We sang over a bridge.

What Fall? (9/2019)

What Fall? (9/2019)

Step back, watch your head.
Step up, fresh paint man.
I can’t even say how I got here.

Connected me and
knocked myself out.
I believe I can feel now.
Little less thinking, it’s real now.
I wonder what happens next.

Let lost live behind me.
Make missed, maybe, find me.
I’m taking time to climb me,
but I don’t know how I’m doing this.

Yeah, fresh paint. Connected.
Uncertain how this happened.

Relax, rest your head.
Real life. Mailbox, man.
How am I still twirling in this dance?

If nothing’s wrong, I’m losing it.

Step back.
Watch your head.

A Head and Behind (9/2019)

A Head and Behind (9/2019)

Finding pain-free isn’t easy.
Jogging out of me, isn’t easy.
Maybe I’m ahead of myself.
Can’t let me get ahead of myself,
I’d leave so much behind.

Hit me, give me all you got.
I already know a million things it’s not.
So, hit me.

Fix me quickly,
I gotta go.
I can’t carry on like this
and I can see the road.

Fix me swiftly,
tell me you know.
If I spend my days like this,
I’ll never strut my road.

Two hundred percent to hit half speed.
I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just saying you’re wrong.
A whole day spent getting to the table.
Seems five months is way too long.

When I get ahead of myself, I leave so much behind.

Sunsets (8/2019)

Sunsets (8/2019)

A sea foam background from his dreams.
Softened smile whispers just before it gleams.
I’ll wreck this from the start.
Little piece of why this whole thing’s art.
One thing that won’t be true, even if you mean it.

Say they, say they, they don’t know.
Wish for, wish for tomorrow.
Storms and sunshine come and go,
while some things seem to stay.

Wide-eyed, I don’t know.
Why’d I? I don’t know.

Maybe, lost in love.
Or, lost between too much and nothing’s ever enough.
Funny how we let these things erupt
into laughing about it later,
while we watch the rain.

A free form background, where he’s been.
Tired teeth whisper, a matter of when.
Can’t wreck a humble heart.
Little piece of why this whole thing’s art.
One thing that’s always true, even if you meant it.

What if, what if, they don’t know.
I will, I will tomorrow.
Watching sunsets start to glow,
while distance seems to fade.

Wide-eyed, I don’t know.
Why’d I? I don’t know.

Align (9/2019)

Align (9/2019)

‘Don’t need a briefcase
or a fancy suit to spew some truth’,
an old soul said, ‘don’t let you get the best of you.’
I don’t know where I went,
but I’m pretty sure I’ve been here.
Yeah, I believe I’ve been here.
I fear yesterday’s moved on.
Yeah, I can see yesterday’s moved on.
I’d like to scream, but I’d rather not say it.

See it on the rooftop.
Pass me like a train stop.
It’s all fast forward in slow motion.
Man, I know that feeling,
I swam through that emotion.

Rooftops, walking past me.
Am I far behind?
All this time as everything,
a mystery painted line.

Knew it like a good night.
Through me like a stoplight.
It’s all fast forward in slow motion.
Man, I know that thinking.
I sank in that same ocean.

Good night, come on back to me.
Are you far behind?
On those pages, everything.
In time, this will align.

Hear me on a highway.
Spread me on a roll.
When does life ever slow down?
That woman gets my soul.

Find me in an ocean.
Leave me on a wave.
What if nothing ever went wrong
and everything just stayed?

All that crashing. Finally settled our toes in the sand.
Need it all like water, I suppose.
If anything’s to grow.

Polishing Stars (8/2019)

Polishing Stars (8/2019)

Been hearing ‘some day’ my whole life now,
and watching stars from afar for a while now.
Been thinking about some day,
a year, and maybe never.

Walkin’, thinkin’ about what I thought at the time.
Strollin’ past strangers.
Wasn’t really listening,
someone said it’s just after Saturday.
Someone said the beginning, someone said the end.
Something about a cord’s day,
but I wasn’t really listening.
Was thinking about some day.
What if it’s always been some day?

Without sleep, we make no memories.
Forget time, we’ve always got all day.
A star called me, in the most nervous way, in the winter.
Don’t know what else to say.
I guess we’ve got all day.

Little star crawlin’, lookin’ to find itself.
Little star, fall in. Put you on the top shelf.
I’ll aim to not misplace me again.
Find us in outer space again.

We can’t be late for the future.
I’m sure I’m wrong, but you know I’m right.
Tail back to the brightness you were,
with all these lessons you’ve learned,
cause I’m not gone and I’ve got all night.
And, I’m sure I’m wrong, but you know I’m right.
Why ever wait for some day?
Why ever let it get to never?
It’ll shine and stay.

Not Forgetting (8/2019)

Not Forgetting (8/2019)

Flippity, drippity, skipping me, stop.
Thinking then blinking then shrinking that thought.

Freaking out, speaking out, leaking what’s clear.
Churning then learning then burning all fear.

Staring down at the line between reason and rhyme.
Giving another person another piece of our time.
Walking a whole life, never reading a book,
penning your own, though constantly shook.

I lay me out to dry and wonder what I’m sweating.
I prayed once and must’ve been misunderstood.
Could’ve sworn that’s not what I asked for.
Come to think of it, I never asked for anything.
I say I’d pray again one day,
she’d stay, we’d stroll on all the beaches.
I lay me out and hope I’m not forgetting.

Sqwuakity, talkity, watch us grow old.
Writing this, fighting this blight-singing soul.

Sanctity, pranks on me, thanks to my luck.
Worry me, hurry me, don’t give a fuck.

Pray to myself and misunderstand what I say.
My anchor’s out there leaving, feel it’s floating away.
It was all coming together and bursting apart.
Skipping, circles inside my mind
and all they saw was art.

Later on, when the suns show their faces,
I’ll go walk outside to stop inside pacing.
Probably wish it was still around –
a smile not seen in a while, back on the ground,
I’ll lay me out tonight and hope I don’t forget it.

Boy Listen (8/2019)

Boy Listen (8/2019)

Boy, don’t you know where I’ve been?
Where I come from? What I’ve done and seen?
Why do you stick around?
Boy, are you make believe?

I’ll be the heart and the brain.
Be the body.
Do the speaking.

I’ll be the wind and the rain,
and the leaves.
I will take the beating.

Honestly not sure if I measure up.
Eyes cinched so tight, and breathe.
I hum a song inside my mind
and I attempt to leave.

Hibernate in caves
in the summer
in the center
of the city.
Pace around in waves.
It’s the summer.
there’s no sinning,
it’s all just part of living.

I’ll be the heart and the brain, I’ll take the beating.
Be the body. Please, please do the speaking.
Pace around in caves, hibernate in waves.
Seal my eyes and knead my nerves.
I see her shadow, hear it’s curves
whispering, when will you learn?
When will you ever listen?

Bounce Back (8/2019)

Bounce Back (8/2019)

I’m so good at walking. Walking’s what I do.
When I need to stretch my thoughts,
footprints make them move.

I’m so good at falling. Falling’s what I do.
When I find my mind is strong,
my face hits my shoes.

Another bounce back.
A float with a best friend.
Another breath to free what’s been inside of me.
A chance to see those eyes dancing again.
I am not rebelling. I am done surviving.
I know there’s no telling, I am just alive and
I’m looking for answers.
Another bounce back.

I’m so good at crawling. Crawling’s what I do.
Time, it likes to pummel me,
so I strut two by two.

I’m so good at flying. Flying’s what I do.
Earth’s not built for hearts like this,
I fly past the moon.

Always here, no matter when.
Did you get the thought I sent?
Did you hear the thought I heard?
Will you listen for the words meant for you?
I’m not lost again.

This Grey Shirt (8/2019)

This Grey Shirt (8/2019)

Crossword on a shirt on the center of my chest,
softest letters that I’ve ever felt.
Swirling abbreviations with fingertips
my memory lands on a face
and the spot on the corner for coffee place.
Alley talks with grace.
Some of my favorite days.
Important, anyway.

The smile she’d send
was a sunrise heaven bent.
In time, I’ll touch that sunrise again,
one day in the present tense.
Before things got so complicated.
Threw my mind to the wolves,
no wonder they never ate it.

Bring me little balls of joy.
Fix me up, I’ll kick these toys.
I’ll run around with nothing wrong.
I’ll finish writing my life’s song.
Doing what’s gotta get done.
I don’t think I’ll ever feel I’ve won,
and it seems every day I’ve just begun.

Deep distant stare.
Cake crumb black hair.
Keeping me balanced, while I’m walking on air.
It’s all silence.

Wise, warrior, queen.
Back porch, piece of work, dream.
Most beautiful painting that I’ve ever seen.
Full of silence.

Put pens down to circle words on my chest.
Paint chipped picnic table, murals, out west.
Important, anyway.
Alley talks with grace.
Nothing like the rest.

Thoughts Calling Kettle (8/2019)

Thoughts Calling Kettle (8/2019)

Stumbles around this world.
Stumbling on his words
Mumbling, never make it.

Half unwound and so tongue tied.
That way too fast or rewind so there’s never time.
Stewing up a home cooked lie
becomes so much, becomes goodbye.
Too many little things have lids rattling, pull it.
Peel the pressure or bubble then boil over.

I wring me out.
You ring me up.
By now we know, to rebegin
starts with owning where we’ve sinned.
Or, I guess that’s what they call it.
I’d say missed.
I never liked that philosophy.
Maybe it’s just learning or
being ourselves at the time.
Maybe the art of life.
Forever’s as long as we make it
I never had a bad day that I didn’t get through.

Finding some truth in this.
Without breaks, there’s no bliss.
Shatter ourselves to pick all our favorite pieces,
so we can keep them
for when we’ve had enough,
decide to build us back up.

He told her soul would save the day.
He told her so.
She sang she’d lend him her skin.
Now look at this all, it’s all back again.
Laugh at the thought of this worn too thin.
Decades eventually bend back to grins
and we’ve always had more than we needed.
Oh yeah. It’s coming back again.
It’s all about coming back again.
Maybe the art of life.
Forever’s as long as we make it.

Tunnel Visions (8/2019)

Tunnel Visions (8/2019)

If I’m still alive, I’ll live forever.
I’ve seen things they’ll never see,
things that must be make believe.
I’ve been you, not liking me and so I changed.
Apologies for the rain.

If I get my legs back, I’ll go running.
Twisted my head on to see what’s coming.
Honestly, feel I will fly.

Oh, I see a pretty little light down there
and I pray it’s not another train.
When I get my legs back, tell me no more pain.

Swinging inside, wishing I was walking.
The more you get, the more you can lose.
It seems right now that I can’t move.
Wishing I was walking.
Writing isn’t talking.

If I’m still alive, I’ll live forever.
I’ve been places no one knows,
places where there is no home.
I’ve been you, coming unsewn and so I changed.
Apologies for the rain.

Wishing I was walking.
I see a pretty little light down there.
Maybe just walking my way.
Apologies for the rain.



Lady, you promised me
that you’d sound both before I leave.
Left me walking in circles.

Left’s not right. We learn that at the beginning.
‘She did one twice
and two lefts don’t make a right. Right?’
Now the doctor’s seeing double.
I’m walking into more months of trouble.
Don’t often complain, but what were you doing?
There were like five of you. Someone get a clue,
lose your horse, or listen.

PhDs hang up on me.
PhDs, they just cleave me.
They went to school for so many years,
they’re too smart to believe me.

He said, ‘they’re only helping.’
I said, ‘they’ve got me thinking
and I think they’re making me crazy.’
Enough with too much thinking.
Believe me.

I am not that crazy.
I am not insane.
I just listened to your advice
and then I lost my brain.
I am fine, just trust my gut,
the littlest bit was way too much.

PhDs can’t perceive me.
PhDs just unweave me.
They went to school for so many years,
that they’re too smart to believe me.

lady, You promised me
that you’d sound both before I leave.
You left me walking in circles.

Justa Moment, Zombies (8/2019)

Justa Moment, Zombies (8/2019)

He swore everything was leaving.
He was crawling in a shell on the beach
with everything still within reach.

He wrote ‘float the day’.
Sat on his hands so he wouldn’t say
he still had only love.

He said he should go away.
Paced in his shell so he wouldn’t say
how much he really missed it.

People said, ‘he’s fine.’
like they could read his mind.
He couldn’t write out his mind.
Nobody could right his mind.
He was tired and he tried not to hide,
but he wandered within him, lost somewhere.
Dying to be outside.

He spoke crazy truth.
Sang don’t let silence get the best of you.
Gotta speak from your heart.
Those things aren’t the rest of you.
The way you dance through life is art.
He prays for a day when this can really start.
You’ve got the biggest palette.

He recalls backyards, best friends.
A friends friend, his friend, talking
about zombies on Klonopin. She said
they crawled hidden inside shells of themselves.
Those words, like a mirror for him.
Shook, fell and cracked.
Those words walked into a mirror.

Like it never happened, but everything was gone.
Didn’t know how it all happened,
only knew why it went wrong.

Piece of reflection, scattered in sand.

He felt calm tonight.
Sat on his hands so he would speak and
never have to write it out.

Quiet time tonight.
Sat on his hands with too much to say, but
he got himself all figured out.

Wrote ‘light’s back on, mind is fine.
When I get my legs, I’ll outrun time.’

Part of Life Blues (8/2019)

Part of Life Blues (8/2019)

I had a best friend.
His knuckles read ‘snug life’.
He lived three lifetimes hopping trains
and marrying ex-wives.

I had a best friend.
Robot painted on his side.
His brilliance brought home happiness,
told me, ‘Man, don’t ever hide.’

Maybe just to celebrate or
a little prick to steal some pain.
Ever since the day I called,
well, I ain’t been the same.
Can’t say I’ve been the same.

Preaching ‘it’s just part of life’,
I know they would never trade me.
Couldn’t make it up, but it makes me.
Wouldn’t make it if we traded.
Sometimes nothing really seems that fair
sometimes I feel I don’t breathe the same air.

Well, I had a best friend.
Poured his soul out for three dimes.
He said, ‘we can do anything.’
and he lived that all the time.

Yeah. I had a best friend,
too smart for his own mind.
I rang him up to yell happy birthday
about four hours after he died.

Preaching ‘it’s just part of life.’
Tiny little prick to steal away some pain.
Ever since the day I called,
well, I ain’t been the same.
Can’t say I’ve been the same.

Seeking Through Static (8/2019)

Seeking Through Static (8/2019)

Stars circle around us
‘til they run out of space.
Hit walls before ground,
and set sail at a steadier pace.

Tell me I’m not getting any younger,
or a lot more that I’ve never known.
Tell me I’m a fool to always wonder,
or something else I’ve never been told.

Tell me that I don’t know what I’m doing,
or anything that never crossed my mind.
Tell me that I’m crazy for not snoozing,
or something else that wastes my time.

Stars hurdle the ground
until they fall on their face.
Burn out, then come down
and stumble in with familiar grace.

Discover it all as we go.
Everything I learned today,
was a few things that my radio played.
Stars come down and find their place.

Turning dials for a while,
seeking more than static.
My mind’s on a star and I can’t get any signal.
Like there’s a heart up in my attic.
We’re never far from where we could be going.
Watching the FM spin again.
Two stars timelapse down a dirt road.
Seeking more than static.

Doesn’t Matter When (8/2019)

Doesn’t Matter When (8/2019)

Flip through, skipping clippings of my thoughts
like an old magazine,
Skipped through, flipping clippings as I thought,
‘I mean, yeah. That’s a thing.
Yeah, that’s still a thing.’
Is it still thinking if I know it?

What if we sometimes slowed down to breathe?
When did I get so removed from me?
What if we never lowered our sails?
When did I find my way way off the rails?

How’d I, while crawling, climb my way back?
Why did I fall so far off this track?
How’d we rewind to fighting ourselves?
How’d we calm angels living in hell?

I’ll still always answer.

They see you differently than I do.
I didn’t find me just for you.
We’re so different
in exactly the same ways.
Don’t they know what we say to ourselves?

While we’re talking about this,
can we talk about something else?
Silence hangs in a frame above a top shelf.
I don’t care when.
Meet me at Sky Harbor or up around the bend,
when it all feels like trying to get back
to a place that you’ve never been.

Understand the Ocean (7/2019)

Understand the Ocean (7/2019)

the sand between my toes understands
the notion that tides will come and go.
I know shallow water leads to somewhere
someone’s already been.

salt drapes my eyes.
it all feels so different.
gotta get way out there to leave my feet.
if I’m meant to leave my feet.
gotta get way out there.

tipping, whimsical waves
tell tales of lives, time and crashing.
I know shallow water leads to something
everybody’s seen.

good right here, shut my eyes,
I must be facing the sky, I’m floating.
ripples in the sand felt my fingers
and my eye shadows aren’t leaving –
now I’m up thinking.
watching waves crash in my world.
from here I can see that we’ll weather this storm.
tides, like time and distance,
have my heart thirsty for a little bit more.

ask plenty of questions
and I’ll understand the ocean.
give answers time.
I stood on the sand and stared at the sky.

Splashing Underground (7/2019)

Splashing Underground (7/2019)

Purple lightning snapped above a desolate town.
She sang quiet’s all I needed like she knew me.
Tilt my head up as I’m tailing down.
Closing my eyes as I splash through the ground.

Little dark and dirty down here.
Scary. Single little light spinning in the distance.
Think this thing’s still floating.

Darkness breeds beauty, I suppose.
Balance, for me, the great unknown,
but I think I’m getting used to it.
Send a smile, a song,
a signal, what you’re thinking.
No sinking.

She flipped and fell
into a hole that only a star would stumble upon.
I wrote my thoughts out years before I had them.

Living life in the wake, watching over.
Saw a sailboat sitting in the stars the other evening.
What if everything matters?
Lighthouse, lonely, but saving some days.
Fragile, still standing to help them find our way.

Orchids grew right on the sky Thursday night.
Maybe she knew we were watching.
Spinning in the distance,
to help us find our way.

That That’s Mine (7/2019)

That That’s Mine (7/2019)

Truck, Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
All of these thanks, they’re written for you.

Truck, Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
All these mistakes, they weren’t aimed at you.

I could’ve found deep love.
I could’ve chased fame.
With all this time waiting
for them to call my name.

Instead, I’m left sitting in the corner.
My arms on these arms,
thinking while my cup gets warm
where I can see it.
She’s still my favorite scenery
and I’m smarter than myself.
Just not sure that that’s mine.

Truck, Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
I really sank, but not ‘cause of you.

Truck. Shark, Shank.
Chalk, Chai, Chük.
I really braked, stopped my traffic for you.

I could’ve found balance.
I could’ve faced change.
With all this time waiting
for them to call my name.

Single File (7/2019)

Single File (7/2019)

Figure eight, my mind.
Configuring my time
for myself and all my other crimes.
We walk in single file to hide our numbers.

Carve our own roads for a while
and hope that they collide.
In time, on our own. Happy.
Highway, side by side.

Time’s just… hard to explain,
it’s always there, somewhere,
but it usually doesn’t matter.
Everything could be gone right now
and still, people complain.
I’ve never really worried
about how long anything takes
and I’ve always felt we’d make it.

The things we want, or need, leave
and we’re left with what we make of us.
I belong in the circus
or an old shack by the sea.

Deviate for fun.
Re-create or run
inside to see what develops.
We walk in single file to hide our numbers.

Silence speaks and sometimes I understand it.

Newark Shuffle (7/2019)

Newark Shuffle (7/2019)

Shadows on the fog left me wondering.
Two feet outside my door,
just not ready to go in.

They’re leaving the center
of a shitty motel with plastic bags in their hands.
A carton of eggs, maybe.
Maybe I’m not ready to be.

Think I just waved to a stranger.
Think I just found my old smile.
Think I am living in circles.
Think I am losing my rhyme.

Silence when it rains leaves me wondering.
Two feet inside, I snore,
just not ready for leaving.

They fade on the inside.
If I get down, I can see two knees under a door.
A carton of blues, maybe.
Maybe they’re not ready for me.

Think I just waved to a stranger.
Think I just thought, ‘it’s my friend.’
Think I am walking a straight line.
Think I am what I intend.

Broken down near a city that I broke down in.
Couldn’t have lived through how it seemed.
Strung out lifetimes shuffle through a parking lot.
What I watch now was never a dream.

They’re so far gone.
They’re like an old song.
They shuffle ‘til dawn.
They shuffle and struggle, can’t leave.
Mental movie reels shot from the corner, by me.

Quiet (7/2019)

Quiet (7/2019)

Put on these ears, go out back to my own world.
Beautiful quiet here.

Bouncing down an old dirty road,
in my mind sang, ‘here we go.’
I was gone, it was on.
We were walking.

I swear I stopped to tie my shoe
and I jumped on my shoulders too.
So much weight, just wait
‘til you fall right off of you.

Leaning out a rear view window,
ears off just to hear, ‘let go.’
Couldn’t hide, couldn’t lie.
I was flying.

It was really dark.
Feeling just like an old song.
I was crawling
and they saw ‘nothing’s wrong.’

Put on these ears and hide out back.
Put on these ears and stay on track.
Put on these ears and take your time.
The wonderful quiet I hear.

Reconsider Walk (7/2019)

Reconsider Walk (7/2019)

Diving off stars, to float toward the night.
A walk to the corner to pick up a bite.
Writing in cans and passing the turn.
Finding a signal and losing my words.

Soaring past people, leaving no one behind.
Running on coffee and shaking with time.
Calling up friends and asking, ‘hello?’
Seeking out comfort in somewhere unknown.

The ceiling was sweating the other evening.
I saw people moving to my day.
Photographer didn’t capture a thing,
reeling me in, leading me to reconsider.
I still can’t shake that picture.

Shining with silence when its all too loud.
Feeling uncertain when part of the crowd.
Digging deep holes, but having some fun.
Hearing no nonsense while speaking in tongues.

Looking for distance in everything here.
Laughing at crazy while dancing in clear.
Thinking of laughter and missing a smile.
All of these people, they’re not quite my style.

I can’t shake that picture.
I can’t shake those words.
I can’t shake the things I said.
I hope nobody heard.
Reeling me in, leading me to reconsider.

Leaves Land Near (7/2019)

Leaves Land Near (7/2019)

She liked rock n roll,
he brought her broken vinyl.
He got spun, lumped in with two he despised.
Saw a shadow in a mirror and said monster
as he fell right out of himself.

He’s never really given it much mind.
If it makes you happy, do it.
He gets it. It’s fine.
Just needs his people happy.
How’s it goin’?
Just need my people happy.
If it doesn’t, don’t.

Searching for a new way to get it all out,
rather than falling. Discovers slow and steady.
He finds him once everyone else is up and ready.
He always found himself on a different timeline,
never knowing if he was ahead or behind.
Always hoping that she’s right behind him.

Peels the puffs and puts them aside for later.
Built so tough, like nothing could ever phase her.
Little orange fingers and popping on a plane.
Bring it down,
she’s falling asleep in the backseat
or she’s afraid to speak.

He liked rock n roll.
She thought, he’s broken records.
She got spun around the chaos he played her.
Saw a shell. Crawling man who used to run free.
Stormed right out of that world.
Insanity heard and seen.

Peels the puffs and puts them aside for later.
How much of that was a dream?
She brought the book
and then she cut the scene.

Crackhead in a Pantry (7/2019)

Crackhead in a Pantry (7/2019)

Pull two barrels when I call you out.
Maybe too open. I said honestly, you’re a clown.
Did I get in your head? Whaddya say?
Ha ha ha, who went away?
Look at you, your eyes gone astray.
You put those barrels three inches from my face.
What are you insane? I woulda lost my brain.

You’re fucking crazy, I am love
and I’m the only thing I’ve ever been afraid of.

My pockets were full of danger,
they saw stop sign eyes and they thought, anger.
Pigs then put them down,
they let me go,
sidekicks kicked in, said it’s all inside.
As they cut across the lawn,
we got in the getaway car
straight up to the basement to hide.

Thinking back, we didn’t know anything yet.
Smoke and sun may make my eyes seem upset.
We’re so young. So much fun. Really? A gun?
Don’t mess with me, you’ll wind up feeling bad.
Probably running away.
Outsmart you,
and I’ve got happy even when I lose it.

In The Wake (7/2019)

In The Wake (7/2019)

I discovered how I work.
I’ve always known how you operate.
Uncovered how I work.
Waste no time when you take aim.

I fall and I rise
and I’m done looking for problems.
Uncovering how I work.

My head leaves me, it heads to space.
Leaves me left with my body
left to pick up the pace.

I’d never been me until recently.
Suddenly, here I am.
My thoughts were dripping from a stereo.
Mind sharpened, lacking no material.
Recently, here I am.
I don’t know that I’ve never been scared,
I just know that I’ve already been there.

Monster. Dead, but breathing.
Now I’ve been every single thing
that I never wanna be.
I hope nobody listened to me.

My head left me,
humming pick up the pace.
Suddenly, here I am.
I don’t remember at all.

Wastes no time when she takes aim.
Sense common sense becoming uncommon.
She set me ablaze with her winter call.
In the wake of a tidal wave
that I don’t remember at all.

Apollo’s Song (6/2019)

Apollo’s Song (6/2019)

That evening, silent noise. Too much thinking.
Built a surfboard and headed out to sea.
It was gone the following morning.
If I hadn’t lost my mind, I think it’d be by my side.

Disconnected. In the sky.

Heard it in the songs that had been sent.
As Apollo said, whatever I do.
You’ve already done it all and I’m still here.
The sun’s always up there, somewhere.

That morning, leaving feeling crazy.
Brought a surfboard and walked right out to see
what else was breathing that evening.
If I hadn’t learned to fly, I think it’d be my side.

Disconnected. Up so high.
Remember that goodbye?

It was in the songs that had been sent.
It was in the time that had been spent.
As Apollo said, whatever I do.
Like I always said, I listen to you.
You’ve been gone, done it all and I’m still here.
Just walked back from it all and you’re not near.
The sun always hides, somewhere.
It’ll come. Time, it’s always cared.

Whatever I do,
take my wings and soar on back to you.
Control the sky.
Songs you sang, no written goodbyes.
One day do what hasn’t been done yet.
No more thinking like 9th and Lafayette.
I was so low and I was so high.
And we fell so hard, but we touched the sky.

Feathers burn, fall down, be a friend.
Hope that you’re flying again.
Saved a life and disappeared.
I’m not there, but always here.

Ink Into Oceans (6/2019)

Ink Into Oceans (6/2019)

Concept falls like flowers.
In our own world now.
What if we showed love before it’s too late?
Old deep love worn down, let fray to waste.
Stumble out with grace.
Leak it, speak it.
Spill it all somewhere and fill yourself up again
with whatever you’d like.

Love, you only knew how to send it out.
Love, you couldn’t ever feel it.
Spill it, fill it up with whatever you’re feeling.

Sat outside a small town hotel to write
about idols, in neutral, leaving too early again.
When is this all gonna end?
Stigma, best not to talk about it.
I’ll still always listen.

Ink into oceans,
it’s this same pen and book.
It’s tears and rain ruining pages
my tapping toes making strangers look.
Outside a cheap hotel in a decent midwest town.

Snow on the pines, like your music on my mind.
Speaking, souling, soaring, so high,
scatting your thoughts like they are mine.
Out of the blue, out of control, always on time,
saw you all over the place and
saw it from so far away.

Little ball of fire bouncing
higher, on the later stages of life.
Not even the later, only the stages.
The leaving left us all feeling.
One soul’s the soundtrack to so many lives.

You could’ve spilled it all,
don’t you see us all now?
Nothing’s ever broken.
People, stop leaving so early.
Demons, leave people alone.

Ten Feet (6/2019)

Ten Feet (6/2019)

Do we take enough time to breathe?
Do you ever wonder if I still believe?
The weather died for an hour and five
and that’s when I knew you were there.
Last year you threw air over peaks.
This year, plugged the leaks just long enough
for us to get a little out.

Not around this year, it was weird.
Crawled across my mind throughout the night.
The storm was outside this time
all the real faces, none of the fake,
but, what’s a celebration without a little cake?
Guitar’s back got cracked by art
and they both started laughing.
Guitar got back to laughing.

Last summer leaking chaos.
Still can’t believe you’ll never see us here.
Always said you’d see us here,
and now she brings a smile as well as a tear.

Permission’s been given to be ourselves
to kick off the night.
Old thoughts get thrown out
to thousands of people for the first time.
Wonder if they’ve ever thought about that.

Breakdowns take us places.
Ten feet not looking back.
Above will bawl when we’re done,
but what’s meant to be
seems come back around.
So we’ll come back around,
because I’ve been feeling the wind.

Crossed Wires (6/2019)

Crossed Wires (6/2019)

I’ve got two eyes staring at me,
draped in plastic perfume.
She’s just talking and talking
and my mind walks to you.
I crossed wires that way.

There are people speaking at me,
convinced that I am confused.
Silent talking, they’re mocking
my different point of view.
I’m not lost. Why that way?

I hid behind a smile I had painted on my face.
At best I’m a workhorse, at my worst I’m insane.
Words melt darkness and
the sun just feels better after a lot of rain.
Cooled down,
and it washed that smile from my face.

No known ego. Shown proud.
So many mistakes to get here.
Speak your heart out loud
and you’ll never walk alone.

Brilliance shines brighter than darkness
and silence only makes you a memory.
You help me across the wire.
When they won’t listen.
When they can’t understand, there’s different.
Come find me when no one will listen.

Things happen that we’d never think to imagine.
How it’s seemed recently.
Cooled down. Sunshine and rain,
came down.
Washed a decades old smile from a face.
The thought of you
can balance me,
get me across the wire.

Hold Me Back, Pearl (6/2019)

Hold Me Back, Pearl (6/2019)

Slow roll through the city bumping bluegrass,
got three ancient ladies riding my ass.
Just pass me, it’s blasting, I’m singing.
I’m just taking my time, it’s early and I’m young.
I’m not surprised I’m moving slower than you.
I’d smash the brakes, but your hair’s like, blue.
Been a while since this thing and I’ve run fine.
One of these days I’ll see all of the signs.

Sit in a park.
Coffee, write, watch a waddling duck and
wonder where he’s going, wishing I was with him.
The name on my cup is Chalk, not Chuck,
because I’ve never been too good at talking.
Need to learn to enunciate.
Maybe nobody listens.
Maybe I’ll just change my name again.
Call it quits, press start and select end.
I can’t speak and they can’t write.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking.
I hope you know, I hope you aren’t sinking.

Signs scream and I miss them, then I miss them.
One of these days I’ll make it.
Man, I hope you’re still next to me.
I wouldn’t give up on me.
I believe
when I get all my people on the same team
we’ll all finally see that everything’s a little better
than it’s always seemed.

I’ve seen the end a lot of times,
and this time isn’t it.
I wouldn’t even question it.

Ok, seriously, get off my ass, ladies.
Pass me. I space out at lights sometimes,
in garages, on roads and at night.
What? You wanna get out?
You wanna do this? You wanna fight?
You don’t know that I’d help you cross the road,
I apologize for the spacing out while driving slow.

There’s all this noise behind me.
Andy’s singin’ sweet songs.
I’m just starting my morning.

Rooftop Stars (6/2019)

Rooftop Stars (6/2019)

I’m up so high tonight
so you can be by my side.
Watching the stars fall on down.
Staying this time around,
no one taught me how to land.

Sat on the moon tonight.
Back, you said come in, don’t hide.
Brighter side you said you found,
ears heading to the ground,
no one taught me how to land.

I am a mountain, worthy climb.
I didn’t build me up, but here I am.
Please don’t build me up. Don’t.
I’ll only fracture it all.
Finally broke out to the outer ring,
a chance to sit on time’s hands.
Take me to the coast of anything.
Edge of old and different.
Love, like gold, but different. Little harder.
Foam from sea on sand,
maybe that edge, I’ll walk that line
between morning wake and always still.
Everything’s gonna be fine.

My tail chasing me this time.

Rode on a star tonight.
Did you see me waving hi?
Crashed, then I burned, no doubt.
Wait for me if you come down,
no one taught me how to land.

Moved with the rain tonight
while you stayed up in the sky.
I wrecked myself on the ground,
catch me this time around,
no one taught me how to land.

That old rooftop, laughing at the town,
she was talking about time and space
and how this life is not a race,
just before I woke up that morning.

Take me back to dreaming,
I’d be watching the stars fall down.
My tail chasing me this time.
Crashing into the ground.

Forget Footprints (6/2019)

Forget Footprints (6/2019)

One evening, a moon lit up oceans of snow,
revealing a highway where four soles would go.

Time piecing tiles for water to fall on.
Pictures, picture perfect. I fell right in.
Like lemons on a birthday, a trophy from a friend.

Never stopped to learn
how to say what should be said
to help me remain unknown
and two show up as soon as the other two go.
Show me your scars and I’ll trust you,
twirl and paint you brighter blues.

Light, piecing pigments for happy to nap on.
Pixels, picture perfect. I fell right in.
Like laughter on a birthday, a letter from a friend.

This evening, we stumbled up to our dreams.
These mirrors, showing footprints
where four feet had been.

Something’s so different. So much. The same.
Two went left right there,
two just disappeared.
Time out for finding, time out for flying.
Calm down, you’re flying.
Come down, you’re fine.
Pushing through, leaving time tapering
as though the past had never begun.

We walked, talking on the sand
never looking back.
We stumbled into our dreams.
Tomorrow sings a little louder,
brighter shade of you.

Can’t Bring That In Here (6/2019)

Can’t Bring That In Here (6/2019)

Little teeny tiny man
slid off a bun into a can
that opened up as it cooled down.
A thread was rolling on the ground.

Little teeny tiny guy,
sees wood crack strings into a sky
that walked right in as it got dark.
A cool, false, wind crawled through the park.

Fountains will ruin strangers days
and they aren’t listening to what you say.

Another one’s gone, say goodbye,
Don’t look at me, look in. He’s running.
I see diamonds. They see sand. He’s running.

Little teeny tiny sir,
watching barrels, like a bird
that’s always late to leave the nest.
A moment here to catch my breath.

Little teeny tiny boy
dreamed of being like his toys,
they scaled up walls and never aged.
A human runs out of a cage.

I see a diamond while they see sand.
Look out, he’s running again.

Not The Coffee (6/2019)

Not The Coffee (6/2019)

Didn’t see myself sleeping once,
I was so awake.
Maybe it was the coffee.
Maybe I just wasn’t watching.
Maybe it’s the thinking that leads me
to the thought that I’ll ever catch me dreaming.

Sunshine, drifting.
Scars will lift me.
We’re fine, you with me?
I’ve never known where I’m going
or what I’m doing
or how they see me,
so I keep to myself, breathing,
wondering if I’m still sleeping.

Floating downstream.
I was awake for years.
Sometimes I still am,
only during the day these days.
Dreaming when I can.

Didn’t see myself leaving once,
I fell out of touch.
Maybe it was the coffee.
Maybe I just wasn’t watching.
Maybe it’s the knowing that’s bringing me
to the notion that none of this is dreaming.

Floating downstream.
I was awake for years,
Sometimes I still am,
only during the day these days.
Dreaming when I can.

Are things still dreams when they happen?
Why do they always seem to happen?
Maybe I’ve already thought of it all.
Watch long enough and I’ll figure it out,
little better maybe,
definitely different.
You spoke and I listened.

By my side, we were walking.
The future followed us, talking.
You brought the book that our lives made,
while the thought of it all sat
and glistened in the shade.

Laughter and Lines (5/2019)

Laughter and Lines (5/2019)

We were wandering in our puddle
just left of the middle of America.

Old tunes waltzed right out the doors of your ride,
in your element around this time that year.
People, they were lining up.
Crazies, they were stopping.
Plans, like planets, they were all dropping.
Got forgotten.
Nobody knew they were gonna be late
dancing with strangers, clowns and warriors
‘til 10 o’clock in the morning.

We saw the sunset rise that night.
You looked at me, with your shining light,
and that’s when we hit the beginning.
Spinning vinyl child always dug that style.
Hand me that handle and take it from the top.
I swore the whole world started moving again.
How couldn’t it? Why wouldn’t it?
When it all started, this mind or that heart
or one or the other, the same thing that night,
stopped spinning as they both began to swim.

Cardboard sail’s burning a few feet out at sea.
He was looking at you
while you were looking at me.
We walked through woods to ship this out to sea
but it kept floating back, back like you and me.

Flying, ashes, lightning and cuffs.
Nothing that weekend was ever too much.
Soaring balloons stomping down on my head.
Pulling tails of animated characters,
are we there yet?
Some time in a cell,
some songs from turtles soared through my head,
left me thinking of sunrise, laughter and lines.
Will you be there? I was flying.

Life was light as air that night.
That was living life that night,
that was never dying.
That puddle a little left of the middle of America.
It was flying.

Space on the Sky (5/2019)

Space on the Sky (5/2019)

He just needed his feet up,
he couldn’t stand to sit down.
He just needed a moment,
but never saw the use in chasing time around.

In circles. Again.

He was so tired of back then
and he was so tired of moving on.
So he stayed in right now
so nothing could go wrong.
He took his shoes and socks off.
Spaced on the sky for a while
before he stood inside.

He just needed a memory,
he couldn’t remember a thing.
He just needed that moment
to show its face and strut back onto the scene.

Walked out to a table to back flip
through an old blue book.
Only written, only clues.
Forgotten moment, where are you?
Strut back onto the scene,
Moment, let me know that
that wasn’t all a dream.

Subway to Silence (5/2019)

Subway to Silence (5/2019)

I’ve followed you for years, around.
And I’d catch up if you’d slow down.
We built this thing so it would last
and rode together through our whole past.

Little leaf left yesterday
fell off to blow with the wind.
Said he ain’t comin’ back today
with a crooked grin.
Without words. In his eyes.
Sayin’ he had something to do.

He sat on the subway, wondering.
Another ride between the headlines.
Strangers struggle to fold the news and
I don’t know where I’m going,
but I know this isn’t my stop.
This isn’t when I think I’m gonna make the drop.

If you would just come down.
If this would all just slow down.
If you could just make the music not so loud,
have a breath, listen to your own sound,
you know, I’d give you back your crown.
Nobody ever stole it, got forgotten by the water
so many years ago. All those years ago.
I’m so tired of walking.
Sit down, space in silence.
Where nobody’s reading the news,
been carrying this forever.

Sat right between the headlines.
Stared out sliding windows to see more inside.
He was leavin’ town, crooked grin in his eyes.
On his lap, a crown and ten thousand nights,
his smile stood there, staring down life.

Taking it. Bringing it.
Underground to a different part of town.
Just gotta slow it all down.

Catching Lemons (5/2019)

Catching Lemons (5/2019)

Left our heads with the towels, shirts and shade.
We just jumped right in,
we’ve never been good at waiting.

She was so cool, she froze up.
Said, ‘you’re both fools’, she knows us.
Saw right through the last two years.
Gave us the stuff we don’t like to hear.

We were tossing lemons in the pool.
it was Tuesday and we had no idea.
I’m supposing we didn’t care, caught in space.
We were catching lemons like the old days.
Floating on our backs, back to our old ways.
Relaxing, not sure if it’s still Tuesday,
first time in a while.

She was so warm, she melted.
Said, ‘ride the storm’, she felt it.
Saw the songs between our ears,
sang, ‘you never listened the last two years.’

Right. Our heads are with the towels and shade.
We’ll just stay right here,
I feel we’ve earned a few moments in space.

We’ll just throw some lemons,
we’ll all be just fine.
We’ll just float here, down on earth,
we’ll all take our time.
Take our time for the first time in a while.

You say too much, there’s silence.
Like in lemons, like in life.
Take some time for the first time in a while.

Center of Gravity (5/2019)

Center of Gravity (5/2019)

He’s no genius, enigma, just fix it, he thinks.
He says, ‘I think, maybe, they don’t think enough.
Maybe, don’t feel enough.
Always have, always will was said.
Maybe just a little different
and there’s always music in the background.

There’s just so much out there.
So many people out there.
So many things to see.
They’ve seen it the whole time and
I’ve never known what’s happening,
so where is my center of gravity?

People you have wrapped around your finger,
drown them out like rings down drains.
Where’d we leave those things?
Is it just me, or has everybody else gone insane?
How do they not see
what’s going to be happening?

I think they wound up writing a book about it,
but he built a cabinet and croaked
on a mountain near a desert, something like that.
Then a buncha people believed him.
I don’t know, didn’t read it.
What if this is our last dinner?
Be sure to pile your plate. Take a second, helping.
Serve it up. Breathing.
Nobody believes me.

People lose their minds sometimes.
I never lose it, just leave it.
Just gotta leave some things sometimes,
come back when you’re ready.’

But, that was just him talking.
He never knew what he was talking about.
They never knew what he was thinking about.
He never knew what was happening,
and he found no use in a center of gravity.

He said, ‘gravity seems to walk on me.’

High Ceilings (5/2019)

High Ceilings (5/2019)

Fish bait humans into things they can’t get out of.
Never stopped to wonder if they’d still swim.
It’s all about halfway to the brim,
so how would you like to look at it?

Saturdays, she’s walkin’ ‘round town,
talkin’ to clowns about his head.
She’s still in bed with plenty of room to roll around.
Big bed rolling down a street,
with plenty of reasons to roll around.

Whispers of, ‘get going.
distance is not knowing.’
Crooked teeth trudge back to showing
time that smiles can out fight anything.
I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Little goldfish, just breathe.
Why you swimming upstream?
Little dive in, wrong time, with me.
The current was a little too strong.
A little stronger than it was supposed to be.

Swear this fish could walk on land,
had plenty of room to roll around and
I’m sure I’ll never see anything quite like it again.
Little goldfish, one day, gonna be my friend.
One of these days roll around, downstream,
walking, jumping on beds,
with ceilings too high to hit our heads.

Stuck in nothing and we couldn’t get out of it.
Am I who’s still in bed?
We never dreamed we’d get by.
Swear that goldfish will fly.
Just gotta stop walkin’ upstream.
Gotta stop walkin’
back to where we’ve already been.

Vestibule Blues (5/2019)

Vestibule Blues (5/2019)

Wind slowly wanders this world, tallying tales,
walking on water, cycling the sea.
I know you, do you know me?

Constellations get stapled to the sky
and I wake up as you say goodbye,
I’m always rushing in the morning.
What day is it when it’s more than just a feeling?
Dangling lights leave me reeling.

Maybe I’ll never know them as well as I did before.
Maybe they realized there’s more
than one door to the same place.
Stepped back from the wall
and they were right in front of their face.

Breathe in, breathe out.
Day in, day out.
I left no doubt, but that never got me anywhere.
No doubt never got me anywhere.

Talks that tiptoed the night took us there.
Thoughts step to nothing, write before they sink.
I know you, do you know me?

Shouldn’t Have Tried To Stand There (5/2019) years

Shouldn’t Have Tried To Stand There (5/2019) years

Listen up, lady your afternoon is my life.
I’m moving and I can’t move
and now the doctor’s off to South Africa too.
I’ve been up, tracking down a new one.

He just fell off a chair.
Customers sat there and stared
flipped lids while you stood outside
and then we asked you to talk about it.

Lady, you’re lookin’ at me?
I just didn’t want the corn.
If you only knew what I’m thinking.
Lady, I’m eating.
This hurts and my heart’s not helping.
I picked him up and my right leg fell off.
Left it right there.

Meter maid, leave. Your afternoon will be better.
I’m walkin’ and it hurts to go,
don’t make me come back.
I paid for it, you can trust me.

Listen up, lady.
I arrived, with the tacos, at the same time.
So, why’d you make assumptions?
I just didn’t want the corn and
he just shouldn’t have stood there.
An office chair rolled inside from the sidewalk
while we walked across the street.
Red, white, blue lights ran off screaming.
Really, I’m not sure of the colors.
I don’t know that it ever even made a sound.
I just can’t remember,
maybe I never learned.
It’s the two greatest things on a roll,
so how is it overrated?
Say what you want, I’ll eat it, eat, ate it already?
Whatchoo doin’ with yer hands, lady?
He’s still walking,
so you’re on his time right now.

I’ll Be The Sand (5/2019)

I’ll Be The Sand (5/2019)

Untied the tangle up here to spill a few thoughts
about thinking, love and living.
Though, I’m not certain I really know a thing.
Like, you’d be a queen, but I’ll never be a king.

So, we’ve got imagination.

I’ll be the sand, ready to play.
You’ll be the wind, you’ll blow me away.

I’ll be the sunset, you’ll be the wake.
You’ll wander, roving, while my mirror shakes.

I’ll be the moon and you’ll be a star,
and I’ll come and go, while you shine so hard.

You’ll be the ocean and I’ll be the sand,
and you’ll pummel me and I’ll understand.

I’ll be the sand. I understand.
Show up, blow me away.

So, we’ve got imagination
and footprints by the sea.
You’d be a queen,
but I don’t think I’ll ever be a king.
Seems life is living, love and thinking.
I’ll be the sand.
Please, show up, blow me away.

From Behind a Painter’s Mask (5/2019)

From Behind a Painter’s Mask (5/2019)

Burn the burden of old ways.
Taste of the future on display.
We followed life until fresh air,
and now we know how to not go back there.

Is a lifetime overnight?
What he saw in his sleep was
more real than reality.
It didn’t make sense, but that’s how it seemed.

Living out our youngest dreams.
Swerving in and out of me.
Back and forth, then there and back.
Four blown tires, but we’re on the right track.

Torch the lessons we were taught.
Realize that we’re all we’ve got.
We’ve followed us until fresh air,
and now we know how to know who still cares.

Is a lifetime overnight?
What he saw in his sleep was
old souls coming in from sea.
It didn’t make sense, but that’s how it seemed.

Living out our youngest dreams.
Swerving in and out of me.
Back and forth, then there and back.
Four blown tires, but we’re on the right track.

And you know I’d still come running.

Little Love Lean (5/2019)

Little Love Lean (5/2019)

I believe the brighter the light,
the darker the demons.
Man, I’m like a moth.
Take me to the evening.

There’s always been something about it,
been loving that light forever.
Deep love without demons doesn’t exist.
Demons leave and leave it room to live.
Everybody’s got a skeleton somewhere.
Been desperate for dark forever,
there’s always been something about it.

I believe the darker the night,
the later I’m leaving.
Man, I’m like a moth.
Get me through the evening.

Light creaks in as a little door opens.
Done-with demons flee, too tired to fight.
I see a little love lean in.
Oh what a beautiful evening,
back in the grass, taking off for dark and light.

Dust from stars, like morning moths.
Star, stay there ‘til I get there.
A little too lost in the darkness.
A little too close to the light.

Down to Build It (5/2019)

Down to Build It (5/2019)

Hurricane mermaid, felt you coming.
Steady, slowed and ready to steal me away.
I saw it, I saw it all, I saw everything in that night.
Shore, shore, it’s fine, saw it all.
The storm that swam underneath the marquee.

Carefree worrier, cautious warrior
reconvening one day under sunshine.
Hurricane mermaid saw it all coming.
Never stay, can’t leave, anyway. Never running.
Keep swimming
while we cultivate our own gardens,
reconvening when they’re ready.

After it storms for a while.
A little sunshine’s bound to breakthrough.

Maybe change our names and replant this thing.
Floating so long, losing roots.
Dropped off in the desert.
Water and sunshine myself.
Swear I’ve been through this before.
The brightest flowers seem to sink
before blooming again.
The way love stumbles through life,
rumbling through this garden.
Petals push themselves,
coloring hills, hues of future and familiar.
Always understanding
what sleeps inside of a storm.

Hurricane come back again.
Tear a house down to build it.
Hurricane, won’t you be my friend?
Wash away whatever with time
and watch as it begins.
Wash away whatever with time.

My God (4/2019)

My God (4/2019)

My god is a song.
Off-notes, letting demons throw down.
Working toward my favorite version.

My god is a song.
Skipped hits, little lies for no reason.
Working toward an early version.

Sometimes the song is a moment.
Sometimes the song is this life.
Sometimes the song gets forgotten.
Sometimes it’s something I write.

Better – never real, only preference.
Play through this lifetime with reverence.
There’s work to be done, but I’m learning
and I’ve always liked this part.

My god is a song.
Hit peaks, doing fascinating things.
Working toward my most beautiful version.

My god is a song.
Heart-notes are handwritten letters.
Working toward what’s,
to my ears,
a perfect version.

Starts so slow,
gets weird,
then whispers.

Play it gently.
Play it, beautiful.

Finally Thoughtless (4/2019)

Finally Thoughtless (4/2019)

Light struts,
bringing deep darkness brighter words.
Lifetimes listening, but never heard.

Who would talk so loud?
Why the grand performance?
Sap, soft, delicate, dangles from a tree.
Sweetness seeping,
still or moving.
Can’t tell. Never know. Leaving.
Just listening.

Time swings,
circles a far off thought that won’t speak.
Limbo. Listening. Bottom or peak.

Stew, and talk about,
then know no performance.
Live so patiently, angels on their knees.
Calming wonder,
thoughtless movie.
Just fell. Never know. Breathing.
Just listening.

Sweet, sweet strings waving with the wind.
Wind chimes sing, steering this a little further.
Strings stretched, they heard her.
Leaves were breathing, leaving no doubt.

Deep Rest (4/2019)

Deep Rest (4/2019)

Set my head down here, come back when I’m ready.
Forget me.

Set my heart down here, come back when it’s ready.
Forget me.

What don’t I remember?
What can’t I forget?
Where’d that morning smile go?
Where’d I put my head?

Deep rest.
Seconds for souls to get some sleep.
Run for years, a shell of me.
Fighting with the best of me,
until I get the best of me
and drag my tail back to where I left me.

Buried my Self by the water and saguaro.
Knew I’d come back for me.
Always come back from me,
just a little after tomorrow.
Left my soul by the water and saguaro.
Took my time to find me
when I got deep rest.

Make no sense of happy without deep rest.

Sailing (4/2019)

Sailing (4/2019)

She was lightning in slow motion.
What we think we’re needing.
I sold my soul and it killed me.
The wind is her, I hear it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

She was icing on a cherry.
What I think I’m hearing.
Won’t sell my soul, it won’t kill me.
The wind is her, I need it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

I’ll see you when I’m through.
Once I’m done with what I said I’d do.
One day doing everything I’d ever thought of.
I’ll see you when I get up there.

She is double rainbow gold,
what I know‘s not leaving.
Don’t touch my soul, but feed it.
The wind is her, I feel it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

She’s a swimming smile in sinking seas,
what I know I’m feeling.
Just hold my soul, and breathe it.
The wind is her, I heed it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

There’s a little purple in the sky tonight,
I’m talkin’, better believe I’m listening.
I’ve been praying for mountains,
I’ve been hoping they’ll swim.
I’ve been fighting for me these days.
Feeling free when we learn it’s all always been ok.

A Million Chucks (4/2019)

A Million Chucks (4/2019)

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Money blows on down the street
and I got a buck now.
Guess I feel like Chuck now.

Loving doesn’t ever leave.
Loving stays inside of me,
and I don’t give a fuck now.
I guess, I feel like Chuck now.

Walking the morning’s sidewalk, I ran into me.
I was balanced near the road,
and I was living in my phone.
I fell there.

Walking across the crosswalk, I ran over me.
I was flying down the road,
and I had stopped to say hello.
Left me there.

Something, somehow always speaks,
something deep inside of me.
So, I don’t need no luck now.
Guess I feel like Chuck now.

Somehow, this thing always beats.
Somehow, doesn’t stop to think.
It’s floating like a duck now.
Guess it feels like Chuck now.

Space, like Everything (4/2019)

Space, like Everything (4/2019)

Way out there, crossing every line,
a sun set and every color commenced their rhyme.
There wasn’t a feeling of time,
like we’d always been there.

We don’t know what’s gonna be right,
but we feel it if it’s gonna be wrong.
Wondering about more than me now
and these days are still my song.
Standing still, those hands just keep on spinning.

Time flies the opposite pace of heart rates.
Speed up, slow down.
Wind hands back around.
Spin out, get found.
Still, in me, feel my sound,
so I know we’re gonna get there.

Space like greed, more we have, less we need.
Up fast, down slow.
Hands wind back, they know.
Faceplant and grow.
Soon be ‘we’, watch us go.
That’s how we’re gonna get there.

Fixing Noodles (4/2019)

Fixing Noodles (4/2019)

Do you know where we left off?
Backyard, just left of the neighbors place.
Outside, old house, same little table I’m at now,
you were gone.

You went out flying.
Brilliance rides the wind.

Bottle of wine in the morning.
Coffee, walking through to sit outside.
Kitchen, fixing noodles for whenever you swing
back around.

Then you went flying.
You don’t mind the wind.

Turbulence never made much sense to me.
What can you do, but try to be happy?
I finally found home inside of me.

For now, you’re flying.
That alarm was screaming.
Open door to breathing.
Something like deceiving.
This stuff doesn’t leave,
and for now, you’re flying.

Turbulence never made much sense to me.
What can you do, but try to be happy?
I finally found home inside of me.

Bowman’s Log (4/2019)

Bowman’s Log (4/2019)

Leave us where we left off.
Leave from where we started.
Steady this ship with wild, selfless wind.

Take us where we’re ready.
Take, from us, that thinking.
Secure this sail with warm, reckless wind.

The sun was setting in the center of the road.
Slept in Now, where there’s no unfamiliar.
Songs soar beneath, singing out my day.
No concern for where we’re going,
knowing we’re on our way.
Where there’s no unfamiliar.

Time’s tide taking us.
Dark’s light rising, right between two yellow lines.
Write before we float ashore.
Oh, captain, captain, call to me.
So far out here, can’t you see?
This far gone’s not make believe.
Oh captain, captain, call to me.

Bring us words we left out.
Bring this, we are ready.
Balance this barque with far less wind.

Find us time to wander.
Find out what we’ve needed.
Balance this boat with a cool west wind.

The sun was setting in the center of the road.
Oh, captain, captain, call to me.

Time Stands Still, Laughing (4/2019)

Time Stands Still, Laughing (4/2019)

Some time, in the distance,
standing still, laughing about all of this.
Something, this for instance.
Ticking and moving out from under this.

Looking back at the present,
it seems we’d lost control,
we didn’t follow us, now it’s ‘now that we know.’

I’d sweep both sides,
but I’m afraid to cross the street.
Sweep both sides of me.
Mops for days, how’s it all piecing into place?
About to start the race I’d thought I’d already won.
Afraid to cross the street, but I had not begun.

Starting when we finish.
Starting where we finished.
Watching while we win this.
Starting at the start.

Time just stood there laughing.

My Own Gospel (4/2019)

My Own Gospel (4/2019)

A little peace and quiet,
let the leaves stay.
No need to always be blowing them away.

They’re leaves,
they’re like me,
they’ll come back.

I gotta write my own gospel.
I’ve never understood
anything I should have read in a book.

A little peace and quiet,
let the dust stay.
No need to always be throwing things away.

It’s dust,
it’s like me,
won’t settle.

I gotta write my own gospel.

Weird Books (4/2019)

Weird Books (4/2019)

I’m blacking out, I’m buying weird books.
I’m floating on pools, I’m giving weird looks.

I’m stacking up pounds, I’m shrinking like dreams.
I’m tumbling inside, though balanced I seem.

Tried to book a room, I couldn’t even tie my shoe.
I lost my muzzle, spewing crazy blues.
In it.
Always out of it,
never getting out of it.

Shoulda thrown my head to the ground.
Nervous system shutdown.
A call really brought it back around.
I read, to me, the wrong thing for over a year.

In. Out. In. Out. Out. Out.
I read a different story.

I’m staring at me, I’m losing my head.
I’m dwelling on things I should have said.

I’m doing weird things, I’m getting weird looks.
I’m sending good gifts, I’m giving weird books.

Now that I think I’m out now,
I’ll never recall the last two years now.
There’s life in here I gotta get out now.
I was running red lights.

Blue when it’s bright, green with the night.
I see it in my eyes,
they’re changing again.
I was starting to think that that was the end.

Slowing Rockets for Nothing (4/2019)

Slowing Rockets for Nothing (4/2019)

Every morning, clumsy hands
spilling coffee on my pants.

Sound of music, cracking eggs.
Differ calls, I never beg.

Out the window, simmered light.
Watching day give up the fight.

Weekday evening, jump on bed.
All the worst songs in your head.

Blanket outside,
ankle on my knee,

Rocket shot life,
never stopped to breathe.

What if it’s all made up?
How would we know if we ever gave up?

A Little Bit (4/2019)

A Little Bit (4/2019)

I was drowning and I didn’t even know it.
I was dying and I couldn’t ever show it.
All I thought I needed, a little bit of the top shelf.
Closed my eyes at night. Closed my eyes so tight.
Rewind, fast forward, out of sight.
No sound until it’s rattled.
No words until eruptions
and, one day, nothing left.

Man, I saw so many lonely people.
Everyone stumbles through life.
Angels get taken too early.
Why would they take them so early?
Aren’t there already enough?
When do we learn how many’s too much?
Man, I was so many lonely people.

We were swimming and we didn’t even know it.
We were shaking and we couldn’t ever show it.
All I thought I needed, a little bit of anything else.
Closed our eyes at night. Closed our eyes so tight.
Untie our minds, put up a fight.
No words until we’re rattled.
No sound until eruptions
and, one day, nothing left.

Nothing left to get out.
Nothing, now we breathe.
When you fear you’ve lost your way,
you can follow me.

All we ever needed
was a little bit of losing ourselves.

Types of Stereos (4/2019)

Types of Stereos (4/2019)

Boy, where you been?
Our world’s been spinnin’ without you.
Boy, where you been?
You know, I’ve been worried about you.

Boy, where’s your head?
You know, I’ve been dreamin’ about you.
Boy, where’s your head?
You know, it’s just dreamin’ without you.

By now, we know time can be funny.
By now, we know time will take its time.
By now we know we need to change
if anything’s to rhyme.
We can only do it when we get there.

Never knowing where we’ll go,
not falling into stereos.

Like she never knew that you ever left.
Like she hit rewind instead of reset.
And your heartbeat was my friend.
And this heartbeat has no end.
So, the heartbeat kicks again.
Together, going where we go,
not falling into stereos.