Still Running (12/2017)

Still Running (12/2017)

The sky sinks into the drink you’re drinking.
Save some income on a rainy day.

Clouds are coming, engine’s running.
So much weather on a rainy day.

It was over our heads.
We were out of our minds.
It was under our feet
And it fell from the sky.

I don’t think we were thinking.
How much more can we take?
It was so easy, never needing convincing.
Swallow your pleas. Hold on.
Trapeze as these roads swing.

Long weekend heaven left you feeling like hell.

Windshield’s heavy, force field’s ready.
No. This moment will not fade away.

Volume shrinks, singing what the silence brings.
Night kneels down before it leaves today.

Swallow your pleas. Hold on.
In a cell you slept so well.
And look at us now.
Engines running.

Hear You Sing (12/2017)

Hear You Sing (12/2017)

Rainbows on sidewalks, imitating crows.
Insane goes inside, walks in to where we go.
It’s not his say, so we can breathe.
At the end of the day, I just wanna hear you sing.

We never care when we feel surrounded.
Time always finds its way around it.
You’ll be with me on cloud nineteen
At the end of someday when I hear you sing.

From the window, moving mountains.
I think of it all.
We were younger. We were crazy.
We were having a ball.

We pull our hoods up in the rain.
We get older, memory frays.
This same spot, sitting here, you sang.
But that was yesterday.

Clouds sit and stare at empty parking lots a lot.
Watching people walking out, they forgot.
They just watch. Watch and let them be.
They know tonight they’re gonna hear you sing.

Plant seeds on cement, cities never slow.
Never taking time, complaining nothing grows.
I’d give you my time if I knew it would mean
At the end of the day I’d get to hear you sing.

Building Towns (12/2017)

Building Towns (12/2017)

Why did you leave so soon?
How did I follow you?
Do you remember building towns?
A note in a book that you wrote down.

Why did we meet again?
I thought I’d caused the end.
Do you remember getting drinks?
Train tracks and coffee, you talked to me.

Some things turn out differently.
I would follow my dreams if I could sleep.
But, I still think about what you said,
So I don’t get much sleep.

There are just some things these days.
Some of the long lost things we’ve said.
Always talking to me.
Honestly talking to me.
Keeping me awake.

So I don’t get much sleep.

Help me find my dreams.
Tell us that we’re fine.
Something suddenly
Keeps me in between the lines.

In between where I’m alright.

Why He Never Knows (11/2017)

Why He Never Knows (11/2017)

He left his bag back at the rabbit hole.
Heads downstairs, he’s heard so much breathes beyond here.
Stepping out for a day full of wonder
And all the things she said he oughta know.

The less he thinks, the more he knows.
He drops his bag and hits the road.
He just goes.
Leaving for warmer weather where
History begs to grow.

Some days are insane, such an old soul.
Songs from upstate stares while here becomes there.
Long drives, lightning through colorful thunder.
Loses his things but never lets them go.

Remembers all the words he bent.
He thinks he never knows.
Why do only some things make sense?
He never lets them go.
He’s been why he never knows.

Weather and The Flight (11/2017)

Weather and The Flight (11/2017)

How was the weather?
Can we talk about your flight?
Can we forget about our pasts and see that we’re all alright?

How was the flight?
And what about the weather?
Can we remember the past and see that now is better?

How do I answer meaningless questions?
Why do I question meaningless answers?
Why won’t you ever answer?
Why do I question it all?
Why ask questions at all?

If I could just stop thinking,
I think I’d have a ball.

Why do I write?
Why don’t you call?
I’m up at night, you were once a dancer
And now you’re crawling.

Stay out of sight.
Stay in my sprawl.
Question myself and I’m not the answer.
And now you’re stalling.

If I could just stop thinking,
I think I’d have a ball.

Toes on Air (11/2017)

Toes on Air (11/2017)

Make me feel like a coward.
Make you feel like a queen.
Fame and famine.
What it is now isn’t what it could be.

Listen to what’s not there.

He’s sitting at the counter, he hears.
Always knowing what’s going on
But he doesn’t say a word.
They say it’s better left unheard.

Reworking this history.
What does this mean for me?
Reveal the future,
Please open the door for me.

Maybe you’ll go forever.
Maybe I’ll go for a walk.
Cooked and cooled.
He calls to talk about earlier talks.

Listen for what’s not around.
Ear to ground and toes on air.
Do you ever hear what’s not there?

Take My Things (11/2017)

Take My Things (11/2017)

There is no test, there is no answer.
Spin my world. Fall in a trance here.

It gets so loud, but I’m so quiet.
Spinning rocks, my mind’s a riot.

And you don’t hear me even as I scream.
Why’d you take my things?

That’s how it’s always been.
Get ready and it’s taken.
Why do I give when everything gets taken?
I wish I didn’t know.

Do my best to keep it together.
At times my heart just falls like a feather.

It drops so slow, though it’s so heavy
But, it’ll come back when it’s ready.

You really set me off today.
You never hear a thing I say.
There is no test.
There is no answer.
Look at all this spinning.