Stamp the Sky (3/2018)

Stamp the Sky (3/2018)

Looking out from her rooftop
As her life walks right by.
Sees stairs to her ceiling,
She’s always wanted to climb.

Drawn feathers on her shoulder,
Green eyes, a quick smile,
She colors the sky.
Stamps purples with fingerprints.
Colors clouds so bright that
Even when it’s dark,
There’s still a little light.

And she’s never worried about the lines.

She stops, soaking the silence.
How could it all be wrong?
She says, ‘When I’m with you,
Today is never too long.’

She wound up on a rooftop.
She’s a stone, skipped through life.
And she steals the evening
While hearts are committing crimes.

But she’s never worried about the lines.
Colors feathers with her fingertips.
Walks right by.
She walks right by.

Kick the Fire (3/2018)

Kick the Fire (3/2018)

We walk through the weather
Writing our own book.
And you look like the ocean,
Waving as I look.

The cards are in the music.
The dealer’s gone to hell.
Don’t care about the prophets
We’ve heard that they’ll do well.

Backyard, mansion, dancing.
Buzzing, the birds and the bee.
Pigs on two feet.
When owls can’t fly,
Cows kick the fire and we’re all alright.

Sand from broken castles
Hides between your toes.
As you walk up your mountain
And no one seems to know.

In back with the whole circus,
The people we keep near.
Rooster’s on the cymbals,
They’re celebrating years.

Stolen prophets.
Roosters really care.
Cows kicking fire.
This Arizona air.

Days You Want (3/2018)

Days You Want (3/2018)

Quiet man. Sit in the corner,
Pour your soul from strings.
Nervous man, wail in the corner
Like singing swarms of bees.

Happy man. Jumps front and center,
Loving all he sees.
Leaves the noise, fills up his center,
Peacefully at ease.

Growing up, going out.
Getting up, getting down,
Living with the breeze.
Be patient with the days you want
And those will follow these.

‘Doctor, man. Fix me, I’m older.
I am on my knees.’
Silence, boy. Wise is not older,
Breathe slowly like the trees.

Poor old man, chair in the corner.
Comes to him from me –
‘Wise old man, sing from the corner.
Rock away disease.’

Left Me Complete (3/2018)

Left Me Complete (3/2018)

Found more than the bones which make me me.
Old, not worn or currently moving,
Folded under this tree.

You’ve become the bones on which dogs breathe.
Gold brought scorn. Your currency fleeted
And you are still not free.

Shaking bones beneath.
Dig, surmount, release.
Watching demons breathe.

Don’t let memories be the best times you ever had.

Today I left me and I was complete.

A hassle, your humble left out at sea.
Blew your horn. Go on living, bleed it.
There’s nothing left to see.

Your castle, it crumbled. Swallowed by fleas,
You got warned. No forgiving needed.
What are you gonna be?

I left me and I was complete.

Blue (3/2018)

Blue (3/2018)

I see a spark and think of blue.
All that’s in my thoughts these days.

All that was on my mind,
It all got left behind.
One afternoon I spilled it all.
Well, not one day, a year. Some time.
I spilled it all.
I watched worry fall.
Nighttime, morning’s called.

Take some time, talk about it.
Step outside, howl at the moon
Or have nothing to lose.
Nothing left to lose.

Leaving was on my mind,
The ones without a spine.
One afternoon I spilled it all,
Fell to a stage. Right here, I’m fine.
I spilled it all.
I watched worry fall.
Nighttime, morning’s called.

Lose then find, forgot about it.
Deep inside, piled up the truth.
Mean something to the moon,
There’s something about the moon.

But, I just think of blue.

Walk In The Park (2/2018)

Walk In The Park (2/2018)

In my madness, I stretch my legs at night.
Say, ‘they’re so crazy, in the park with no lights.’

He leaves shadows, his stride into my mind.
Says, ‘it’s so crazy.’ It’s peaceful, it’s mine.

Over the world, he walked ‘til he lost fights.
They get so crazy. Brake lights from behind.

For days and days and days he,
Under airplanes and daisies,
walks ‘til he takes flight.
‘Doesn’t seem so crazy.’
Nothing screams too crazy –
Nothing, in my mind.

In his secrets, his shiny little lies.
They’re just so crazy, keep them locked up tight.

Watch me reset, make a little time.
He’s just so crazy, he’ll never rewind.

Over the world, that wild little child.
He went so crazy, he finally caught fire.

I didn’t see a clock.
I didn’t have the time.
Nothing’s ‘too’ anything.
Nothing’s ‘too’ anything,
In my mind.

Own Way Home (2/2018)

Own Way Home (2/2018)

A young man’s out looking for a new town,
Looking for an old sound.
He’s been looking for a place
Where there aren’t too many people around.

In an old town where nobody knows his name.
Oblivious to fame.

He’s dreaming of warmer weather,
Stringing stars together
And making his own way home.

She’s been searching for a sane place,
Dancing with her own grace.
She’s been searching for a town
Where she’ll never ever have to hide her face.

A peaceful place where nobody’s seen her crown.
It’ll never get found.

So, she dreams of calm forever,
Stringing stars together
And making her own way home.

Their lines intertwine while arranging the sky.

Create some calmer weather.
Stringing stars, together.
Evening floats like feathers
And they make their own way home.

A little look.
A little trust and a smile.