Sidecar (5/2018)

Sidecar (5/2018)

Another sunburned morning and I’m right on track.
A moon howls at a sun behind it’s back
I will always love the interstate.

The youngest son learned mourning sometimes comes back.
She soon howls like the moon, fades into black
And they don’t always find their way.

They don’t mind.
As she rides, her sidecar rides.
Lead the way, side by side,
And together they move into
The strangest days,
The brightest nights.

After a sunset, morning when they lay their path.
The son howls at the moon, she has his back,
And they head into the day, a new way.

Another sunburned morning, their backs to the grass.
She leans into the son, keeps him on track,
And they head back to the interstate.

They’ve always loved the interstate.

Song to Me (5/2018)

Song to Me (5/2018)

I will rock my soul.
I will be like me.
Do everything I want.
Tomorrow I’ll be free.

I will not grow old.
Always be just me.
Say everything I want.
I don’t know what that means.

I go this way, you go yours.
These days I know I need me more
And I don’t know what you’re doing.

A chair outside when nothing lines up.
Hide inside ‘til I open up
And I’ll write a song to me.

I will take the blows.
I will follow me.
Go everywhere I want,
I will take the lead.

I will not be sold,
I will keep to me.
Get everything I want.
A lot less than you need.

Everything I see will be a song I read.
Everything will be a song to me.

More Like Monday (5/2018)

More Like Monday (5/2018)

Why would you yell? Why don’t you talk?
You make me yell. You never talk.
The more you need it,
The less you have to say.

Go ahead, push it away.

Monday doesn’t stop to think.
Monday just keeps going.
Doesn’t push what it should keep.
Pulls in more of what it needs.
Shows up on time, maybe early,
And I wish I was more like Monday.

Happy doesn’t push. Happy only pulls.
Happy pulls in. You know, happy doesn’t push it.
The more you need it,
The more you push it away.

Go ahead, don’t say it.

Life In A Day (5/2018)

Life In A Day (5/2018)

A lifetime is a day.
Each evening is a breath.
Did you waste any sunsets?
Did you get enough rest?

Each city is a stop light.
Every risk, a step.
Each postcard is a letter
Or a promise that you kept.

Who did you spend your time with?
How did you spend your day?
Did you do everything you wanted?
Did you say what you wanted to say?

Tell me,
How was today?

Angels meet angels. It’s art,
Emotion, a new tattoo.
Whenever you’re feeling lost,
Just a stop to tie your shoe.

A bad year, a bruise.
A song, a single note.
Were you happy with your breakfast?
Did you get some peace and float?

Did you make the most of your afternoon?
Smaller people’s mornings too?
You do know, the stars could shine through very soon.

Orange (5/2018)

Orange (5/2018)

Don’t talk to me.
Not the way you talk to yourself.
Go outside for a while.
Go way outside for something else.

Slow down, for me.

Spent time with me.
Quiet, chatter. Talks with myself.
Went outside for a while.
Outside myself for something else.

How’d I get out there?
How’d I get in here?
Where did that all go?
How is it I know?
Orange has never been so not loud,
So quiet as it grows.

Went there, where it’s different.
Went way out there to hear myself.
I walked on water for a while
And saw my thoughts on the top shelf.

I fell, crawled and then flew.
I fell in from outside myself.
Now, back by the water for a while.
Erase the past and all it’s dealt.

Slow down. For me.
Erase the past and start myself.

No Longer Prey (5/2018)

No Longer Prey (5/2018)

Garage, basement, close to bottom,
Try to save a little face.
Forgotten, all those days we spent,
Though, we recall how much we paid.

We aren’t like the others,
Looking for their little ways.
We were up so early.
You were playing, like, a Slave.

These people are so small.
These people, they basically crawl
And nobody thinks for themselves
At all.

They crowned themselves kings.

These people pray and they’re lost.
No longer prey, what I saw in you.
Then it hit me.
When I heard you, it hit me.
We go his way, we go right to go left.

Small town kings sink to the bottom.

I only saved you,
Because I knew that you’d save me.
It was getting early,
You were playing, like, a Slave.

Maybe It’s Ours (5/2018)

Maybe It’s Ours (5/2018)

When I’m alone in a cloud,
I’d rather be with the people.
When I’m surrounded by the people
I find I’d rather be alone.
People get so loud.

Why can’t I be in the same place as myself?
Miss you a little more than I miss me.
I am here and I am gone.

There’s never traffic
When I don’t really wanna get there.


There’s never silence
When I really wanna hear myself.

Get so used to it before it starts to change.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the air.
Maybe it’s ours, we just never learned to share.

It’s not nothing, you’re just unaware.
I know that when you lose it,
You’ll feel how much you cared.

Sit in a cloud, wishing for the people.
Alone in a cloud, just watching all the people.
And I am not alone.