Hand Drawn World (9/2018)

Hand Drawn World (9/2018)

Don’t make a sound and you’ll get people talkin’.
They say, ‘slow down.’ You say, ‘I’m only walkin’.’
Work before breakfast, past dinner.

Just scratching out a day.

Tell me, how long do we have ‘til it’s too late?
Tell me you believe in this more than fate.
I’m having breakfast for dinner.

Just drawing out a day.

It gets so late, then too tired to be tired.
Busy becomes normal, normal brings insane
And colors start to find their own way.

Come in, try out our little hand drawn world.
Lime squeeze, tin, begin. Easy.
It’s our little hand rolled world.
Two feet on. Jump right in, appease me.

Far gone girl. Hand drawn world.
Two feet on, it’s waiting.
Get people talkin’, never too late,
Walkin’ past breakfast, just right of fate.

Little sizzlin’ hand drawn world.

Apricot Water (9/2018)

Apricot Water (9/2018)

What if we didn’t worry?
What if we walked to the sun?
What if we took a weekend
and didn’t have any fun?

You left to set you free, but you just came undone.

Why do they always hurry?
Why don’t they stick around?
Why do we burn from both ends,
When we could just calm down?

They left gifts for us to find if we hit the ground.

I’ve got thirteen bucks, but I’m doin’ alright.
Hot, fan, paper, coffee means no sleep tonight.
Why didn’t I do this in the morning?
Spaced. Blank.
Somehow, I don’t know where I was right now.

People in the past tense catch
More than they could carry
And this old album’s bringing back time.

I don’t know why it takes them. Makes them leave
And leaves us on the ground.
One day, when I’m done, I know I’ll figure it out.
God’s got his devils and God won’t ask for help.
Is that what some people call it?

What if we never worried?
What if we all stuck around?
What if we make it a weekend?
What if we all calm down?

Purple Silence (9/2018)

Purple Silence (9/2018)

I’d write every day if I had enough ink.
You gave me this pen and it’s starting to shrink.
I’m just trying to save it.

I’d live every day if I didn’t just think.
Got stuck with this head, so sometimes I sink.
I try not to water it.

Filling the holes, time gives it.
They go away, though you lived it.
So you deal with it
Or you leave it all behind.
Stut-stuttering, ‘that’s just in my mind.’

What’s in your mind?
You don’t have to keep it.

Set sail to tonight,
Storms and street lights surround.
Brought buckets and friends, so I won’t go down.
I didn’t want to risk it.

Set fire to the night.
Purple light, there’s no sound.
They’re dancing above, do you feel the ground?
They didn’t want to miss it.

Recycle the night and keep what you need.
Write on, write on though I’m all out of ink.
Buckets, sail, purple silence, repeat.

Off The Shelf (9/2018)

Off The Shelf (9/2018)

Tell me I don’t hear me on the radio
While my wheels fall down the road,
Up to your mountain inside the snow.
Come on, get me there, bring me home.

Tell me my thoughts don’t buzz like a rodeo,
While all my wheels trot past those
Sleeping in everyday, don’t they know?
We’re gone, get us there, bring it home.

Can you sing outside yourself?
Do you ever get tired of the shelf?
Can you stop when you’ve been filled?
Do you ever live for the next thrill?

My wind chime rang, it changed my course.
Radio static, rodeo – I kicked it all, I left the port.
Climbed through books I knew, I flew away.
Got coffee, got clean. 10am, a new day.

Now, tell me I don’t see the wind blow.

Morning Shows (9/2018)

Morning Shows (9/2018)

Coat your throat.
Touch the sky.
Unroll the pool and float, so high.
Race on and on and you wanna slow down.

Days awake,
Up so high.
Float on the pool, unroll the sky.
Way, way out there and you wanna come down.

To the ground you found eight months ago.

Seas of colors in bed, you know?
Coloring ceilings, morning shows.
I’d be asleep, but I never fall.
Just toss and turn, so I see it all.

Grab the mail,
Small surprise.
Somehow four socks spark up two eyes,
Few steps back and you wanna calm down.

Go to work,
Rub your eyes,
Desert on socks, life’s great surprise.
Way, way up there. When are you comin’ down?

When you come down, come down.
Come down, take in this sky.

Comfortable (9/2018)

Comfortable (9/2018)

It’s flesh in front of black and white.
The one you think of every night.
The sting of a spring, floating away.
The one with whom you know you’re safe.
So you make yourself comfortable.

Morning, lift you through the window.
Locked it all up and forgot the code.
Sleeping, cabins, dream next to you.
Sunday, drinking the life that we’ve brewed.
One day we will be comfortable.

I’ll warm up the engine and we’ll go.
Somewhere, anywhere, I don’t know.
Sing old songs next to me at night.
‘I know I caught your eye.’
Blood moonlight, morning drive.

It’s heart in front of shine and gold,
The ones you’re with as you grow old.
You’ve always seem to know the way.
We’ll mark the ‘X’ and bury the safe,
Then we’ll make ourselves comfortable.

Puzzle pieces, together, apart.
Together, alone, it’s just the start.
Dreaming of those chairs on a beach,
With all the lessons time will teach,
And we will be so comfortable.

We miss signs and somehow make it.
State line, moonlight, morning drive.

Window Pane (9/2018)

Window Pane (9/2018)

When I walk to your window,
I see myself looking in.
Moving drops of melted snow
To find a fire burning
Near your warm and calming glow.

You see you outside of old frames.
You see your life moving in.
Icy roads, you dream of leaving.
Memories filtering
The cold air you’ve been breathing.

The sky slides softly into the ground.
You’re my old song, you’re my favorite sound.
The sky could crash when you’re around
And I’d know I am fine.

Why can’t I control time?
I’d feel I am fine.

Longing breath on the window,
You slowly fade away.
Fingerprints to pane. I see belief
That life will be better
Out there, just beyond the rain.

Time fixing up the old walls,
Mudding memories away.
Grey tee shirt and paint, please roll to me.
Your eyes smile and I breathe
As the snow becomes the rain.

South. City bound in the morning.
We could use a little rain.
I’m more of me when it’s both of us
And I can only see both of us
Through this window pane.

The sky could hit the ground.
You should be around.
Do you know you are fine?
Just take a little time.

I’ve always loved your rain.