Hold Me Back, Pearl (6/2019)

Hold Me Back, Pearl (6/2019)

Slow roll through the city bumping bluegrass,
got three ancient ladies riding my ass.
Just pass me, it’s blasting, I’m singing.
I’m just taking my time, it’s early and I’m young.
I’m not surprised I’m moving slower than you.
I’d smash the brakes, but your hair’s like, blue.
Been a while since this thing and I’ve run fine.
One of these days I’ll see all of the signs.

Sit in a park.
Coffee, write, watch a waddling duck and
wonder where he’s going, wishing I was with him.
The name on my cup is Chalk, not Chuck,
because I’ve never been too good at talking.
Need to learn to enunciate.
Maybe nobody listens.
Maybe I’ll just change my name again.
Call it quits, press start and select end.
I can’t speak and they can’t write.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking.
I hope you know, I hope you aren’t sinking.

Signs scream and I miss them, then I miss them.
One of these days I’ll make it.
Man, I hope you’re still next to me.
I wouldn’t give up on me.
I believe
when I get all my people on the same team
we’ll all finally see that everything’s a little better
than it’s always seemed.

I’ve seen the end a lot of times,
and this time isn’t it.
I wouldn’t even question it.

Ok, seriously, get off my ass, ladies.
Pass me. I space out at lights sometimes,
in garages, on roads and at night.
What? You wanna get out?
You wanna do this? You wanna fight?
You don’t know that I’d help you cross the road,
I apologize for the spacing out while driving slow.

There’s all this noise behind me.
Andy’s singin’ sweet songs.
I’m just starting my morning.

Rooftop Stars (6/2019)

Rooftop Stars (6/2019)

I’m up so high tonight
so you can be by my side.
Watching the stars fall on down.
Staying this time around,
no one taught me how to land.

Sat on the moon tonight.
Back, you said come in, don’t hide.
Brighter side you said you found,
ears heading to the ground,
no one taught me how to land.

I am a mountain, worthy climb.
I didn’t build me up, but here I am.
Please don’t build me up. Don’t.
I’ll only fracture it all.
Finally broke out to the outer ring,
a chance to sit on time’s hands.
Take me to the coast of anything.
Edge of old and different.
Love, like gold, but different. Little harder.
Foam from sea on sand,
maybe that edge, I’ll walk that line
between morning wake and always still.
Everything’s gonna be fine.

My tail chasing me this time.

Rode on a star tonight.
Did you see me waving hi?
Crashed, then I burned, no doubt.
Wait for me if you come down,
no one taught me how to land.

Moved with the rain tonight
while you stayed up in the sky.
I wrecked myself on the ground,
catch me this time around,
no one taught me how to land.

That old rooftop, laughing at the town,
she was talking about time and space
and how this life is not a race,
just before I woke up that morning.

Take me back to dreaming,
I’d be watching the stars fall down.
My tail chasing me this time.
Crashing into the ground.

Forget Footprints (6/2019)

Forget Footprints (6/2019)

One evening, a moon lit up oceans of snow,
revealing a highway where four soles would go.

Time piecing tiles for water to fall on.
Pictures, picture perfect. I fell right in.
Like lemons on a birthday, a trophy from a friend.

Never stopped to learn
how to say what should be said
to help me remain unknown
and two show up as soon as the other two go.
Show me your scars and I’ll trust you,
twirl and paint you brighter blues.

Light, piecing pigments for happy to nap on.
Pixels, picture perfect. I fell right in.
Like laughter on a birthday, a letter from a friend.

This evening, we stumbled up to our dreams.
These mirrors, showing footprints
where four feet had been.

Something’s so different. So much. The same.
Two went left right there,
two just disappeared.
Time out for finding, time out for flying.
Calm down, you’re flying.
Come down, you’re fine.
Pushing through, leaving time tapering
as though the past had never begun.

We walked, talking on the sand
never looking back.
We stumbled into our dreams.
Tomorrow sings a little louder,
brighter shade of you.

Can’t Bring That In Here (6/2019)

Can’t Bring That In Here (6/2019)

Little teeny tiny man
slid off a bun into a can
that opened up as it cooled down.
A thread was rolling on the ground.

Little teeny tiny guy,
sees wood crack strings into a sky
that walked right in as it got dark.
A cool, false, wind crawled through the park.

Fountains will ruin strangers days
and they aren’t listening to what you say.

Another one’s gone, say goodbye,
Don’t look at me, look in. He’s running.
I see diamonds. They see sand. He’s running.

Little teeny tiny sir,
watching barrels, like a bird
that’s always late to leave the nest.
A moment here to catch my breath.

Little teeny tiny boy
dreamed of being like his toys,
they scaled up walls and never aged.
A human runs out of a cage.

I see a diamond while they see sand.
Look out, he’s running again.

Not The Coffee (6/2019)

Not The Coffee (6/2019)

Didn’t see myself sleeping once,
I was so awake.
Maybe it was the coffee.
Maybe I just wasn’t watching.
Maybe it’s the thinking that leads me
to the thought that I’ll ever catch me dreaming.

Sunshine, drifting.
Scars will lift me.
We’re fine, you with me?
I’ve never known where I’m going
or what I’m doing
or how they see me,
so I keep to myself, breathing,
wondering if I’m still sleeping.

Floating downstream.
I was awake for years.
Sometimes I still am,
only during the day these days.
Dreaming when I can.

Didn’t see myself leaving once,
I fell out of touch.
Maybe it was the coffee.
Maybe I just wasn’t watching.
Maybe it’s the knowing that’s bringing me
to the notion that none of this is dreaming.

Floating downstream.
I was awake for years,
Sometimes I still am,
only during the day these days.
Dreaming when I can.

Are things still dreams when they happen?
Why do they always seem to happen?
Maybe I’ve already thought of it all.
Watch long enough and I’ll figure it out,
little better maybe,
definitely different.
You spoke and I listened.

By my side, we were walking.
The future followed us, talking.
You brought the book that our lives made,
while the thought of it all sat
and glistened in the shade.

Laughter and Lines (5/2019)

Laughter and Lines (5/2019)

We were wandering in our puddle
just left of the middle of America.

Old tunes waltzed right out the doors of your ride,
in your element around this time that year.
People, they were lining up.
Crazies, they were stopping.
Plans, like planets, they were all dropping.
Got forgotten.
Nobody knew they were gonna be late
dancing with strangers, clowns and warriors
‘til 10 o’clock in the morning.

We saw the sunset rise that night.
You looked at me, with your shining light,
and that’s when we hit the beginning.
Spinning vinyl child always dug that style.
Hand me that handle and take it from the top.
I swore the whole world started moving again.
How couldn’t it? Why wouldn’t it?
When it all started, this mind or that heart
or one or the other, the same thing that night,
stopped spinning as they both began to swim.

Cardboard sail’s burning a few feet out at sea.
He was looking at you
while you were looking at me.
We walked through woods to ship this out to sea
but it kept floating back, back like you and me.

Flying, ashes, lightning and cuffs.
Nothing that weekend was ever too much.
Soaring balloons stomping down on my head.
Pulling tails of animated characters,
are we there yet?
Some time in a cell,
some songs from turtles soared through my head,
left me thinking of sunrise, laughter and lines.
Will you be there? I was flying.

Life was light as air that night.
That was living life that night,
that was never dying.
That puddle a little left of the middle of America.
It was flying.

Space on the Sky (5/2019)

Space on the Sky (5/2019)

He just needed his feet up,
he couldn’t stand to sit down.
He just needed a moment,
but never saw the use in chasing time around.

In circles. Again.

He was so tired of back then
and he was so tired of moving on.
So he stayed in right now
so nothing could go wrong.
He took his shoes and socks off.
Spaced on the sky for a while
before he stood inside.

He just needed a memory,
he couldn’t remember a thing.
He just needed that moment
to show its face and strut back onto the scene.

Walked out to a table to back flip
through an old blue book.
Only written, only clues.
Forgotten moment, where are you?
Strut back onto the scene,
Moment, let me know that
that wasn’t all a dream.