Bring The Ocean (10/2019)

Bring The Ocean (10/2019)

Rippling, crashing like clouds to the ground.
Doesn’t recall if he really said that out loud.
Patience, like praying for a tide’s return.
Doesn’t recall if he really said that to her.
Come on, bring the ocean.

The wind blows blues out of order.
Tell him he’s crazy, he adores her.
She’s a tidal wave, changing it all out at sea.
Building up love, to demolish me.

Tumbling, softly like thoughts against wind.
Doesn’t recall if she really said that to him.
Loyal, like evening at the end of the day.
Doesn’t recall if she really said it that way.
Come on, bring the ocean.

The wave moves moods, a blue sky swims.
Tell her she’s lost it, no one’s like him.
He’s a cycling storm, drafting out soul in the breeze.
Stirring up love, to overwhelm me.

Soulful little bird singing on a shoulder
sings come back, sings come back, sings come back.
Sings won’t you listen to me?
Young man, tired, out standing on a beach.
Wind and waves like ocean and sand.
He doesn’t say a thing.
come on, demolish me.

Drip Castle (10/2019)

Drip Castle (10/2019)

He’d run until he ran out of land,
thinking, ‘maybe find me a mermaid.’
What he’d let slip away,
dripping through his hand
above the beach, down into a castle.

Sitting on the sand, eight feet east of the coastline.
Why do I stare at the crashing?
Why do I wander at night?
Why do I believe that these waves are listening?

Glimmer on the ocean, moon deflecting light.
Twinkle in the distance, the sparkle in her eyes.

As bright as the stars, and as out there as ever.

She’d go until she’d gone twice around,
singing, ‘come on, find me a calm shore.’
What she’d once hoped, for more,
swashing through her hands
beneath the beach, up into a castle.

Staring at the sand, little ways west of the coastline.
Why do I live in the crashing?
Why do I call out at night?
Why do I believe that those flames are listening?

Flicker on the foam’s edge, crackling little coal.
A fire where the tide ends, the warmth inside his soul.

As bright as the stars, and as out there as ever.

Others say it’s burned-out.
Others say she’s out there.

One Foot Tango (10/2019)

One Foot Tango (10/2019)

They’re on the road, he’s off his feet.
He spends his day preparing feasts that he’ll survive off
for a little bit less than a week.

Choppin’, he’s cookin’, bastin’, wastin’ no time,
hearing Hallelujah.
Got all day to go nowhere.
Hoppin’, he’s hurtin’, bakin’, makin’ good time,
humming Aphrodite.
Too many days to do nothin’.

Sips on coffee pots and thinks, he should stop.
Got to, gotta sit still, wanna rock.
Haul it all over this hill one last time,
come on, join the circus.

When are you coming back?
Come on. Join our circus.

Flippin’, he’s laughin’, grillin’, filled it with love,
singing Apollo’s song.
Got all day to get there now.
Drippin’, he’s waitin’, willin’, spilled it with love.
Humming Lioness Wright.
Too many days to remember.

It’s still out there, he’s off his feet.
He spends his day preparing things so he can lie down
for a little bit more than a week.

Just Enough (10/2019)

Just Enough (10/2019)

He was watching from the corner,
thinkin’, ‘I don’t have enough.’
She was dancing like she used to.
Singin’, ‘boy, you’re way too much.’

She was dancing by the bad door.
Singin’, ‘I’ve got way too much.’
He was watching like he used to.
Thinkin’, ‘love, you’re just enough.’

Belting movie tunes just before Halloween.
They wonder if they remember,
knowing they’ll always understand.

Roaring, making moves.
Please act as though you never knew.
Quiet, napalm news he’d previously received,
so he understood what was happening.

He was floating in her freedom,
thinkin’, ‘I don’t have a clue.’
She was jumping on an old bed
singin’, ‘boy, you know it’s you.’

She was living like a rebel
singin’, ‘what happened to you?’
He was writing on an old bed
thinkin’, ‘love, I left the clues.’

Worn, but built with patience to barrel past anything.
Desert, midwest, mazes, phases, following, falling,
or chasing every dream, or everything it seems.
They’ll always understand.

Eyes Were Gleamin’ (10/2019)

Eyes Were Gleamin’ (10/2019)

Her old song’s thoughts falling from his speaker,
sounding a lot like his.
He stood out
on a balcony,
speaking with the stars again,
feeling like last night they listened.

Wondering, scribbling
when it shook like back in the day,
tune-box dropped keep your head up,
like they listened.
A little congratulations meant the world.
So out of the blue and always on time.

And he smiled.

Speaks to the sky at night,
thinks things only get dark so that we can know light.
Take care of a kind soul, the world’s bravest knight,
and help me to get where we’re going.

Accent man’s life fell out of a speaker,
feeling a lot like his,
he stood up
on a balcony.
Speaking with the stars again,
feeling like last night they listened.

Patiently living. Always forgiving.
They don’t lose it, they leave it up ahead.
Standing outside to speak to some stars before bed,
feeling like last night they listened.
She’s always right on time,
so he still holds belief.
They’ll get what they need.

Life to Dead (10/2019)

Life to Dead (10/2019)

It flowed, you must’ve known that.
That sort of wisdom, those stories
will send ripples ‘til the end of time,
down a southwest road, into souls,
up into a still standing palace.

We arrived on the same day, forty-four years apart.
Hope to be half as wise, hope to be half as smart.
Soundtrack to a tribe of generations of lives,
free folks seeking out a little bit more.

Few fingers and a soulful sound singing,
scaling your words,
bringing the dead to life.
Up and fly away.

High time’s singing about me right now.
Stellar, blue and he’s gone.
Cup of cold coffee, honest man, the way she shines.
Getting us home where we belong.

Summer homes, stations, Cherise.
Eyes, inspiration, artwork mandolins.
Brought the dead to life,
brought soul some context
and I still have so much time to hear your story.

To me, at the very least, it flowed.
I got up and wandered.

Fox and Kids (9/2019)

Fox and Kids (9/2019)

When speaking of the world,
children are ill. Must be. Brains be sick, they’re crazy.
Oh, but it comes to the bodies, they gotta know
right and wrong. The adults are sick, they’re crazy.
They land on both sides,
too little to know and old enough to decide
at the same time.
Which is it?
She’s brilliant.
No mistakes, it’s yours now.
Watch out.

Trying to save this place,
grown-up plastic face.
TV talkers. Contradictors.
Knock her down when you should lift her.

Funny, little soul crushing demon’s dreams, a walk out.
Look at all these people
standing on the street.
Everything has an impact
and everyone thinks they know.
How could they know that it’s ‘nothing’?

This thing’s melting.
Burn both ends of the candle for right now.
Seems to you, your time’s the only time.
Have you ever stopped for a second
to sit and consider tomorrow?

You read what’s written on a screen, do you think?
Trees breathe, like life leaves.