Five A.M. (11/2017)

Five A.M. (11/2017)

Where did that line go?
It was just right here.
I stopped to get it down and it disappeared.

Must you move my strings?
The great puppeteer.
I keep on moving ‘til I disappear.

And I fall asleep.
And I’ll never know.
And I’ll bite my tongue.
You slowly told me
That you already know me.

How did you get here?
Where did I go?
Don’t think too much or you’ll never know.

Why are we leaving?
Where is your glow?
You’ve done enough, you already know.

I’ll just fall asleep.
I’ll just never know.
And I bit my tongue
As you slowly told me
‘Forget leaving your dreams.’

Drops on Sunday (11/2017)

Drops on Sunday (11/2017)

Drop into the city.
Blindly find my way.
Rain walks on our windows.
How was your day?

I will come back for you.
No matter how high.
Where is my parachute?
How do I fly?

You seem to soar inside among the laughter
All the while knowing there could be more.
I can always hear a little more.
Listen a little more.
Listen a little.
A little, listen.

Nothing happens on a rainy day.
Give me the word and I’ll find my way.

Believe that you’re happy.
The start of the show.
One falls down from above,
A smile bestowed.

I’ve never had a clue.
Please leave one behind.
You have no parachute.
How do you fly?

Give me the word and I’ll find my way.
Sunday drops to windows inhabited.
I don’t know why.
Stay away from me, gravity.

Headed Your Way (11/2017)

Headed Your Way (11/2017)

How is it sunny with so much rain?
What is creative? What is insane?

Why don’t you smile? Where is your pain?
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train.
I’m headed your way.

Star-lit lips, a hand on her hip.
She shoots, then blows on her two fingertips.
Never at me. As if I don’t exist.

Day and night slide, the start of a trip.
She whispers, ‘quiet’ on one fingertip.
She looks toward me, but again we miss.

How is it sunny with so much rain?
What is creative? What is insane?

Why don’t you smile? Where is your pain?
There’s a light out there and it’s not a train.
I’m headed your way.

This city’s skyline has shoulders.
She lives like she’s never getting older.
A feeling so free, nothing could own her.

While memory lane gets colder,
I stroll through without ever getting older,
Re-living all the secrets that I told her.

I aim for hearts and I always miss.
Today’s the start of a life-long trip.
Feel free and settle down.

No Land to Land On (11/2017)

No Land to Land On (11/2017)

I woke up sweating to the ceiling spinning.
Maybe the ceiling is a fan.
So why am I so worried?

Through these waves
I can’t see my ceiling.
These weeks are getting longer
And it’s only been a day.

Perfect and unstable.
It’s always all the same now.
Perfectly unstable.
I’ll find a way out.
Perfect or unstable?
Find out any day now.

It’s all the same ‘til we dance it away.
I don’t know who I am.
But I should find out any day now.

I just fly in my mind and there’s no land to land on.
Up in the air.
There is no right, there is no wrong.

I run around in circles with no tail to chase, it’s gone.
I’m on my knees.
Somebody left. Somebody’s wrong.

I get tired.
I get dizzy from all the spinning.
Oceans and the ceiling.

Morning’s to Blame (11/2017)

Morning’s to Blame (11/2017)

Then always sits just behind Now.
Wondering what he will do differently.
He gets going and he stops.
‘I can’t stop stopping me.’

If this is what better feels like,
Take me back to the same.
Only morning’s to blame as these dreams fade away.

Before you get it down.
Can’t get it all down and
Can never remember
In the morning.

She always stands right beside him.
Wandering with him, he moves differently.
He gets going, he can’t stop.
She says ‘chop-chop’ to me.

And then it is the morning.
Forgotten in the morning.
Before I get it down.
Before I can remember.

It happens every morning.

Once These Days (11/2017)

Once These Days (11/2017)

Dirt dusted shoes
Walked away
Down desert detour roads.
Pursuit of pleasure.
Happiness gets complicated.

Tell you once, once these days.
You’ve stopped learning.
You just need a little more,
Man your heart is burning.

Show me something better.

Something to believe in.
Not easily believing.
Soon I’ll probably be leaving.
Somebody believe me.
A part of me is leaving me.
Somebody believe in me.

Time moves under feet.
Years today.
Calm. Concrete. Colored roads.
Pursuing pleasure.
Happiness is complicated.

Years don’t mean a thing.
Nothing’s measured.
How’d this get so complicated?

Wine, a Water (11/2017)

Wine, a Water (11/2017)

We’ll circle in the sand.
Talk about the year.
Did you settle with your devils?
Did you conquer all your fears?

Leaving for a while.
Question the whole year.
We still mingle with our devils.
Ignoring any fears.

One glass of wine, a water.
Two shots of life.

Stringing good days together.

Some times don’t make sense.
Times like this last year.
We start lying to our devils.
Persuading them as peers.

Living out today.
Forgiving these past years.
Dangling laughter at our devils.
They’re running from our mirrors.

I can’t find a way to tell you
What you don’t already know.
I was only left because I was right.
Started stringing good days together.

One glass of wine, a water.
We’ve had so many shots at life.