Down to Build It (5/2019)

Down to Build It (5/2019)

Hurricane mermaid, felt you coming.
Steady, slowed and ready to steal me away.
I saw it, I saw it all, I saw everything in that night.
Shore, shore, it’s fine, saw it all.
The storm that swam underneath the marquee.

Carefree worrier, cautious warrior
reconvening one day under sunshine.
Hurricane mermaid saw it all coming.
Never stay, can’t leave, anyway. Never running.
Keep swimming
while we cultivate our own gardens,
reconvening when they’re ready.

After it storms for a while.
A little sunshine’s bound to breakthrough.

Maybe change our names and replant this thing.
Floating so long, losing roots.
Dropped off in the desert.
Water and sunshine myself.
Swear I’ve been through this before.
The brightest flowers seem to sink
before blooming again.
The way love stumbles through life,
rumbling through this garden.
Petals push themselves,
coloring hills, hues of future and familiar.
Always understanding
what sleeps inside of a storm.

Hurricane come back again.
Tear a house down to build it.
Hurricane, won’t you be my friend?
Wash away whatever with time
and watch as it begins.
Wash away whatever with time.

My God (4/2019)

My God (4/2019)

My god is a song.
Off-notes, letting demons throw down.
Working toward my favorite version.

My god is a song.
Skipped hits, little lies for no reason.
Working toward an early version.

Sometimes the song is a moment.
Sometimes the song is this life.
Sometimes the song gets forgotten.
Sometimes it’s something I write.

Better – never real, only preference.
Play through this lifetime with reverence.
There’s work to be done, but I’m learning
and I’ve always liked this part.

My god is a song.
Hit peaks, doing fascinating things.
Working toward my most beautiful version.

My god is a song.
Heart-notes are handwritten letters.
Working toward what’s,
to my ears,
a perfect version.

Starts so slow,
gets weird,
then whispers.

Play it gently.
Play it, beautiful.

Finally Thoughtless (4/2019)

Finally Thoughtless (4/2019)

Light struts,
bringing deep darkness brighter words.
Lifetimes listening, but never heard.

Who would talk so loud?
Why the grand performance?
Sap, soft, delicate, dangles from a tree.
Sweetness seeping,
still or moving.
Can’t tell. Never know. Leaving.
Just listening.

Time swings,
circles a far off thought that won’t speak.
Limbo. Listening. Bottom or peak.

Stew, and talk about,
then know no performance.
Live so patiently, angels on their knees.
Calming wonder,
thoughtless movie.
Just fell. Never know. Breathing.
Just listening.

Sweet, sweet strings waving with the wind.
Wind chimes sing, steering this a little further.
Strings stretched, they heard her.
Leaves were breathing, leaving no doubt.

Deep Rest (4/2019)

Deep Rest (4/2019)

Set my head down here, come back when I’m ready.
Forget me.

Set my heart down here, come back when it’s ready.
Forget me.

What don’t I remember?
What can’t I forget?
Where’d that morning smile go?
Where’d I put my head?

Deep rest.
Seconds for souls to get some sleep.
Run for years, a shell of me.
Fighting with the best of me,
until I get the best of me
and drag my tail back to where I left me.

Buried my Self by the water and saguaro.
Knew I’d come back for me.
Always come back from me,
just a little after tomorrow.
Left my soul by the water and saguaro.
Took my time to find me
when I got deep rest.

Make no sense of happy without deep rest.

Sailing (4/2019)

Sailing (4/2019)

She was lightning in slow motion.
What we think we’re needing.
I sold my soul and it killed me.
The wind is her, I hear it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

She was icing on a cherry.
What I think I’m hearing.
Won’t sell my soul, it won’t kill me.
The wind is her, I need it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

I’ll see you when I’m through.
Once I’m done with what I said I’d do.
One day doing everything I’d ever thought of.
I’ll see you when I get up there.

She is double rainbow gold,
what I know‘s not leaving.
Don’t touch my soul, but feed it.
The wind is her, I feel it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

She’s a swimming smile in sinking seas,
what I know I’m feeling.
Just hold my soul, and breathe it.
The wind is her, I heed it.
So, why isn’t she near me?

There’s a little purple in the sky tonight,
I’m talkin’, better believe I’m listening.
I’ve been praying for mountains,
I’ve been hoping they’ll swim.
I’ve been fighting for me these days.
Feeling free when we learn it’s all always been ok.

A Million Chucks (4/2019)

A Million Chucks (4/2019)

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Money blows on down the street
and I got a buck now.
Guess I feel like Chuck now.

Loving doesn’t ever leave.
Loving stays inside of me,
and I don’t give a fuck now.
I guess, I feel like Chuck now.

Walking the morning’s sidewalk, I ran into me.
I was balanced near the road,
and I was living in my phone.
I fell there.

Walking across the crosswalk, I ran over me.
I was flying down the road,
and I had stopped to say hello.
Left me there.

Something, somehow always speaks,
something deep inside of me.
So, I don’t need no luck now.
Guess I feel like Chuck now.

Somehow, this thing always beats.
Somehow, doesn’t stop to think.
It’s floating like a duck now.
Guess it feels like Chuck now.

Space, like Everything (4/2019)

Space, like Everything (4/2019)

Way out there, crossing every line,
a sun set and every color commenced their rhyme.
There wasn’t a feeling of time,
like we’d always been there.

We don’t know what’s gonna be right,
but we feel it if it’s gonna be wrong.
Wondering about more than me now
and these days are still my song.
Standing still, those hands just keep on spinning.

Time flies the opposite pace of heart rates.
Speed up, slow down.
Wind hands back around.
Spin out, get found.
Still, in me, feel my sound,
so I know we’re gonna get there.

Space like greed, more we have, less we need.
Up fast, down slow.
Hands wind back, they know.
Faceplant and grow.
Soon be ‘we’, watch us go.
That’s how we’re gonna get there.