Stacked Storms (8/2018)

Stacked Storms (8/2018)

Below your toes, just above your waist.
Inside, find bottom. You dig in, escape.
Under the clouds, ahead of the night.
Outside, jump in. Take the biggest dive.

To the right of those and just above a bed.
Beneath the thoughts that crawl inside your head
You walk a trail on top of this shelf.
Looking down, you’re smiling at yourself.

Show whites through a storm that I just got out of.
Small, but built so strong that she’s never over.
I basically ate up the trail.
Me, messily.
Wade carefully.
Stone’s slippery.
Focus your eyes and feel you breathe.
You and you are all you need.
I left all of the signs.

Take it so slow. Walk through all the waste.
You’ll feel the bottom before you escape.
Just past the marker that I colored in,
Where you see the light is not where it ends.

Grind your way out, find familiar touch.
If you get that lost, you’ll learn so much.
One day you walk in and realize you’re fine,
You see that you’ve still got all of your time.

Under an ear, deep inside a heart,
I take in what critics would call art.
On your rooftop, four feet go sing to stars.
We can see that we’ve come so far.
Never looking back.
All those storms that someone stacked.

Rapids and Ripples (8/2018)

Rapids and Ripples (8/2018)

He could build a big beard, grab a sleeve, run away.
Get a dog and a van, have no plans, have all day.
Shout, ‘I’ve never felt so free. Look at me.’

But, honestly, anybody can do that.
How many others do you make feel that free?
Do you bring nothing? Do you bring glee?
Do you live so selfishly?
All about me?

Today he’s not ‘anybody’.
Works through it and sails away,
Once everyone’s in and ready.

One day, not right now.
He’s just got too much to get out.
Too many souls to stir and smiles to bring,
Tears to cry and songs to sing.
That, and he’s never been known to run away.
Easy way out brings doubt, he works through it.
Doesn’t know what he’s doing.

He’d still get a dog though.
He’d be a rock.
And then he’d roll.
Just waiting for what happens,
Maybe something’s about to happen.

He could float down a canyon,
Wasting all of his days.
Moving with water and blowing away.
Say, ‘have you ever felt so free?’
Have you ever laughed so hard
That you left your feet?
That’s what it’s all about, filled glasses.
He ignored all the classes.
Rapids and ripples, to him, are the same.
He knows he’ll get away one of these days.
He’ll still float when he can, though.
He’ll still float every day.

Rapids and ripples, like days, are the same.

Nothing Surrounding (8/2018)

Nothing Surrounding (8/2018)

I am not a liar, I just take my time.
I live on a wire, sometimes I am fine.

I am not a writer, I’m just wasting ink.
I swam in a fire, and then fell down my sink.

I spilled inside myself and this is all new.
I can feel my toes and I can’t find my blues.

I’m a little unclear.
I know what everyone’s thinking,
So I think people know what I’m thinking,
But they’re just confused. Blue.

Please tell me what other people see in me.
Please tell me what is happening.
Please tell me why I feel this way,
When I know everything’s ok.

I walk alone, I don’t run around.
I’m a little different.
Trust me, trusting.
I’ve only had three.

I am not like lightning, I don’t go away.
I do not like lying, what if I had stayed?

I am not a wonder. I was just confused.
I am not like thunder, I don’t want to scare you.

I walk outside myself to feel where I go.
I sit with the stars and they never know.

I peel it all off.
I climb to a cliff.
My feet leave
and I am released,
Bubbles and nothing surrounding me.
I am free.
Nothing on my mind for a minute.

Half Past Jackson (8/2018)

Half Past Jackson (8/2018)

Driving on the coast, midnight under the moon.
Flying like thieves, leaving all that they brought.
We’re on our way now and we won’t get caught.

Crawling up the road, sunrise under the moon.
Floating like leaves falling for the first time.
Fall and rise, left and right, and we’re always fine.

Early morning, the sun was stretching blues.
Buzzing like bees seeking some lunchtime shade,
Knowing it’ll all cool down one of these days.

Walking with the sand, tomorrow comes too soon.
Sinking like hands that never cared about time,
I’m at that point in life where it all starts to rhyme.

I stood inside and wrote about a radio.
I sat outside around this time a little over a year ago.
Nobody talking to me, but me.
But I knew I’d be alright.

I sat outside and wrote about an old road.
I stood inside around this time a little over a year ago.
Nobody singing to me, but me.
But I knew I’d be alright.

I never felt home at home.
I only fall sleep alone.
Wrote about a radio.
I wrote about an old road.

Life, Like Rain (8/2018)

Life, Like Rain (8/2018)

You think that you’re breaking.
You don’t know you bend.
You feel like collapsing,
and you think it’s the end.

I’d take all your rain.
I’d take all your sorrow.
I’d make all your days,
and work for you tomorrow.

If you would sing your song to me.

We live right now and always find our way.
What do you see when you close your eyes?
Life, like rain, weighs us down
until nothing feels too heavy.
Shaping hearts that cannot lie.

You’d dance in the rain.
You’d have no more sorrow.
You would live your days
Not worried about tomorrow.

We’d go down this road.
I’d be your best friend.
You would hold my hand.
The road would never end.

Open the window and tuck my soul in tonight.
What do you see when you close your eyes?
Float up Eldridge hill, dreaming of bed,
Dreams are just memories we haven’t lived yet.

By The Pool (8/2018)

By The Pool (8/2018)

Oh, little hotel room mansion.
Floating plastic lemons, sitting by the pool.
Wade in water by more water,
Not worried about not getting paid.

Black and white cartoons and answers.
I’ve never known how to take them.
By the water, in a pool, watching the weather,
I didn’t hear the question.

The Queen’s singin’, let it be.
She’s waitin’ until you come back to me.
Rock steady bass lines, she’s preaching.
Respect, think think, a brand new me.

What it is?

Humidity, lounged on a green coral seat.
Surrounded by screens putting it all out of reach.
Lemons floated in the storm,
While I sat back and watched it fall.

Old soul spills from new speakers.
A storm is falling, my mind’s on a mountain.
Her sound’s in my head.
I lounge here, with me. Pleasantly.
Write alone, waiting.
Let me have your rain and all of your lightning.

Jump on Water (8/2018)

Jump on Water (8/2018)

Hear these same songs in this same spot.
Nothing at all’s the same anymore.
It all feels so different.
Head to toe, connected.

Hammer and nails, miles of tile.
I’m out of myself and happy and free,
I guess I just wish you were right here, with me.

You can sell furniture, I can sell smiles.
We’ll go be ourselves just for a while.
I’ll see your eyes, you’ll feel my heart.
We’ll find the end and then we will start.

I’ll go jump on water, you can ride the wake.
You go out and travel, I’ll bake you a cake.
Find me when you’re ready.
Find me when you’re not.
They say I could have everything,
Your heart is all I want.

I saw your station, today at the park.
Oh, I love your light, the way I love your dark.
They were laughing. Tonight, lightning.
We’ll be laughing,
There’s no sense in trying to make sense of time.
In time we will be laughing.

Oh, these same songs in different cities.
So I can speak to you,
And hope that you hear me.

In time we’ll sing together.
In time we will be free.
In time we will be laughing.
In time we will be free.