Subway to Silence (5/2019)

Subway to Silence (5/2019)

I’ve followed you for years, around.
And I’d catch up if you’d slow down.
We built this thing so it would last
and rode together through our whole past.

Little leaf left yesterday
fell off to blow with the wind.
Said he ain’t comin’ back today
with a crooked grin.
Without words. In his eyes.
Sayin’ he had something to do.

He sat on the subway, wondering.
Another ride between the headlines.
Strangers struggle to fold the news and
I don’t know where I’m going,
but I know this isn’t my stop.
This isn’t when I think I’m gonna make the drop.

If you would just come down.
If this would all just slow down.
If you could just make the music not so loud,
have a breath, listen to your own sound,
you know, I’d give you back your crown.
Nobody ever stole it, got forgotten by the water
so many years ago. All those years ago.
I’m so tired of walking.
Sit down, space in silence.
Where nobody’s reading the news,
been carrying this forever.

Sat right between the headlines.
Stared out sliding windows to see more inside.
He was leavin’ town, crooked grin in his eyes.
On his lap, a crown and ten thousand nights,
his smile stood there, staring down life.

Taking it. Bringing it.
Underground to a different part of town.
Just gotta slow it all down.

Catching Lemons (5/2019)

Catching Lemons (5/2019)

Left our heads with the towels, shirts and shade.
We just jumped right in,
we’ve never been good at waiting.

She was so cool, she froze up.
Said, ‘you’re both fools’, she knows us.
Saw right through the last two years.
Gave us the stuff we don’t like to hear.

We were tossing lemons in the pool.
it was Tuesday and we had no idea.
I’m supposing we didn’t care, caught in space.
We were catching lemons like the old days.
Floating on our backs, back to our old ways.
Relaxing, not sure if it’s still Tuesday,
first time in a while.

She was so warm, she melted.
Said, ‘ride the storm’, she felt it.
Saw the songs between our ears,
sang, ‘you never listened the last two years.’

Right. Our heads are with the towels and shade.
We’ll just stay right here,
I feel we’ve earned a few moments in space.

We’ll just throw some lemons,
we’ll all be just fine.
We’ll just float here, down on earth,
we’ll all take our time.
Take our time for the first time in a while.

You say too much, there’s silence.
Like in lemons, like in life.
Take some time for the first time in a while.

Center of Gravity (5/2019)

Center of Gravity (5/2019)

He’s no genius, enigma, just fix it, he thinks.
He says, ‘I think, maybe, they don’t think enough.
Maybe, don’t feel enough.
Always have, always will was said.
Maybe just a little different
and there’s always music in the background.

There’s just so much out there.
So many people out there.
So many things to see.
They’ve seen it the whole time and
I’ve never known what’s happening,
so where is my center of gravity?

People you have wrapped around your finger,
drown them out like rings down drains.
Where’d we leave those things?
Is it just me, or has everybody else gone insane?
How do they not see
what’s going to be happening?

I think they wound up writing a book about it,
but he built a cabinet and croaked
on a mountain near a desert, something like that.
Then a buncha people believed him.
I don’t know, didn’t read it.
What if this is our last dinner?
Be sure to pile your plate. Take a second, helping.
Serve it up. Breathing.
Nobody believes me.

People lose their minds sometimes.
I never lose it, just leave it.
Just gotta leave some things sometimes,
come back when you’re ready.’

But, that was just him talking.
He never knew what he was talking about.
They never knew what he was thinking about.
He never knew what was happening,
and he found no use in a center of gravity.

He said, ‘gravity seems to walk on me.’

High Ceilings (5/2019)

High Ceilings (5/2019)

Fish bait humans into things they can’t get out of.
Never stopped to wonder if they’d still swim.
It’s all about halfway to the brim,
so how would you like to look at it?

Saturdays, she’s walkin’ ‘round town,
talkin’ to clowns about his head.
She’s still in bed with plenty of room to roll around.
Big bed rolling down a street,
with plenty of reasons to roll around.

Whispers of, ‘get going.
distance is not knowing.’
Crooked teeth trudge back to showing
time that smiles can out fight anything.
I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Little goldfish, just breathe.
Why you swimming upstream?
Little dive in, wrong time, with me.
The current was a little too strong.
A little stronger than it was supposed to be.

Swear this fish could walk on land,
had plenty of room to roll around and
I’m sure I’ll never see anything quite like it again.
Little goldfish, one day, gonna be my friend.
One of these days roll around, downstream,
walking, jumping on beds,
with ceilings too high to hit our heads.

Stuck in nothing and we couldn’t get out of it.
Am I who’s still in bed?
We never dreamed we’d get by.
Swear that goldfish will fly.
Just gotta stop walkin’ upstream.
Gotta stop walkin’
back to where we’ve already been.

Vestibule Blues (5/2019)

Vestibule Blues (5/2019)

Wind slowly wanders this world, tallying tales,
walking on water, cycling the sea.
I know you, do you know me?

Constellations get stapled to the sky
and I wake up as you say goodbye,
I’m always rushing in the morning.
What day is it when it’s more than just a feeling?
Dangling lights leave me reeling.

Maybe I’ll never know them as well as I did before.
Maybe they realized there’s more
than one door to the same place.
Stepped back from the wall
and they were right in front of their face.

Breathe in, breathe out.
Day in, day out.
I left no doubt, but that never got me anywhere.
No doubt never got me anywhere.

Talks that tiptoed the night took us there.
Thoughts step to nothing, write before they sink.
I know you, do you know me?

Shouldn’t Have Tried To Stand There (5/2019) years

Shouldn’t Have Tried To Stand There (5/2019) years

Listen up, lady your afternoon is my life.
I’m moving and I can’t move
and now the doctor’s off to South Africa too.
I’ve been up, tracking down a new one.

He just fell off a chair.
Customers sat there and stared
flipped lids while you stood outside
and then we asked you to talk about it.

Lady, you’re lookin’ at me?
I just didn’t want the corn.
If you only knew what I’m thinking.
Lady, I’m eating.
This hurts and my heart’s not helping.
I picked him up and my right leg fell off.
Left it right there.

Meter maid, leave. Your afternoon will be better.
I’m walkin’ and it hurts to go,
don’t make me come back.
I paid for it, you can trust me.

Listen up, lady.
I arrived, with the tacos, at the same time.
So, why’d you make assumptions?
I just didn’t want the corn and
he just shouldn’t have stood there.
An office chair rolled inside from the sidewalk
while we walked across the street.
Red, white, blue lights ran off screaming.
Really, I’m not sure of the colors.
I don’t know that it ever even made a sound.
I just can’t remember,
maybe I never learned.
It’s the two greatest things on a roll,
so how is it overrated?
Say what you want, I’ll eat it, eat, ate it already?
Whatchoo doin’ with yer hands, lady?
He’s still walking,
so you’re on his time right now.

I’ll Be The Sand (5/2019)

I’ll Be The Sand (5/2019)

Untied the tangle up here to spill a few thoughts
about thinking, love and living.
Though, I’m not certain I really know a thing.
Like, you’d be a queen, but I’ll never be a king.

So, we’ve got imagination.

I’ll be the sand, ready to play.
You’ll be the wind, you’ll blow me away.

I’ll be the sunset, you’ll be the wake.
You’ll wander, roving, while my mirror shakes.

I’ll be the moon and you’ll be a star,
and I’ll come and go, while you shine so hard.

You’ll be the ocean and I’ll be the sand,
and you’ll pummel me and I’ll understand.

I’ll be the sand. I understand.
Show up, blow me away.

So, we’ve got imagination
and footprints by the sea.
You’d be a queen,
but I don’t think I’ll ever be a king.
Seems life is living, love and thinking.
I’ll be the sand.
Please, show up, blow me away.