How’s My Weather? (1/2018)

How’s My Weather? (1/2018)
Didn’t mean lose me on the beach by the border.
And I wish I had stayed
while she was building surfboards, and more.
Watch her smile, create, I’m always late.
She said she works too much,
her back hurt.
I was so lost that I left when I wanted to stay.
I still think about that day.

I get confused by letters.
I get confused by words.
Invisible smiles, my toneless text,
one day, maybe, I’ll learn.

Letters and words, why do some stay?
I worry that I may have thrown some away.
But, I’ll uncrumple this all one day.

Never meant to spill me on the mountain either.
Wanted to split,
it got booked on my biggest night. My mind.
Watch us smile, create. You’re always late.
I said I do too much,
my head hurts.
I was so lost. I stayed when I wanted to go.
I just thought that you should know.

I get confused by memories.
I get confused by thought.
I’ve learned it’s all love and patience now.
So, now those are all that I’ve got.

I lost me on a beach,
I couldn’t read my weather.
I lost me on a mountain
and I found me in a desert.

Untitled Sunset (1/2019)

Untitled Sunset (1/2019)
Clouds steeped in puddles,
the sun was losing steam.
Trees were losing focus,
like roots chasing a dream.

Fire was in the water,
old sand was way up high.
Footprints in the distance,
I looked into my eyes.

‘Let me live,
not so big.
Only what I’m needing.’

Threw some thoughts in the sky tonight.
Tossed some love in the fire.
I watched while they rippled out.
I saw love beyond the clouds,
and thoughts, they stretched the sun.

Gaze into the evening,
all these mountains float.
Hanging on the surface
like paintings people wrote.

Staring down at sunset,
shoelace shaking night,
my thoughts under colors,
I step into the sky.

‘Let me live,
not so big.
Only what I’m needing.’

I stretched the sun when I stopped to breathe.
But, who am I to know what’s happening?

Everything’s In Pencil (1/2018)

Everything’s In Pencil (1/2018)
Baker, could you tell me what time it is?
Doctor, how long I got left?
I’m steady, I’m ready when you are.
My calendar’s just penciled in.
With your pen, I go.
I take a stroll down old foggy roads.

Safety pin skirt. We’re in the dirt.
You’re free if I strut a straight line.
Religion’s head wobbling, whiskey, wine.
Are we there yet? Donkey sang.
Swinging, bats in a cage.
Welcome to the big leagues boys.
Watch water balloons out in left field.
Launch. They’re in line, they’re dancing.
Under the moon, they’re dancing.

Little cake figurine figuring it all out.
Takin’ what’s needed, little time for breathin’.
Findin’ the ground, should be so proud.
Hardened days are leavin’.
It was raining and we smiled.

Wind blowing, balance on the interstate.
I always liked the look of your face.
I was gettin’ locked up,
you were goin’ down the road.
Lifetimes worth of seasons’ change.
One day, maybe, life explains,
so I follow it down this road.

Wherever this road’s gonna go,
I hope we don’t ever know.
Bury us and watch us grow,
we’ll find a little sunshine.

Morning Jay (1/2018)

Morning Jay (1/2018)
Came across an old man that I’ve met before,
at the station.
Blocked off, filled up,
we spoke about dreams, looney bins,
my old sins, and then I went on my way.

He said boy, ‘you’re creative’s peaking.’
He doesn’t know what I got in the tank.
I thanked him, I think.

Asking for change in exchange for
washing windows.
I said no. Wasn’t broke,
I just wanted to roll.

Thought about a woman that I’ve missed before,
at the station.
Blocked off, filled up.
We’d speak about dreams, looney bins,
all our sins. We’d see those again someday.

Hey lady, is your soul singing?
Only you know what fills up your tank.
She thanks me, I think.

Beg me for change, rearrange all
this slow motion.
She said wait. It’s all fate,
you can’t ever be late.

Some thoughts sometimes stay.

My number hit,
old lever flicked,
two shoes clicked and I was on my way,
beginning my today.

Fix the Mirror (1/2018)

Fix the Mirror (1/2018)
See a whole life behind me.
Tilt the mirror, sail the road.
I’ve got to do this on my own.

Oh, sky blue lights behind me.
Fix the mirror, feel the heat.
Steal the money, rinse and repeat.

Never see what the signs read.
Sunrise can be blinding.
Now everything’s behind me.
Now, everything’s ahead.

Green trees, with no leaves, carve the clouds.
I am the only sound,
I am out where there is no crowd
and I am surrounded by purple.

There’s one way out, behind me.
Flip the mirror, take it slow.
I did it all and they don’t know.

Left delayed doubt behind me.
From the mirror, pupils shrink.
The calming light that morning brings.

Left my shadow behind me.
Left that all behind me.

Lectures on Funny (1/2019)

Lectures on Funny (1/2019)
Funny how we run when life’s frozen.
Easier to get it out when it’s all easy.
Lectures with ourselves.
At the podium, in the back row at the same time.
Not paying attention.
Give ourselves the worst advice.
Worried about rats, we surround us with traps.
Feel trapped, snap, but there’s cheese, atleast.

So we don’t make any noise.

Funny how we freeze when we’re moving.
Likely to soften with a little sunshine.
When, and where, it’s all easy.
We all just keep going, going
to where we think we should be, seemingly,
but nobody knows.
I don’t think we’ve thought about wrong.
Worried about right, we surrounded us with life.
Real life. Right? So we’re here, atleast.

We don’t have any choice.

Still a rock or two in our shoes.
One day we’ll be out there, walking.
Only stopping when we want to, walking.

Who’s Painting? (1/2019)

Who’s Painting? (1/2019)
One day,
I’d love to live
where the fringe of the sea collides with the sky.
Discover where those colors went, who’s painting?
Don’t dissolve these, live where all those colors went,
out by the toes of the sky.

Yesterday may be the same as tomorrow.
The way purple plays with water.
Unzip this ceiling, fill in the sky,
out where the colors and ocean collide.

Where I’ll spend my time.
Dip my toes in turquoise.
Where I’ll spend my time.
Colors and tides gently colliding.