Out of Touch (3/2020)

Out of Touch (3/2020)

Snowflake, mermaid, stranded in the sand.
Corncob, cactus, seeking steady land.

Board game, phone call, bringing brighter smiles.
Outside, rooftop, man I miss that wild.

There’s gotta be hope out there somewhere
in this world that’s bursting apart.

She’s just singing, ‘Slow it down.
Storm’s not out to get you,
destroying things that we don’t need.
Exposing those disguising greed.
Right to the root of things,
clearing a path for you and me.’

Out of touch.

Railroad, cross town, trucking to a dream.
Red wine, two wheels, stitching up a seam.

Old pond, laughing, just like way back then.
Brown tail, wagging, happy, two best friends.

Looking back, they were out on the lake.
Hands on their hips, just standing on the water.
Four legs runnin’ around sampling pies on the ground.
Right to the root of things,
clearing a path for you and me.

Inside Child (3/2020)

Inside Child (3/2020)

Why brush my teeth before coffee?
Why did I gleek on that guy?
They’ll never know it was crying,
I’ll just tell them that I’m high.

Why stay in here when there’s outside?
Why did I need to call then?
They’ll never know what I’m thinking,
I cannot show where I’ve been.

He went struttin, singing down the street,
How long til my people are allowed to be near me?
It’s been such a long time,
swear it’s been over a year,
and the last time,
wouldn’t doubt if they didn’t remember.
Sings, I remember it all.

Why walk around when my foot hurts?
Why did I not buy the cheese?
They’ll never know what is in there,
I’ll tell them I lost the keys.

Why stop a tune before playing?
Why did I feel like a child?
They’ll never know that they’re crazy,
I’ll write it’s me that is wild.

Been two weeks since he talked to anybody.
He’s been livin’ inside.
Sorting through old thoughts he’d left behind.

Back at the Day (3/2020)

Back at the Day (3/2020)

Bashful bubbles bound to pop,
show the world just what they’ve got.

Dripping droplets dust the ground,
soak the earth with light they found.

I took a look at the day.

Shiny sunsets shed some skin,
leave the day a lasting grin.

Wishful weather walks alone,
crushes storms and steals the throne.

I took a look at the day.
Storms leave, it seems.
Sunsets will always enthrall me.
People swarm, buzzing inside,
stuck with themselves when they can’t find the hive.
Personally? I’m doin’ alright, finding my way.
Just looking back at the day.

Getting Bored (3/2020)

Getting Bored (3/2020)

If I let my mind go
for more than a few moments
How will I know
what I will think of, and if it will return?
It could honestly go anywhere.

Through a TV to old scenes.
Cables, static, sitcoms, screens.
Fish tank, get me out, what of it’s what it seems?

Dwell in speakers like a bear.
Sleeping, hungry, way downstairs?
Spring time, simmered eyes, crawling out to fresh air.

It’s me, it’s mine.
It’s me, it’s my mind.
Come see, it’s fine.
I’m me, not my mind.
Fear too many times it was told it was crazy,
It listened, I miss it, It left me behind.

Shout in silence like new books.
Flipping, fuming, pictures look.
Top shelf, soft served dust, leaning on how to cook.

Hop an old train by the moon.
Hot spring, the smiling, ends so soon.
Steel sends, bringing back the notion that it all flew.

Sometimes it goes for walks
for more than a few moments.
I’ve never known
when it’s going to rebuild things so I can return.
It could honestly start anywhere.

Pull the lid off the stew for a moment or two.
I wish it would start anywhere.

To The Nest (3/2020)

To The Nest (3/2020)

To the beach, to the party,
to the nest after starting.

With our feet, with our feathers,
with our storms, to calmer weather.

Two birds stroll against sand,
pecking through trash and scanning the land.
Convinced with time they’ll soar like lemons,
in time, they’ll float to old hands.

Flip the sky, flip the sunset.
Flip the deck, have we won yet?

Dive to sea, dive to borders.
Dive through time, try to warn her.

Out walking again, these wings, we won’t need them.
We’ll be running.
With nothing again, these things, we don’t need them.
We’ll be breathing.

So This Is What That Was (3/2020)

So This Is What That Was (3/2020)

What a wild time.
Wrong to go outside.
Had to stretch my leg.
Get out of my head.

What a crazy day.
Sunshine hid it’s face.
Forced to walk around
barefoot carpet ground.

Coffee beans and drawing things.
Puzzle piece and 4-blend cheese.
Scattered words meet nothing heard.
One-man herd, a distant bird.
Brings me to thinking,
What of this really matters?
Who out there’s on my team?

What a funny night.
Sleep just wouldn’t fight.
Had some real life dreams.
Outside under beams.

What a different scene.
Everything’s so green.
Folks, please stay at home.
Nicer out, alone.

Cocoon Blues (3/2020)

Cocoon Blues (3/2020)

Blue caterpillar called me one calm winter night.
Tapped its toes and threw a song through the line.

Blue caterpillar lives, sings, it gives everything.
Found palms, ground and fingers, flew from a fling.

Seems we are done hanging.
One of those days we just started walking.
One of these days, to be flying.
Flying up there with the leaves.

Blue caterpillar lands, stretches out, brand new life.
Climbed out windows to rooftops to see who was right.

Blue caterpillar walked out to talk that cold night.
Flapped it’s wings before it set all of me on fire.

Saying right now is not the right time.
We’ll sing our song together somewhere down the line.
Any of the songs we’ll write.
Cocoon, start moving.
Over all the hanging.
Any of the songs we’ll write,
whisper soft good nights,
til morning puts up its fight
and we hang through the day.