Thoughts from a Moon (3/2019)

Thoughts from a Moon (3/2019)

What if truth is make believe?
There’s so much curiosity.
What if the moon speaks to stars
and asks them how they’re where they are?

How is it that I can be,
with all of this uncertainty?
How is it you got so far,
when I can’t even find my car?

Why does distance never leave?
It seems to be surrounding me.
Why does evening make me glow?
Then I stand out and, I don’t know…

Who would ever disagree
with dreams of fleeing to be free?
Who would wait and watch me grow
into myself before we go?

Sunshine sometimes feels like hell.
Tonight, I pray I’m my whole self.

Morning shows, I fade away
to hide behind another day.
When darkness comes, I’ll find my way,
ignoring what the stars might say.
So much out there to think of.
So much out there to see.
As soon as stars stop watching,
I find that I am me.
As soon as stars stop watching,
I feel that I am free.

Pairing Thunder (3/2019)

Pairing Thunder (3/2019)

Bold, fragile and empty.
Plastic, porcelain clowns.
They cover up nothing with makeup and gowns.

Shouts startle what’s calming.
Molded, money and ties.
Selling night nothing but self-serving lies.

Loud said enough, it’ll say some more.
Two finger guns gliding backwards to the door.
Thunder, left wondering where the light went.
Thunder, left plundering care and silence.

When I left, I walked outside.

A circus alerted.
Corner, elephant, claims.
They’re building their points while he’s taking aim.

A flicker of prowess.
Brilliance blossoms and booms
its silence in the center of this room.

Colors drip through the sky,
percolate day into night.
Lightning closes its eyes,
prays for a second of silence.
Maybe, a moment away.
Thunder, pairing pigments,
lets still spill into evening’s display.

Echoing, ‘hello.’

Ripped Wrap (3/2019)

Ripped Wrap (3/2019)

He beats himself up too much, but he’s tough
and he doesn’t know how to punch.

Walks straight lines outside,
inside his mind they’re circles.
Inside’s all wound up, circles.
Inside walking circles.
Roundabout back where again?
Moves so quickly, time gets dizzy,
tiptoes toward the edge, terrified taste of the end,
runs back around the roundabout
until he’s left right back there again.

He ran circles on the wall, spinning.
Flew past two hands, grinning.
That way, backwards, get it flowing forward.
Onward. His words.
With me?
Drop another needle, spinning.

Vinyl, tiles, compiled files, a child, life’s great trial.
Piled up fake smiles fell out of style a while ago.
His mind races are measured in years, not miles.
Tired. Inspired.
Trust. Things transpire, then dreams become truth.

They said he was long gone.
He said, ‘where are you?’
Asked him how he got up there,
he said, ‘what I do.’

They said he’s a genius.
He said, ‘you’re all fools.’
Asked him how he got like that
he said, ‘pain is school.’

‘I have to leave, but please keep in touch,
‘cause until I’m me, I’ll miss you so much.’

Went out walking straight lines.
Circled ‘til he felt fine.

Color It In (3/2019)

Color It In (3/2019)

Sit at the end of this lopsided bed,
stare at my shoes and I say ‘what’s the use,
it’s just walking.’

Sidewalk’s still cool, ten toes tip by the pool,
she roams my head, so I dive in instead.
It’s a Friday.

They know yes or no. They see black and white.
Can’t imagine they lack imagination.
We dialed in the AM, walked right into the station.
We thought we were driving,
figured we were in control.
Time, lead the way. Color it in as we wander.
However I want, I’ll wander.
Color it in, filling it, pouring it in, into imagination.
However, wherever, we want to.

Nothing has to stay the same.
Adding light as colors change.
Fixed my tune, the one I sang
that was my life, it is today.

Dripping with night, survived the day long fight.
Wicked by the breeze, some time on my trapeze,
then I sit down.

Laying alone on this plastic band throne,
play it like strings, the songs she used to sing.
It’s just cheap wine.

Color it in as I wander.
Color it in like I want to.
Color it in as I please.
Color it in, on my knees.
Color it in, one day, with me.

The Same (3/2019)

The Same (3/2019)

You begin, you only listen.
You begin, you haven’t missed it.
You begin, you’ll be ok.
Without expectations, you won’t go astray.

You be young, you have some fun now.
You be young, you have no trouble.
You be young, you live all day.
Wade in the moment and you’ll pave the way.

You be fine, you always make it.
You be fine, you never breaking.
You be fine, you can be strange.
No time for normal, and it’s not today.

You be wise, you sell your castle.
You be wise, you use my shadow.
You be wise, you walk away.
You follow your heart, so your head won’t sway.

and there’s no more dismay.
and you can’t find too late.
it’s fortune and it’s fate
that you negotiate.
what if they’re the same?
you walk away.
you can be strange.
you live all day.
you’ll be ok.
I think we’re the same.

Light Ears (3/2019)

Light Ears (3/2019)

Strutting ‘round this town of mind.
Swimming down a street.
Drowning in an easy smile, the happiness I see.

Hanging up a frame of mind
Looking down at me.
Staring into distant eyes, blinking suddenly.

Everything’s brighter in the ears she gave me.
Everything, a little lighter with these ears.
Ears she gave me, in my car, near January.

Feeling light as a strand of a feather.
Everyday, lately, today gets better.
As if I ran and jumped right now, I’d certainly fly.
Way out there, maybe I’d hit my head on the sky.
So I’ll just float around… Yeah.
Even when I’m grounded.

Funny feeling, being grounded up here.
Always wondering if hearts pounded up there.
Floating all these days, by my side, her way.
Distance does things and things start to stray,
but happy, eventually, always shows its face.

Past weighs down her future cheer.
A little lighter in her ear.
Some songs travel to familiar faces.
Brighter, lighter just after we face this.
Time, sometimes, takes swimming for miles,
before it’s all floating with smiles.

Happy always shows its face.
Looking down at me,
blinking suddenly.

Unfinished (2/2019)

Unfinished (2/2019)

Half hundred half read books smoking on his floor.
Staring, wondering how they would have ended.

Doesn’t finish anything.
He kicked his wheel, built it up and she wrecked it.
Make way for this gem.
Ice cream cones come true after he trashes them.
What if it’s all worth the hassle,
and what if he never finds out?

Truth and simple lead to stronger.
This listen-to list is only getting longer.
‘I finish nothing, so nothing ever ends.
And I can’t go there,
because I don’t know where she went.’

Do you hear angels sing?
What a deal, scored some records for my devil.
Remembering bliss,
I screamed, ‘I’ll wait forever just to feel this.’
What is waiting, but the freedom
to work this life into whatever we desire?

So, we crawl, then we run
with time and the sun on our shoulders.
After fall, winter comes
with the same exact sun, but it’s colder.

And we shake, then we breathe,
in time, with the wings on our shoulders.
After all this, we see
we’re like angels who sing, but we’re older.

Puts out books to see where he left off.
To know how they got older,
to see that things got mended.
These stories he let smolder.
To know how they all ended.