Category: Poetry

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So We Say

Aw man, better nowBlowing cold airYes ma’am, better nowShowing clocks care Goat cheese? Yes please.Bright lights, black beans, a high top in the corner. So we stay Oh time, better nowSleeping all nightLost rhymes, better […]

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Corner Fold

Pieced pictures together to tell a storyFlipping pages, corner folding gloryBent so we go back there A top page poem missing wordsPictures of people desiring similar thingsPlaces and people perspiring different thingsPerspiring poems filling words […]

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Moving Truck

Train rollingTruck’s movingShark’s swimmingChalk’s talkingHeaded to the sand Past fleetingTruck’s movingClark’s grinningStalks walkingBetter not to stand A bunny hopped and I jumped.Where the hell did that come from?Where does any of this come from?Ice cube […]