Convince Me (8/2008)

Convince Me

Another night at the table
Feeling and thinking
It’s happened a lot lately
I feel like I’m growing
I’m thinking about leaving
I don’t know where I’m going

You don’t care about me
No one cares about me
I hear it’s not true
You can’t convince me
I haven’t seen it this week

The leaves left the trees
You are leaving me
This fucking list of things I’m not
Is the list of things I should be

I heard you sing
I watched her dance
If you haven’t seen me
If you haven’t heard me
You missed your chance

I fell down the stairs
I fell in love
I sit and I pray
Maybe someday
We’ll dream together

I want to dream with you
I’m going to dream with you
I’m going to sleep alone
Maybe I’ll dream of you