If Twelve Was Eight (7/2016)

If Twelve Was Eight

For the last six months
I’ve wished that
twelve was eight.
Just a little less time between
or is it
too late?

sometimes they’re yellow
and sometimes they’re green
holding all of the colors that she’s ever seen
sometimes they’re shy blue
and sometimes they’re green
hiding all of the places that I’ve never been

take the most dangerous road
and follow it where ever it goes.
Or dance with me, Cheek to Cheek
Crazy For You, All of Me, Valerie.

I’m in a corner
and she’s in the air
knees at her chin, her heels at the edge
seesaw shoulders and a squinted smile
she’s playing Slide on strings that aren’t even there
and I know all the words

an early sunrise serenade
forget about the things you hate
come with us, we don’t move fast
and never worry about the past

sometimes I’m sleeping
and sometimes I’m not
I’m so confused I can’t remember what I thought
sometimes we’re dancing
and sometimes we’re not
a bed bag of cereal is all we have got

Put on my shoes, asked
how’d it get
so late?
You said, ‘right now, I wish that
twelve was eight.’