Remember Tomorrow (7/2016)

Remember the other day when we were kids?
Raindrop roses awoke the strange things that we did.
Innocence splashing in the swampy stars
Tomorrow’s here,
it’s good so far.

Remember the mornings that I let you borrow?
You said you’d give them back tomorrow.
When you flee town, clean up your tracks.
If you scratch mine,
I’ll watch your back.

If we can reach outside when we climb up to the sea,
we will see how the beginning goes.
And if we can remember tomorrow,
it’ll all be just fine.

I’d write down exactly what I read
If I could remember what it said
I can’t remember the last time I could.
Tomorrow, just do what makes you feel good.

Tomorrow’s coffee, those songs and this bird
singing ‘man, it’s all about the words.’
They look at us and see right through.
Tomorrow you realized
that I loved you.

Keep it in there, in there where it’s buried.
But, don’t forget the love that you carry.
When tomorrow’s here, we’ll storm the sky.
On nights like this our love will never die.