The Man (1/2015)

the man 

arms are disconnected
can’t feel them from my head
the voices never stop
still remember what you said

a scream into a feather
that no one ever hears
feel the future coming
that feeling disappears

the man
in the dress
on the throne
on the wall,
well he’s not really here
but he sees it all

light a yellow candle.
white bugs climb black walls.
man, my brain is broken
toes clench into a ball

curl up and calm down
the whispers start to fade
release my soul and burn
the paintings that you made

scratches on the corner
four eyes on a shelf
remember you said ‘maybe’?
can’t get up by myself

fall out of a memory
my nerves come unwound
the music’s getting louder
the ceiling’s coming down

but he sees it all
but he hears it all but
he feels it all