Untitled 4 (5/2016)

Untitled 4

I met a girl not long ago
She walked in with a sunrise glow
Before we met, I’d heard her name
the things we like are all the same
the awkward one with turquoise hair
and I was trying not to stare

Sat in a circle, then went out
see what the night would bring about
‘it’s freezing cold, please close the doors’
held on to her to keep her warm.

The things I’ve seen
The places that I’ve never been
The people here
memories and what they mean
question life
and wonder
Is it as perfect as it seems?

She lied to him and drove us home
a quiet trip to the unknown
She smiled at me and then I threw
her candy flavored paper fruits
It’s rare these days that I see her
but when I do, life’s easier

She never has to wait for me,
cause I’m already where she’ll be.
It’s been too long, I’ve missed this place
I’m happy just to see your face.

The things I’ve seen.
The places that I’ve never been.
The people here.
Memories and what they mean.
question life
and wonder
is it as perfect as it seems?

and someday when we have grown old
and realize that we broke the mold
lay down to talk and get some rest
remember when life was a mess
turn off the lights and say to me,
“it’s always better than it seems.”