Sometimes on Sunday (8/2016)

Sometimes when I’m not thinking, the world feels so small.
I step and I turn and I can’t get away from it all.
In the back of the bowl,
or down by the border.
These are the songs we share.

Sometimes we pack nothing up and take a trip.
Go for a weekend where there isn’t a script.
Five pounds of polenta  
and the headwater show.
These are the laughs we share.

It always gets a little dirty.
It always picks up a little speed.
These days we look a little different.
These days we’ve got everything we need.

And I’m not worried about anything at all.

Sometimes on Sunday, when I hear that song,
I think of us and when it all went so wrong.
Blown out in the desert.
Wearing masks on the pass.
These are the roads we’ve shared

Sometimes we’ll look back at the things we once thought
There’s a reason why we have what we’ve got.
They danced in empty rooms
and then in summer fields.
This is the future we’ll share

I’m not worried about anything at all.
I was worried.
Now I don’t worry that
I’ll always worry.