Blanket and Blue (9/2016)

A year from now when things have changed,
stir up the night when we both agreed
that laughs are all I have to give,
because laughs are all you really need.
It’s just different than I’m used to.

Shadows dance throughout your eyes.
Toss a penny in the fire
It’s different when we’re alone
He never was a very good liar
and he can’t do it like I used to

It’s all alive
it stares at the sun
landslide, blanket and blue
you started to fade
it’s just one of those things I’ll never forget

A new city, different place
Notes are hanging in the breeze
You’re where I want to be tonight
I’ve already seen the things you’ll see
I don’t miss it like I used to

Drop what keeps you comfortable
Leave town and see what you want to be
Find it fleeting beneath the clouds
Close the door and smile at me,
but don’t call me when they use you

I don’t mind spending all my time in my mind
I’ve lived up here for years
Although, lately, it seems
I’ve spent a little more time on your mind.
More time than I have in mine.