Ever Happening (10/2016)

After all these years, we’re exactly the same.
After thirteen circles of journeys and change.
Clear conversations, over coffee, of life down under and us
Convinced that you can feel it because it’s always been there.
We always wait ‘til there’s no time left to spare.
Nothing ever happens ‘til it’s already happened,
so nothing’s ever happening.

By the door behind a bar in the city watching people I don’t know,
shaking pentagrams and reciting some words that I wrote
about things that never happened not too long ago
She smiles standing on the booth
big plans for the place out west where she’ll move
“Humans are evil,” she says. “They’re lucky to have you.”

I had a dream and I’m not sure what it meant, but it’s coming true.
I remember the things that you forget.
Picture us in the rain.
Picture us in a town where we’re the only strangers.
Come with me.

It’s been five years since love started scaring me
Now real life becomes fantasy
The lights in my head and I can’t sleep
I guess for a while this is how it’ll be.

It’s always
I wait and I wait
until it’s across the country
It’s overseas
it’s moved on
it’s too late

Come with me.