Pushing plastic by the pool.
My head on your chest.
The whole world started shaking
when you lost it laughing.

Bringing up existing people we once knew
and how there will always be a line for you.
I was convinced that this was real.
It said it in the letters.

If the letters lose their rhymes,
we’ll be free to change our minds.
But we still never have the time
to do everything we want to.

Way up here, beneath the trees near an island.
So much to be forgotten.
I’m leaving land behind for a while and
I’m writing letters for people to read them.

Living easy left me lost.
Now it’s all right here.
My whole world started shaking
and no one was laughing.

What do you do when reality’s your fears?
When you’re told you haven’t been yourself in years.
The silence was louder than the words.
I heard it in the letters.

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