Deep End of Me (12/2016)

I’ve stood on the top of the mountain and I’ve been to the deep end of me.
I’ve listened to every one of the voices and I’ve seen what there is to see.

Walked in circles inside of my head, tried my hardest to let it all go.
Saw a face at two in the morning, two months later it started to show.

Silent melodies take me away while I’m shouting inside.
He’s not here. He’s not here.
Twenty years lifted and left far behind.
He’s not here. He’s not coming back.
And it turns out they all believed.

A disconnect between mind and body, it’s not the me that I’m looking for.
In four more days we’ll be back in the desert. Then we’ll search for a little bit more.

‘We’re right here, we’re right here beside you.’ ‘You’re not alone, even though you are scared.’
‘It’s in your eyes, we can see that you’re hurting.’ They’re all showing just how much they care.