Years Ago (1/2017)

The world was feeling heavy. Walked the city and I found you.
Three heads back from the edge. The room was moving. Pink and blue.
I made it down the aisle and we found our way back home.
Islands and the Garden. Develop memories as we grow.
No holes in the ceiling, but the light came raining down
through all the celebration, two hearts were the loudest sound.

Red lights, late nights, street fights – waited outside in the rain.
Made our way through the morning above the sounds of the trains.
When all the streets are empty, eager dreams awaiting me
We’ll put away the past while we both begin to see
that this all happened for a reason, now we recognize the signs.
We’ve been waiting patiently for the perfect time.

It just keeps turning.
Sometimes we look back
at the hard times and highs and our lives now attached.
Here we are and here we go.

When we get some rest at the end of the day
our only regrets are the things we don’t say.
The note in the dream that you left there for me.
Two years too late, but it’s still meant to be.

Up above they watch while I whisper in your ear.
‘This song doesn’t feel the same when you aren’t here.’
Do you remember what you wrote?
In the dreams, you left a note.
Many, many years ago.