You, Me and Me (3/2017)

I guess it’s been too long
I guess this is so long
I guess this is the new me.

We may part ways
I may lose you on a Tuesday
I guess I never knew that that was never me
Maybe it’s been too long
Maybe we say so long

What if the lights make me lose myself?
What if I can’t take the new me?
They can’t stand the new me.
Say they liked me when they knew me
and everything I had was in the thing that ruined me.

I never talked about it
because I never thought about it.

I’m leaving soon.
She’s leaving soon too.
She started leaving last year.
I’m losing me while finding her
I know she’ll know when I’m in need,
cause she and I are we
and we’re becoming me.

Seems I never knew that you were always me.
It’s me you have become
so we’ll never say so long.