Dreams Awake (4/2017)

Drop a line down through the clouds
and through the storms you’ll catch the sounds.
You’ll never be too far away,
we’ll listen together every day.

You’ll get down up in the sky,
laughter is our battle cry.
Swimming through five shades of blue,
you’ll hear me here tomorrow too.

Our life becomes a song we wrote.
Every breath, a single note.
And we listen.
Dreams awake behind our eyes.

Fell down, fell back up again
I can’t recall just where I’ve been.
Listen to the things I hear
and perfect places reappear.

Walking while words float around
my shoes are where my feet are found.
I won a battle, stopped a war.
My dreams told me there’s so much more.
‘Imagine more.’

I close my eyes.
Upside down in the sky.
While dreams awake, we listen.