I’ve got history and she’s got her story
What she sees is me performing.
Someone make up my mind.
Alone at the cabin. The wind and the chimes.
The display goes away. It’s over.
I’m ok. Ok today.

Go back to my time.

She said the other day she got to know me.
But, I’m really good at hiding things.
My ceiling is the floor.
She doesn’t think you can take anymore.
That time crossed the line. It’s over.
You’re Einstein. You’ll be fine.

There’s wisdom way up in the clouds.

Her beauty’s seeped into the fabric of my clothes.
Scents stir memories everywhere I go.
I mean, I think of her anywhere I go.
and there’s so much about her no one knows.
and there’s so much beneath you’ll never see.

There’s something more that we will be.
There’s so much here that we can’t see.

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