A Day with the Dog (4/2017)

The night calls him up.
Says, ‘we’ll get through the day.’
The knight tells him stories,
the worry floats away.

Out in front he’s tangled in cables losing sight of his dreams.
Don’t know who’s in control. Painting, creating all these scenes.
I guess unless you’re in it, it all seems make believe.

The knight bakes away in the back, she decorates her dreams.
Most people only hear about the things the knight has seen.
Left a couple lives behind and now she’s living like a queen.

The night calls him up
Says ‘you got through the day.’
The knight calmed him down,
always knew what to say.

You couldn’t make this up,
Don’t let it break you down.

Sometimes I think that nothing’s here to stay,
but the knight’s always there at the end of the day.