Almost at Plaid (5/2017)

We saw the stardust echo late one Monday night.
You stood above my space ship, staring at the cabin lights.
Suddenly send the signal, before we say farewell.
And all the doors are closing before you ring the bell.

We set out, the weather sets the pace.
Found out it snows out in outer space.
The stars spring at us, melting just before our eyes.
They always come back, it’s just a matter of time.

There are lots of things that no one will ever know
and tonight we are going wherever we go.

Sometimes it seems not enough is too much.
So far, I’ve realized bizarre is now normal.

It didn’t seem like enough.

They’re shooting stars or wandering cars.
Windows rolled down, we rolled past your old town.
It was way out in the distance, where nothing is too far.

We’ll have one of those weekdays.
Leave ourselves to find our place.
But, we’ll pick up the pieces,
we’ll never leave a trace.
Driving inside outer space.