Sounds Like The Radio (5/2017)

Give me a house woman
Woman give me a home
Give me a place to sleep inside where I won’t feel all alone

Give me your love lady
Lady give me a home.
Give me a place to rest my head and a kiss before you go.

It’s fall outside through the window and she sounds like the radio.
Life is easy, blue breezes breathing.
Fall in love, don’t say a word and eventually it occurs to her
how it was meant to be.

It’s all outside through the window.

Give me a key, teacher.
Teacher won’t you let me in?
Let me in before you go and watch our lives as they begin.

Give me your eyes mister.
Mister, see what I have seen?
Mister says my eyes have seen some things wilder than your wildest dreams.

It falls outside through the window.
It’s how it was meant to be, but it all feels make believe.