Favorite Road (5/2017)

Sat out in the sun and thought of a drive.
The one we’ll take when I’m with you.
Smile at me like the ocean smiles.
We’ll find our favorite road.

The key to my home is inside your home and I watch the sky crawl by.
I said I’d call but I meant please call me.
Hear what you want, spread your wings and fly.

Let me in so I can watch myself in the past from above.
I don’t know. No one knows where I’ll go.
They think I’m a genius and I’m locked out.
I know exactly where I went, but I don’t know where I’ll go.

Walked into the sun and thought of that drive
I guess I had nothing better to do.
You smiled at me and patiently
we found our favorite road.

We don’t know where it goes.
It’s not where we went, it’s where we’ll go.
We’ll go see where it goes.