Nothing To Know (6/2017)

A while ago was the first time I hadn’t thought in a while.

Logic never made much sense.
Logic isn’t logical.
Our hearts know what heads can’t feel.

She wanders a while and wonders.
Wonders about wandering.
Her heart is full and focused.

You don’t realize who we are. Let us go, we’ll all be stars.
Do you realize who you are?

Maybe I’m just inspired. Maybe I just feel good.
Maybe we’ll go forever, I’ve always felt we would.

Maybe I’ll feel the meaning, maybe I’ll step outside.
Maybe we’ll leave tomorrow with nothing left to hide.

Today I learned there’s nothing to know.
Knowing isn’t anything.
Knowing feels like empty frames.

We’ll find out what it means to feel.
We don’t need to know anymore.
Knowledge has no feeling.

They were lying if you ever heard that I’m afraid of dying.
Let us go, we’ll all be stars.