Float The Day (6/2017)

Plan the week, how to hide.
Float on the pool or live inside.
Call you up, hear you smile.
I’ll be right there in 14 miles.

Roll out west, have some fun.
We loved that song when we were young.
I’m not me. You’re not you.
When far away, it’s always true.

Call me when you’re clean and we’ll start a new day.
We wash away our yesterdays and start over any time.

Follow my heart.
Follow your soul.
Live each day and I’ll never get old.

Show up late, float the day.
I’m sinking up, please go away.
Being lost got me here,
but somehow, now, life’s crystal clear.

My best friend by my side.
Comfortable, like I’ve arrived.
We wake up, find ourselves.
Without ourselves there’s nothing else.

Follow your heart.
Follow my soul.
Live each day and you’ll never get old.