Right Before Our Eyes (6/2017)

How do you live as your moments slowly stack? If you never leave you can’t come back.
How do you feel when your world is a lie? Nothing will grow if we don’t give it time.

Trying to remember things I forgot is trying to find what I know that I’ve thought.
Do a lot alone, but don’t do it all. Lean on yourself and you’ll always fall.

The old man told me how they learned to fly, “It just happened. We never really tried
and America laid out in the sun right before our eyes.”

The sunset left right before our eyes.

He can’t stand, so he can’t stand still. Crossed his mind, is he over the hill?
Was there ever a hill to climb? Sometimes struggling is a waste of time.

Leap out to the world from this mind of mine. You’ll be my parachute and I’ll be just fine.
Move through this life until we’re sure we’re done, take a look back at the things we’ve become.

Inside gets crazy with so much to hide. Breathe through the valleys and enjoy the ride
as a lifetime lays out in the sun right before our eyes.

A lifetime lays out.