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All the birds were early.
Hanging, stalling in the sky.
Up, so high, so early.
They could see it in my eyes.

They learned to fly so early.
Bird’s-eye judgement from above.
Up and down, so early
before we find what we love.

We are the late worms.
Early birds don’t matter.
Why worry about the time?
Get going when we’re ready.

Early birds don’t matter.

In my head I’m a lion.
I’m just lying in bed before I head for above.
I’m a late worm.
When I have legs I’ll head for above.

With the wind they blindly sing.
They’re early birds, we don’t know anything.
We don’t speak much.
We can’t know a thing.
We don’t sleep much,
so we see everything.

We don’t sleep, so we see.
Early birds don’t matter.
We are late worms, we don’t care about the birds.
We don’t sleep, so we see.

We hide underground. When it rains, we get too down.
Late worm’s only early to a party that hasn’t been planned.

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