In Your Radio (8/2017)

Ignore your light and dance in your darkness.
All that sunshine left a desert.
Remember, now was once never.

Follow your thunder and realize you’re lightning.
The past adjusts your radio.
The songs that lead us where we go.

We strut through the storm as if it’s just begun.

Nothing numb.
It’s all real.
Where the hell is heaven?
What’s that in your radio?
The sound of a silhouette and a child’s sunset when we’re not young.

Songs leak from speakers, a sound about a star.
Evening. Before us, numbers glow.
Begin to feel and never know.

If you’ve never been lost, you will never be found.
We wake up here, disguise worn thin.
They’ll never see just where we’ve been.

We strolled through the storm and onto the sun.