War and Ballet (8/2017)

In the calm of your hand, in the biggest apple.
When nothing’s enough, anything’s too much.
Come Monday, we’ll be home.

A bag of lemons cries, they’re all the same.
Plenty with our imaginations.
We haven’t feared being afraid since you and I collided.

The wheels are shaking,
the road behind is surely breaking.
There’s doubt about the risks we’re taking.
But, I think we’re doing it right.

Cocaine orangutans, a second story jungle.
They look in their eyes, right now’s in the mirror.
The morning’s coming home.

Rules aren’t really real, they’re all the same.
Result of small imaginations.
Witness war and ballet, watching two of me colliding.

Don’t be mistaken,
the hearts behind are surely breaking.
Not worried about the risks we’re taking
Because this all feels all right.