Let’s Get Lunch Tonight (8/2017)

You, with the face.
Step right up.
It’s not nothing anymore
And money doesn’t talk to me.

Rewind my eyes.
I can see these sounds right now.
In the corner on the floor.
You think that I’m walking.

You have no idea.
This weather fades, this always stays the same.
I don’t hear it.
How hasn’t this happened?
Why haven’t I called?
Let’s get lunch tonight.
Eighty-nine miles and one.

Say ‘hi’, then hide.
What if it’s all been made up?
Build buildings we can’t afford
and she creates the design.

I know I’m why.
My eyes took me to the rodeo.
Caught comet wheels ’til morning
and I missed all of the signs.

I missed all of the signs.
Eighty-nine miles and one.
Let’s get lunch tonight.