Buckle Up (9/2017)

Planned attack. Swabbing up all the slime.
Remove the man who’s awake all night.
Not our guy, put up a fight.

I’ll be back, just a matter of time
Uncross my wires like riding a bike.
Close my eyes as we take flight.

Fish oil rubber, breakdowns.
Hitchhike guides, the oldest town.
Leave so much behind.
Reel myself in, I know I’ll be free.
Now it is our time.

Cut some slack let my mind go.
Guitars, my ears and cars walking by.
Buckle up for what’s inside.

Paper stacks. Please leave me alone.
My heart, your fears and men talking lies.
This is all ours, enjoy the ride.

Our own track. No one cares like us.
I’m happy we’re here.
Going home again.