Unpacked Expectations (9/2017)

An old man leaving town down the side roads.
On his back a bag with all life’s tags. He’s lost, but won.

Unpacked expectations get left behind.
He’s leaving town to find what he finds.

Too old to be a man, too young to be a boy.
Grew up in himself, stringing memories for toys.
Four wheels with the music.
Beneath the moon,
it’s his time.

Takes a ride with a man he once knew.
Tells stories of failures, pent up glory.
An old man looking for something new
takes some time in his mind, on the road
with the boy he once knew.

An old man left town down the side road.
In his head, a bed where no love’s dead.
He’s just looking for the one.

Inside of his mind is the boy he once knew.