Be By Now (9/2017)

Decisions, making tiny sense.
Unfailing, fallen – both sides of the fence.
Locked away, let it grow.
The further we go, the less we’ll know.

Sipping coffee. Present tense.
Wonder where that memory went.
We stay young, we grow old.
We think so fast and move so slow.

I had no idea this is where I’d be right now.
I still don’t know where I’ll be by now.
Back from there and here somehow.

I don’t know.

Drawing dishes, stop to think.
Satellites painting basements of sinks.
Sponges soaking, slowly grow.
Pillows deliver the day’s final blow.

Tossing, turning, threw out tonight.
Beneath the bed, sea scorpions fight.
Never letting egos grow.
Habit. Leave a thank you as we go.

Sat in the sun.
Watched the rain
and I was so distracted.