Tell Me, Tom (10/2/2017)

Tell me Tom, did the wildflowers bloom?
The charts will tell the truth.
Today I’ll listen and reflect, can’t stand to watch the news.

Tell me Tom, did it hurt this much for you?
Your records say it’s true.
Today I said I’d be surprised if I last as long as you.

You had all the good ones.
You gave away the good ones.
Roy and George were waiting.

You told me, Tom, to go be where I feel free.
The waiting spoke to me.
Videos replayed those days I drove, you sang beside me.

You told me, Tom. You told me it’s alright.
I knew how you felt that night.
Sitars swirled a cup of tea, flamingos, bows, cellos. Hold on tight.

You have so many good ones.
You gave away the good ones.
Royal George and Roy are waiting.
It’s time to get going.