Somewhere Under the Sky (10/2017)

Let’s run away, let’s find a place to fly.
Tired tires through the snow to a cabin in the winter.
Leave while no one’s listening, back to our favorite space to hide.

You rescued me. Not what you said, but what I heard.
Thoughts got me thinking before I remembered.
I would have done things differently if I had different words.

Some things sink in, certainly.
Somewhere under the sky.
A different place to breathe.

What is it about December?
You only said four words.
Why do I always remember
What you don’t know I heard?

Come with me. Cause a stir, way outside.
Pianos sang about California in the winter.
Soon we’ll see December on this twelve-car carousel ride.

Out on the night. Walk above as snow angels swirl.
We were both up there, how do we not remember?
The two of us, differently, standing out in the world.

Leave while no one’s listening.
What you didn’t know I heard.