A Little Longer (10/2017)

The walk’s a little longer,
But I don’t mind when you’re around.
There is no map, no compass, still
We know we’re not going down.

We talk a little longer.
But on the phone is not around,
So far away, yet somehow, still,
you keep me on the ground.

The walks.
The drives.
The talks.
Our time.
Started to make sense.

He said don’t let it get to you.
Don’t let it touch your heart.
She said don’t do what you do,
You’ll wind up where you start.

Our walks.
Our drives.
Our talks.
The time.
Started to make sense.

The drive’s a little longer.
With intent when you’re around.
We drive in circles. Heart to hearts
with our favorite sounds.

Our time’s a little longer.
Seems shorter when you’re around.
Just give us a day, maybe a week,
We’ll find out what we’ve found.