Red (10/2017)

I went out to work on Red’s words
I couldn’t help but wonder, why the red swords?
From pain or paint? Swords or roses?
Red from the color of roses,
Watch it leak down the green.

Red swords one, Red swords two.
That’s how they were saved.
It wasn’t what I meant to do.
Words like days and rhymes, times blend together.
I guess I wasn’t sure what I was hoping I’d say.

One of those days, you know.

Out again to work on the words,
Where was I when the sky got so blue?
Content and careless. She wore roses.
Blue from the color of all your life’s mysteries leaving you.

One of those days, you know.
She wore red roses.
What if forever wasn’t that long?

She just had one of those days.