Beyond Between (10/2017)

We fell into my car.
We spilled into the stars.
We understood half of what we’d heard so far.

We went out beyond the town.
We walk out when we can’t stand to sit down.
We went out beyond where we’d ever been found.

We lived between the nights.
With love between our lies.
We saw right through them with our own four eyes.

Wind whispered through window cracks.
The radio singing, driving down our backs.
We didn’t say anything.
Just listening.

We didn’t make it, but close.
We lost our way when we left the coast.
Nothing’s ever enough these days, not even the most.

We brought all the thoughts that we knew.
We were on the verge of breaking through.
We misplaced the memory of what we came here to do.

We spilled out of my car.
We fell into the stars.
We didn’t understand what we’d done so far.