Only Seen in Pictures (10/2017)

The pictures.
He’s out there.
Creating waves.
You sat there.

He never understood it, he was a cool cat.
Enigma. There’s something people dug about that.

He was always unaware, you knew he always knew.
Like all the times you said, ‘I love you.’

They said he was gone.
I said ‘I’ll surprise you.’

I might lose it a lot, but my glass is never half empty.

Make my way through me as usual.

Where’s the joy in not feeling free?
The way you smile in pictures
Is the way you smile at me.

He’s always on time and it’s always too late.
Forget about time, have you not learned that I’ll wait?

He goes to the same place a different way.
He goes somewhere out there where his road isn’t paved.

They say he’s out there.
Creating a way.
Saying, ‘goodbye pictures’ as he waves.
You sat there.