Caught in the Apple (10/2017)

This breeze blows blues away.
I’m just waiting, floating
Under the bridges that you’ve burned.

You’re lost in the city.
I’m making a name.
You’re caught in the apple.
I’m hiding from fame.
Your ceiling is peeling.
Mine’s way up that way.

And now that’s all you have to say?
‘You finally got it together.’

Without you, can’t find my blues.
I’m just ebbing, floating
Under the bridges you burned.

You don’t know who you are.
Above your head these days.
You’re still fucking crazy.
I’m still finally sane.
You still have no feelings.
You still hear my name.

And that was all you had to say.
‘About time you got it together.’

Can’t find the time to find my blues.
I’m just moving. Floating
Past the bridges you burned.

Watch the bridges that you burn.
You’re lost in the city.
You’ll always hear my name.