Dolled Down (11/2017)

One of these days when we’re dancing
Our crazy friends from up and down.
Days together dancing.
We’ve forgotten all the frowns.

We’ll be together, dancing.
Dolled down.
No suits and gowns.
Before we storm the town.

I couldn’t ignore your light.
The moon never moved,
Just rested
On Arizona skies.

Imagination’s real.
Will you forgive me?
I’d lie if I said I’d lie.
One of these days we’ll talk about it
Near an Arizona sky.

One of these days we’ll be dancing.
I couldn’t let you down.
I’d lie, I’d let you down.

I swear I’ve seen enough.

Days together dancing.
Dolled up, all suits and gowns.
Never ignore the night
Or the colors in the sky.

The moon never moved, just rested.