Wine, a Water (11/2017)

We’ll circle in the sand.
Talk about the year.
Did you settle with your devils?
Did you conquer all your fears?

Leaving for a while.
Question the whole year.
We still mingle with our devils.
Ignoring any fears.

One glass of wine, a water.
Two shots of life.

Stringing good days together.

Some times don’t make sense.
Times like this last year.
We start lying to our devils.
Persuading them as peers.

Living out today.
Forgiving these past years.
Dangling laughter at our devils.
They’re running from our mirrors.

I can’t find a way to tell you
What you don’t already know.
I was only left because I was right.
Started stringing good days together.

One glass of wine, a water.
We’ve had so many shots at life.