Rainbows on sidewalks, imitating crows.
Insane goes inside, walks in to where we go.
It’s not his say, so we can breathe.
At the end of the day, I just wanna hear you sing.

We never care when we feel surrounded.
Time always finds its way around it.
You’ll be with me on cloud nineteen
At the end of someday when I hear you sing.

From the window, moving mountains.
I think of it all.
We were younger. We were crazy.
We were having a ball.

We pull our hoods up in the rain.
We get older, memory frays.
This same spot, sitting here, you sang.
But that was yesterday.

Clouds sit and stare at empty parking lots a lot.
Watching people walking out, they forgot.
They just watch. Watch and let them be.
They know tonight they’re gonna hear you sing.

Plant seeds on cement, cities never slow.
Never taking time, complaining nothing grows.
I’d give you my time if I knew it would mean
At the end of the day I’d get to hear you sing.

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