Still Running (12/2017)

The sky sinks into the drink you’re drinking.
Save some income on a rainy day.

Clouds are coming, engine’s running.
So much weather on a rainy day.

It was over our heads.
We were out of our minds.
It was under our feet
And it fell from the sky.

I don’t think we were thinking.
How much more can we take?
It was so easy, never needing convincing.
Swallow your pleas. Hold on.
Trapeze as these roads swing.

Long weekend heaven left you feeling like hell.

Windshield’s heavy, force field’s ready.
No. This moment will not fade away.

Volume shrinks, singing what the silence brings.
Night kneels down before it leaves today.

Swallow your pleas. Hold on.
In a cell you slept so well.
And look at us now.
Engines running.