Clown Shoe Blues (1/2018)

Do you know where your stairway goes?
Will you be happy off your throne?
Leaving everything you’ve ever known?
Do you realize you’re not alone?

Was it your decision?
The colors and the work and the vision.
Are you gonna miss it?
Dismiss it?
How will you know if you don’t go?
In the middle, you’re in it.
How will you live if you don’t grow?
How do you find decisions anyway?

Some might say, ‘wise beyond your years.’
Some might say, ‘buried by your fears.’
Thinking comes as creative disappears.
They have no idea just what he hears.
‘My favorite, a genius, so quiet, do more, do this, like him, make it fade.
One of a kind, you’ll be nothing.’
Close my eyes ‘til they go away.

Time will tell where these shoes will go.
Never cared if I’m on my own.
Moments seized outweigh weekends blown.
Everybody loves him, still he stands alone.

Will you be happy when you’re free?
‘Why are people amazed by me?
Maybe they see me differently.’
Stare at my shoes,
What should I be?