Happy That You’re Here (1/2018)

Trembling said you’re the funniest ever.
Trembling said you’re my favorite ever.
Trembling said you’re the coolest ever.
Trembling yelled I love you.

I didn’t know what would happen.
I didn’t know I’d be here.
I didn’t know it could change so much.
I didn’t know how much I cared.

You left us in bed.

They all heard me.
I know you heard me.

You woke up.
Looked at me.
Eyes so clear.
You said, ‘I’m so happy that you’re here.’
Before you fell asleep.

If you were here I’d hug you.
If you were here you’d be proud of me.
Tell your friends, loud, about me.
You’re not here and I think about you.
If you were here I’d drive with you.
I wanna take a drive with you.
We’d go to Santa Fe.
Or anywhere.
Wouldn’t care.
If you were here you’d make fun of me.
If you were here I wouldn’t miss that.
I’d miss you, but it’s different.
I’d be so happy if you were here.
You’d be happy too.
She likes the same things as you.
I wanna spend more time with you two too.
I get so mad and sad.
It drives me.
Over there.
Into the ground.
Back up.
Makes me wanna be different.
It’d be so different.
I can’t imagine how you felt.
You were gonna miss me.
You knew I would miss you.
You didn’t wanna leave and neither did we.

I know you heard me
Talking about my fears.
The last thing you said,
‘I’m so happy that you’re here.’