They Don’t Read (1/2018)

How will I know if I’ve made it?
Seems so complicated.
All this time I’ve waited.
Tell myself I faked it.
Am I the one they’ll never forget?

Sit on a stool and think about it.
Scribbled by fools who read about it.
Why do they always write about it?
Nobody really knows about it.
He didn’t like the crowds.
It seems he’s lost his way.

Lost on the side of a mountain.
Lost inside myself.
I was just singing, drowning.
Shore, shore. Singing, not drowning.
You never realized the glow you wear.
Tan land listened, not talking.
We sat and stared at the thoughts we’ve shared.

Even the greats get graded,
It’s not complicated.
Take your time, be patient.
Grate your time and braid it
Into a lifetime you’ll never forget.

Leave the city to think about it.
Dusty roads, don’t read about it.
Why don’t I ever write about it?
Only I really know about it.
I didn’t mind the crowds
And I’m finding my way.

They can’t say.
They don’t read.
They won’t write.
They won’t forget.
I’ll do it all today.